Youth Inspirational TV Series: "The Fifth Space"
   From the second half of last year to a few days ago, I finally finished reading "Fifth Space"! A group of youths who have performed after 80s have no regrets. The bloody newspapers in the country’s military inspirational TV series really brought me too much shock and emotion!
  Wowei, after our 80 model, hard work, effort, adhere to the tireless! Because he came from armored soldiers, he paid thousands and ten times more effort than others!
  Jiang Dou, our unruly after 80s, like challenges, love adventure, potential stocks;
  Care, our 80-year-old leader, quick response, verbal humor, and our infatuation after the 80s. After experiencing the pain of the past, once lost, I finally realized the true meaning of life! I am proud of having such a loyal and dedicated soldier after the 80s!
  Tang Mingyang, our super- confident person after the 80s , although very proud at first, but his persistence in his dreams , the strict requirements of his own, is still worth learning !
  Bai Yu, the role model of our 80-year-old girl, is confident, strong, and not convinced, for her own flying dreams, in order not to lose to others, she will always push herself to desperate and on the verge of collapse.
  Zheng Bei, a group of 80-year-old captains, humorous 'has a sense of responsibility, a sense of mission, in order to train a group of outstanding pilots for the country can be described as painstaking!
  At the end of the story, a tragedy was performed. Caring for the comrades in the battle, let the stone fall and sacrifice for the country! Lu Hang’s soldiers sent him one by one, and the caring father’s tears were raging....
  The experimental class had a fist, one year after the loss of one fist, and the rest of the national parade in the National Day celebrations realized their own life value, very happy! At this time, I was thinking about caring. Bai Yu took out his photos, but at this time everyone’s sorrow no longer exists! This made me suddenly feel that sorrow is inevitable in life, because we are all sensual animals with flesh. But sadness is limited. We cannot always live in a world of sorrow. We should be strong and brave, when grief suddenly comes! Because after the past is the past, it is no longer possible to come back.
  In fact, from the beginning to the end, I have been shocked by the persistence of this group of 80s to their dreams, and moved to the comrades between them! Now I also like its theme song "I believe", there are two "California Hotels", "The nearest place to the stars."