Some people say "I want to make a movie" to copy other farmers to make movies. I don't think it is appropriate. "I want to make a movie" tells the true story of the civilian director Ren Deyong. Some people say "I want to make a movie" like the Henan movie "Not a noisy "Playing", is not appropriate, "I want to make a movie" has been completed in 2007, not to say that they are like "I want to make a movie"; since 1999, De Yong in Beijing in the drama group to do drama, run the dragon, usually and like-minded The film and television enthusiasts took the short film with DV, and although they encountered a lot of sad things, the dream has not been interrupted. It can be said that "I want to make a movie" story is completely original, 70, 80 people will find their own shadow and resonate. 
  Henan civilian director Ren Deyong, who has been reported by many media, led the Xiangyang people's self-portrait movie "I want to make a movie" in 2007. It has been widely sought after by netizens. Now Ren Deyong, who has been called a civilian director, has become a real film director. I have shot a lot of digital movies, and I have to retake "I want to make a movie" this year. This is what Ren Deyong has always dreamed of. In 2010, Henan TV's urban channel "Dream Come True" invited A Yong to do a program, "I want to make a movie" has been recognized and supported by the audience. After his hard work and dedication, he finally touched the side. People and some movie investors. 
  From grassroots to professional, on March 30, 2011, "I want to make a movie" has been approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and many stars have joined the market. A number of film and television companies have pre-invested 3.8 million. 
  It is understood that the new version of "I want to make a movie" will invite 07 online version of "I want to make a movie" director A Yong and part of the starring continue to participate in film shooting, is expected to start in June. 
  At present, director Ren Deyong is busy with the revision of the screenplay and the creation of the theme song "I Want to Make a Movie". 
  The drama was adapted from Ren Deyong’s personal experience. The main story is that Ren Yi loves film and television since childhood . He has always insisted on his dreams. He is in the cast and he is going to work in the film and television circle. He is a runner, and he also works with friends. In Beijing, a film and television company was opened, and the honest and honest art was later deceived, causing the company to go bankrupt in the middle of the road and was forced to return to his hometown. Ren Yan, who is not willing to show weakness, thinks of a "whimsical" idea, and then a mad pursuit begins!
  Ren Yi has self-directed and instigated all the relatives and friends, and brought a group of people who want to participate in film shooting for various reasons. I want to be famous, I have thought about addiction, I want to make money....... Just like this. A group of lovely ordinary people, whimsically patted the martial arts film, and as soon as they came up to film "Huang Feihong" "Hero", flying in the sky to fly the difficult "martial arts blockbuster"! For them, this is like an impossible thing to do, because none of them knows how to make a movie! Now I have to find a way to buy a video camera, but I have to go to sponsor! In this way, everyone worked together to find a TV station, find a photography shop, find a business, but they all ate a closed door, do not believe that a group of ordinary people can make a movie. At this time, working in the hotel, but Zhang Xinru, who has a common dream, introduced a child Zhou Xiaoxun to Ren Yi, just as she knew the daughter of the TV station, Liu Fangfang, and Liu Fangfang knew that she was very sympathetic. Art, just lie to Dad to learn the camera, the problem of no camera is solved. Just when everyone is thinking about how to get more shots on their own, and Ren Yi is wondering how to fly and how to fly, "How does Lingbo need to cross?" Like a hero, Ren Yi began the struggle with "air", "forest" and "image". 
  During the filming process, everyone has both hardships and joys. The last time I played, the filming was quite wonderful. Just when everyone was excited, huged and shouted, Zhang Xinru was fainted to the ground. She was already obsessed with her illness, in order not to delay. During the filming process, the filming scene left the world, and good friend Liu Yimou sold the clinic. Seeing that a play has evolved into a fight, a director who claims to be a TV station has robbed everyone of all the money for preparing for the movie... Under the efforts of Ren Yi, under the fearlessness of everyone’s newborn calf, under the persistent pursuit of everyone Finally, I have overcome all difficulties and made my own movie dreams. A civilian movie was finally born! 
  The story of the film is mainly about the hero of the drama, Ren Yi and Liu Yimou, who jointly talked about the ups and downs of a young man who feels in the current society. A group of ordinary young people have done extraordinary things. It also shows the spirit of young people's fearlessness. As long as they embrace their dreams, they must have a reason to succeed . It is an inspirational film that inspires young people.