Presumably youth, everyone has a lot of memories, everyone has a youthful world. Some people's youth is proud, and there are many people who are envious. Some people's youth is oppressed, living in their own world, thinking about various YY. Some people's youth is very mediocre, and the chaos is drifting away. But what I want to say is that everyone read the youth movie I introduced, and I will find that everyone’s youth is proud and not mediocre. The youth in the movie all show the youth we have experienced. Everyone will be in these movies. Find your own youth mark. 
  1. The "Juling Street Juvenile Killing Event" shows the social status quo in Taiwan in the early 1960s. At that time, Taiwan was gray and the social atmosphere was very poor. At that time, the air seemed to be filled with disappointment and degeneration. The film is about the anecdotes of the young gangs fighting each other and chasing girls. The story of the protagonist Xiaosi from a good student to a murderer. 
  2, "Summer of Jeans" is about the youth story of a friend, a pair of jeans in the movie magically fits the four sisters, so I guess the jeans can bring luck and blessings. In the following summer, on separate days, flying jeans brought different adventures to different places, and they all experienced an unforgettable summer. 
  3, "Summer of Jujiro" is about the entanglement between the bad uncle and the child and let the bad uncle gradually understand the feelings of self-growth. This is a very good movie by Kitano Takeshi, which reflects the youthful fun between Kitano Takeshi's nostalgia. Even the uncle has a naive moment when he is a child, let alone us. The film is very delicate, and Hisaishi lets the cheerful music accompany the movie. 
  4. "Graduate" is a very old movie. It is about a good college student who can't find the future direction after graduation. His life is controlled by his father. At a party, the protagonist married the wife of his father's colleague. Because the depression of two people caused the two to make love with each other to comfort each other. But the protagonist likes the daughter of his father's colleague.  For love, the protagonist put his scandal out one by one, but at the same time he was opposed by all parties. The protagonistran away with his father's colleague and daughterin pursuit of his own love . What I want to mention is that we should also have our own ideas and ideas to face the future, face love, and not lose ourselves for depression. 
  5, "Flower and Alice" is about the seeming triangle love between the two sisters and a handsome guy, because it seems to have a reason, as for the reasons, everyone still read and slowly think about it. What happens when a good friend suddenly likes the same person, but how do you choose friendship and love? "Flower and Alice" has left a beautiful stroke for our love triangle. The director of "Flower" is Iwai Shunji, a director who is good at youth. He can say that his movie is about our youth. 
  6. "Love Letter" is also a work directed by Iwai Shunji. "Love Letter" is very famous. I will not introduce it here. It is the memory and search for youth love. It is very psychedelic and beautiful. 
  7. "Seventeen-year-old bicycle" is a youth movie about bicycles directed by Wang Xiaoshuai. Very good, two struggles between bicycles and friendships. It is also an era of nostalgia for our bicycles. It is worth seeing. 
  8. "Sunny Days" is a very good youth movie, which is also the memory of Jiang Wen's youth. A group of children living in the army courtyard spent their youth in the dazzling sunshine and the red flags everywhere. The same is impulsive, love, sexual, naive, failure, adventurous, and growing. The story took place in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution. 
  9. "The Beautiful Legend of Sicily" is a movie I really like. The protagonist's love for Marina is invisible in the midst of the illusion. At night, she thinks that Marina is flying and dreaming that she is a hero to help solve the difficulties that Marina has encountered. When Marina was sad, he fantasized that he comforted her. Anyway, it is a youth movie about sex and fantasy. 
  10. In addition, there is also the "King of Remaining Kings". It is the protagonist who dare not face the future, does not want to graduate, and with the help of a girl, finds a movie of her own.
  The above ten movies are all worthy of watching what I think we should look at. Because the passage of time has passed away, only my own youth will remain in the heart. 
  Nostalgia for our youth!