The affectionate inspirational film "Love in the Deep" caused a lot of sensation after being released in China. What is "Love in the Deep"? With many question marks, my mother and I walked into the Huaihua Triangle Ping Cinema. 
  The story is like this: The protagonist is a student, she is as lively and lovely as her peers, full of fantasies. Her greatest wish is to study hard, to be admitted to a good university in the future, and to honor her parents in the future. 
  At the age of fifteen, she was told that she had cancer. The sudden blow made her feel depressed. But she was not intimidated by the disease. She infected everyone with her smile and optimism . Let love continue and let the mind wash. 
  After watching this film, I quietly thought: the scene in the film appeared in my mind. The tears seemed to be like broken beads, flowing silently. The protagonist----Zhang Muran got cancer, but she still concealed her great pain, did not let her parents increase the burden of thought, and thanked her parents for her deep love with her smile. She persisted in learning with tenacious perseverance despite the torture of the disease . "Poor parents in the world"! Which parent does not care about his children? Which parent is reluctant to give everything to her children? Zhang Muran’s parents know that their daughter is terminally ill, or do everything possible to save her daughter, let her live for a few more years, and enjoy the care of her parents. Zhang Moran’s father and mother sent her to the hospital. The doctor gave her three operations and did 13 chemotherapy sessions. But she still can't escape the ravages of the disease. The condition is getting worse. Later her hair was lost. Sometimes she still goes to school to insist on studying. Finally, she wrote the novel "Shaoguan". It is really like the splendor of summer flowers, and the death is like the beauty of autumn leaves. 
  I am ashamed of my sister Zhang Muran! Once, I was sick, I could eat and go, I could go to school, I just didn't want to go to school. I asked my mother to write a leave of absence to the teacher and took a day off. 
  After reading this film, I understood the meaning of "love in the depths". I must study hard and repay my parents in the future.Grateful society.