Inspirational film after the feeling: "When happiness comes knocking on the door"
  I recently watched Will Smith's award-winning film, "When Happiness Comes Knocking," I always knew that this was an inspirational movie, and I never had time to look at it. After reading it, I realized that this movie can teach us a lot! 
  A movie worth everyone to watch! Here's a look at the movie! 
  Parent-child, inspirational, such qualitative words used in this film is actually superfluous; hard work , struggle , happiness, this process is actually superfluous in this movie. Art comes from life and is higher than life; a successful film may not need a novelty that is eye-catching, returning to life, and the most authentic life may be the highest art. This inspirational family movie struggling in the bottom line of poverty is approachable and more likely to resonate with our many emotions. 
  Dreams; no matter when it suddenly comes, it is not too late. As long as we still have the strength to chase; then we also have the hope to realize our dreams. The definition of dreams in this film is obviously shallow and straightforward. Smith played Chris on the road, met a man driving a Ferrari sports car, asked him: What kind of work do you do, and how you did it; what he envied was not a luxury sports car or a decent job, and It is the smile that people are happy from the bottom of their hearts. 
  happy. What is happiness, what kind of life can be called happiness. The United States’ Declaration of Independence stipulates that every citizen has the right to pursue happiness; perhaps, it is because happiness is always out of reach, so it must be pursued constantly. Chris, a lonely middle-aged black man standing on the street muttering to himself; perhaps, everyone will think of the final ending of the story.  It can be said that this movie is actually not surprising at all; however, when we watch this movie, we are naturally moved by it. Inspirational is not so deliberate, lyrical is not artificial, delicate and warm in detail; this may be the reason why this movie is like.
  Run; keep running. This is in line with the daily life scene of a salesman who is alive in a busy city. For what to run for; what kind of life rhythm can be called rushing. Like Chris; in order to catch the bus, in order to catch up with a business meeting, for this one night's shelter must be in front of others to queue up to enter the shelter... This is perhaps the lowest living people in the United States Helpless and hard to run around. In order to keep a job; then raise a child, rent, national taxes, meals and a watt. 
  What impressed me the most was that the homeless father and son stayed in the bench on the subway station and talked without words. Play a game that is not fun, imagine the surrounding sinister environment and the terrible beast, find a cave, the father and son rely on each other to sleep. Of course, there couldn't be a cave in the subway station; Chris curled up with his son lying on the floor in the toilet with toilet paper. A man's tears; even though the man has two white spots, this scene is still moving. It was a middle-aged man’s embarrassment and responsibility for his five-year-old son, but he was still frustrated by his middle age and his eager desire for happiness. Taking advantage of his son’s ears prevented him from hearing the sound of slamming the door outside, which was his only ability to protect his son. While the film depicts Chris's pursuit of material wealth, the parent-child exchange between the father and the son becomes the savings of spiritual wealth. Smith's son, Jaden Smith, added a lot to this vulgar inspirational film. No need to make a father-in-law relationship, Little Smith plays Chris's son Christopher, and Jaden's true character has completed all the details of the movie's lyrical but not offensive. Probably because it is a play with his son, Will Smith, who is famous for his family, has a special feeling. He successfully interprets a lonely salesman who is on the verge of bankruptcy and his wife is away from home. Inspirational story of becoming a stock market trader . 
  When I was in the dead, I used to think about this word many times when I watched this movie; how many people would despair when a man was in his situation. There is no way to appeal, no way to help, only one step away from the dream, but give up or continue to work because the real problem can not be solved. 
  Maybe, there is no hardship to come; nor will you be content after you have come.Grateful . 
  When Chris finally got the job of a stockbroker with a salary of $800,000, he burst into tears and walked into the bustling streets, smiling happily to everyone, when he took his son to the busy neighborhood to go to his own house. The material wealth may not mean all happiness. His and his son's dependence in this difficult time may be his greatest wealth. 
  No longer yelling at his son, no longer disappointed with life, no longer only frustrated. The Declaration of Independence stipulates that all American citizens have the right to pursue happiness, but it does not define the so-called happiness. Perhaps, is it because the meaning of happiness is too broad and abstract? However, in this movie, happiness can be very simple. The so-called happiness, perhaps when we are against the people we love deeply; we can say with a clear heart, I have done my best to give them the best that I can give, whether it is poverty or wealth.