The first time I saw it, I was attracted because of its Chinese translation name - "Pentium Age". It is always impossible to describe what the film is about to express, perhaps it should not be described. The ideas that can be expressed in words belong to the film itself, and what the audience has is only the inexplicable excitement and faint resonance in the heart, and each person does not agree. 
  This is the right movie to appear at the right time. I don't want to be earlier, because when you are in the mud, action is more courage than thinking. If it happened then, maybe there was an innocent movie with me. I don't want to be late. I didn't know if I had any memories or impressions at this time. At that time, the big event at this time was just a small episode. And now, when stepping out of the mud and stepping up the courage to regain the dream, the seabiscuit fought. 
  I like the sound of the horseshoes and the windy horses flying in the soundtrack. The horseshoe falls in the sand and stones, the rhythm of the heartbeat. The struggle of one person and one horse grows into a national dynasty in the shadow of a black and white background. 
  Everyone's struggle has not endured an era of endless life. 
  We hoped that the little jockey on the screen and his beloved horses would slowly disappear. The black and white background of the early 1930s, which was in the early 19th century, may become a historical dust with the end of the movie, but we know that as long as Staring at Seabiscuit's small flames in the darkness of the brown eyes, as long as you think of the stars and images of this movie, you will reach the agitated life that everyone is eager to return to a hundred thousand turns. 
  When Seabiscuit stood behind the white fence at the starting point again and again, the fence at the corner of life was once again opened to the people who were frustrated. 
  Why is a short, short horse racing capable of winning the game numerous times? What makes it take a near-self-mutilated game of turning without slowing down? When Seabiscuit was soaked by sweaty eyes and looked at the opponents and the audience, I thought everyone felt the flames of the soul in the depths of the soul.
  It is unruly, will not yield, and will not easily lose to any opponent. The appearance of peace is only to reflect their understanding of life. It is their essence, and the forefoot and sharp cicadas are their self-expression. This kind of unstoppable and unusually strong sense of winning and never giving up is always the reason why human beings need competitive games, and it is also the fundamental intention of the film as a motivational film. 
  You can never know what is waiting for the next intersection in life, so you must never stop running and never stop fighting. 
  A powerful soul can appear on a broken body and be refined into an eye-catching legend. 
  Pain, dilemma, failure, frustration , and the day after tomorrow, have delayed our success , but they have increased the thickness of our success. Therefore, we must be glad when the success is not coming. We must raise the forefoot and continue to fight forward. 
  In fact, listening to your own snoring, you can have the joy of not drinking the successful wine. The meaning of life is not in that end, but in the process of the Pentium, the feeling of the wind passing from the cheeks. 
  “This is not a finish line, the future is the finish line” tells myself at all times that the situation is not good but not the worst, because the end point is always in the future.  I will not be afraid of anything, because I once stood on the cusp of the wind and waves. With the roaring hooves of Reid's whip, the ears echoed the elegant and powerful poem of Dickens reciting at the table "we never know how high we are till we were called to rise...."
  Compromise is negative The struggle is positive; the
  struggle for compromise is negative, the compromise for the struggle is positive; the
  self-concealment is negative, the self-enlightenment is positive; the
  fantasy is negative, the action is positive; the
  depression is negative, Encouraging is positive;
  "This success is not the end, our end is in the future!"
  This is the first victory of the horse "sea biscuit" victory. 
  The old squatting, the ambition is a thousand miles, still boiling, it is the rushing age of the coveted. 
  And in it, I learned the same thing:
  as long as you don't give up, you will always have a chance. 
  This is the age of Pentium. We are all "sea biscuits".