1. "Accepted" is absolutely good-looking. If you hate China's education system, then look at this, what is true education. The music didn't say that the original sound was very nice. You don't look down on what I recommend, I won't regret it, but I won't regret it if I don't look at it. 
  2, "Sweetheart Dance" actress is very beautiful and very loving, the key is that street dance is very beautiful. 
  3, "Dance my life" male actor handsome, dance is very good. 
  4, "High School Musical" does not say much, it is really great. 
  5, "You got served" to talk about friendship and teamwork.
  6. "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams " - The Last Lesson of Professor Randy Bosch This is not a movie, but Randy Bosch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, who is suffering from cancer, In the speech video, he inspired countless people with his humor, optimism and fearlessness . Randy said: "For things that cannot be changed, we can only decide how to react. We can't change the cards in our hands, but we can decide how to play." This fully reflects his optimistic and enterprising mentality and broad mind. I think that if anyone has such a mentality, whether it is suffering from illness or frustration in life, he can achieve his greatest value with beautiful and beautiful cards.
   7, "Nature Law / Law of Attraction", the secret of the thoughts through the interviews of a series of scholars, writers, doctors to introduce the whole picture of the law of attraction in detail and systematically. The Chinese version of the inspirational book "The secret secret" adapted from the film has been published. 
  8, "Peace Warrior", based on the famous writer Dan Millman's famous work "Wayofthepeacefulwarrior", this writer makes the young age himself the protagonist in this work,  This book is also his best-selling book on humanity and inner interpretation. The novel adds amazing philosophical ideas to the highly competitive men's gymnastics movement as a sports theme. Victory does not come from the sport itself, but from the heart of the person. 
  9, "The Dream of the Dream" is a dream come true! Can touch you with tears! In 1993, the drama produced by Samsung in the United States was adapted according to the real story. Singing the tenacious spirit of getting more and more frustrated and never being discouraged, Rudi’s image can be said to be a symbol of American brave pursuit of dreams and perseverance. He has repeatedly failed to apply and has repeatedly lost the team’s main lineup, but he finally insisted.