17 inspirational movies recommended for primary school students during the holidays
  1. "The Rest of the Desert", one of my favorite movies, starring Tom Hanks, gave me tremendous power in my lowest valley. 
  2, "Wind and Harvard Road", a poorest Harvard girl never retreats to struggle , after reading the people are full of warmth, CCTV has broadcast. 
  3. "Listen to Heaven", a blind child who loves movies chooses to use his ears instead of his eyes to record the bits and pieces of his life. 
  4. "Carter Coach", a basketball coach led a group of children who could not see the way out to fight for their dreams . 
  5, "Dream Girl", Beyonce starring, 3 black girls embarked on a story full of unknown stars to finally succeed . 
  6, "Sunshine Little Beauty", full of affectionate warm inspirational film. 
  7, "Smell the woman to know ", starring Alpa Sino, a song inside the "Step by Step" tango dance to play the enthusiasm of life. 
  8, "Spring of the cattle class", even if the child is forgotten by the society, it is possible to bloom the light of life. 
  9, "Wild Wildness", an idealist legend, a wandering story, every step is full of hardships, with perseverance, practicing the dream of finding oneself. 
  10, "Looking at the ear", Hayao Miyazaki screenwriter Kondo Hiroshi's animation, a girl's first love and growth story. 
  11, "When happiness comes to knock on the door", Will Smith's rare non-commercial film, starred with his son, very gimmick, and very inspirational, very good-looking. 
  12, "Dance in the Dark" Lars von Trier's song and dance classics, an ingenious and aesthetically stimulating song and dance film, a little romantic, but also a little gray, but full of power.
  13, "The Soul Catcher", the script of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Robin Williams as a green leaf, atypical growth film for a talented boy. 
  14, "Never compromise", Julia Roberts took this film to get a shadow, very sincere inspirational film. 
  15, "Death Poetry Society", the classic inspirational film starring Robin Williams, or a teacher who plays a spring rain, absolutely recommended. 
  16, "Millions of Baby", Oscar for best film, directed by Clint Eastwood, a female boxer's struggle miles. 
  17, "Jumping out of my world", an 11-year-old boy broke the ballet road that hindered the pursuit of dreams.