movie "After 80" is the growth trajectory of our generation - childhood street play, rubber band, Qi Qin's cassette, noisy game hall. As one of the most important events of this generation, SARS has also been truly presented to us. However, it is not just a documentary. The artistic processing of the director evokes our memories and creates an irresistible touch. 
  Regarding family ties 
  Although China has already practiced monogamy, but after 80s there are always a few fathers and mothers to make the family become divided, so the children spend their childhood together with their parents. In an era of increasingly weak family. After 80, you will always think that parents don't understand themselves. No one can rest assured of the era of safe communication. The actor eventually forgave his mother, just because the mother of SARS was worried about him. Chen Mo also forgave his mother, just because he did not understand and misunderstand his mother from an early age. Although this is a film named after the 80s, perhaps it is more suitable for parents after the 80s. For children, a complete warm home is the best love parents should give!   The main line 
  of love
movies It should be love. As Wen Jia’s words in the play: “Whether you are healthy or sick, I will not change.” This kind of resoluteness and determination runs through the beginning and the end. The post-80s generation yearns for a purely emotional life, and once they fall in love, they will be out of control. Shen Xingchen and Ming Yuan, the families of both of them had a major change in their youth. They are all people who lack security and dependence. They are strong and vulnerable. They all have similar fatal points. Therefore, they are very suspicious of love. They also cherish love at the same time. Because they are too afraid of losing and backing, they dare not let Starting to love, the broken family gave them an extremely contradictory view of love. The two separated because of college, which is what we call long distance.The ancients said that "if the two sentiments are long, they will linger in the dynasty." But reality is reality, a series of misses and misunderstandings, Mingyuan is infected with SARS. At that moment, life is not so real, he is so knocking on him, especially when the stars are stuck in Beijing. Mingyuan does not know that the stars are blowing the cool breeze to inquire about him. Condition. I also care about the situation of Mingyuan, and refuse to pursue the chicken soup of my three-year-old boy. These things are far from visible. The rift of feelings is always unconscious, obviously love, but eventually became the reason for breaking up. In the movie, there is such a sentence : "I started our love with scars." This is destined to be the road to love in their lives. It takes a long time or a commemoration to have it. This requires two people to understand and work together.   As for the first generation of the only child, the "post-80s" 
  personality has 
been given too much attention from birth, and has also carried too many topics and definitions. Love, rebellion, and generation gap are all popular words from this generation. But the "post-80s" personality also makes this generation have a unique pride and reluctance. Shen Xingchen is an absolute "post-80s" character. The "post-80s" characteristics such as pride, stubbornness, courage and hate are undoubtedly revealed in her. In the university age, in the face of the pursuit of the rich second generation of boys, nothing was moved. I learned that my chicken soup was sent by the boy. I didn’t hesitate to vomit and said, “I have a boyfriend.” When I saw my boyfriend Mingyuan and Wen Jia, I took the water pipe and screamed at them. "You are soaked in my tears, is it comfortable?"; when you first entered the workplace, you will be able to rise to the third level in two years, but you will resign when you know that your wife is a former rival. All these practices make the "post-80s" clap their hands: this is the "post-80s" trait. 
  The film has been seen for a long time. In addition to the above feelings, it also left me with the first Zhang Ying’s "So Close, So Far." Whenever the music comes to mind, some pictures will unconsciously appear in my mind. Most of the film is shot in Hangzhou. In this water-like city, under the lens of the director, Hangzhou’s Ninglang and Wenyun are vividly displayed, all The goodness is just right, even if it has a little sadness, it is in the beautiful package, and the story of the film is in the same vein, so that people can not bear it!