Inspirational movie view, "When happiness comes knocking on the door"
  "When Happiness Comes Knocking" tells the story of Chris, the famous American stockbroker. Chris and his wife, along with experienced entrepreneurs hardships, started a company to sell the bone density detector to hospitals and doctors, but found that they could never finish paying their rent, tax bills, and bills of various life . In the midst of maintaining a difficult life, the wife finally left him. He took his son to continue to pursue the happy life he wanted. He said to his son at his most difficult time: If you have a dream, you must defend it! Never let others say you can't! He is motivating himself and is also motivating his son. His young son seems to understand and nod. He took his son and sometimes went to the streets to sleep, sometimes going to the relief station to wait in line to live, no matter how hard, he did not give up his dream of wanting a happy life! He continued his basic survival by selling his remaining instruments while winning a chance to be hired. He eventually passed the most brutal and intense selection of stockbrokers and stood out as one of the most famous stockbrokers in the United States. And eventually founded his own brokerage company! 
  I remember his two tears. For the first time, he was driven out of the motel because he could not pay the rent. He took his son to the daze on the bench of the subway, but he finally chose to be optimistic.  He played a time machine game with his son, pretending that they returned to ancient times, to escape the dinosaur attack, so they fled to their caves to stay and the cave was actually a toilet in the subway. When the son slept in his arm, and someone knocked on the door to the toilet, he hoped that the knock on the door would stop, not to disturb his son's dream. At that time, he silently shed tears, I know that he swears in his heart: I want to work harder, because I want to live a happy life with my son. 
  The second tear: After a six-month test period, he became the only winner in the 20 elites. When the examiner said to him, "Everything seems to be not so easy, is it?" His eyes were wet, and he said "Oh, no." Yes, he touched the hand of success and happiness! His tears are joy and happiness! He rushed to go and share this joy with his son!
  Chris's success lies in his optimistic and positive attitude to face everything. He never complains about the hardships of life, does not complain about his lover's incomprehension, and does not complain about his humble origins and academic qualifications. He always only says and does what he wants! He firmly believes that a smile hangs on his face, and good luck will see you! 
  When he moved from selling instruments to stockbrokers, he actually moved from survival to a vast world of life. The most important thing is not the choice, but his honesty, his diligence, his pursuit of ideals, his true love for his son, and his simple and firm direction in his belief system. "Chasing dreams and him. I want happiness. 
  so when the opportunity comes, when we choose a direction, we must firmly grasp the hand like Chris as opportunities, fearless of difficulties and obstacles, adhere to relentless. to defend and realize their dreams! and We firmly believe that we can succeed! 
  Happiness, you will knock on your door at any time, when we face difficulties and obstacles, it is incompetent, or lazy to make ourselves forget to look forward. Tomorrow's achievements come from today's accumulation, no one can be lucky, Only hard work, clear direction, firm belief, and fulfilling the goals set every day can bring happiness into the arms. Even if no one encourages and supports them, you can still be self-disciplined, persistent, tenacious, intelligent, and clever like Chris. The spirit of never giving up to create a happy and beautiful life.