I. "It's a Wonderful Life" 1946 
  Film Description: 
  James Stewart plays a man in a small town. He wanted to leave home and go out to be an architect. He traveled all over the world. But he was forced to give up his ideals again and again, inheriting the family business and building cheap houses for the town residents. On a Christmas Eve, he collapsed and decided to commit suicide. God sent an angel to show him "the world without him" and let him realize the meaning of his life . 
  Second, "To Kill a Mockingbird" 1962 
  Film Description: 
  According to Harper Lee's best-selling novel, Gregor Lebike plays a southern town lawyer, raped for black On the other hand, he has to explain to his children and their friends. Gregory Peck's superb and smooth acting made him the first Oscar and Golden Globe. The editors and directors can be said to be quite loyal and reflect the plot of the original novel in a smooth and leisurely pace, but there are also some critics who think it is slightly unremarkable. In addition to a few big stars, you can also see the first screen show of Robert Duvall. The film also won Oscar's best adapted script, best art direction / scene layout award, and best black and white photography, director, film, supporting actress, original soundtrack and other nominations. 
  Third, "Schindler's List" (Schindler's List) 1993 
  Film Description: 
  It seems that up to now, its picture is still deeply printed in people's minds. 
  The film is a film full of wisdom and enthusiasm. It is also the most touching work of Steven Spielberg. He won the 66th Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Art Direction, Best Photography. The best film editing six awards. The music in the film has undoubtedly become a classic in the world of movie music.
  Fourth, "Rocky" (Rocky) 1976 
  Film Description: This 
  film is Stony Long's own self-produced fame, describing the second-rate boxer Loki lucky to be selected by the world's heavyweight champion Apollo as a match opponent, he seized the opportunity to seriously Preparing for the battle, the result was not knocked down after you came to me for fifteen rounds. Although he lost the game, he won the confidence and the heart of his girlfriend. This film is a history of inspirational small people fighting , and the exciting American dream is displayed on the screen. Stallone is a small boxer who is a good-natured and hard-working fighter. Although he is sympathetic to the white tongue, he has a star charm. His pursuit of shy female clerk Taria Shire has an affinity, and his relationship with his girlfriend, Bertyan, and coach Bergis Meredith is also interesting. Of course, the most successful success of the director John G. Avilson is the finale of the boxing match. The exciting excitement is like being on the scene. Bill Kangti’s high-spirited soundtrack is also remembered. He won the 49th Oscar for best film. The best director and best editing three awards and the 34th Golden Globe Award for Best Picture, and Stallone extended four sequels on the basis of this film. 
  V. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939 
  Introduction to the film: One of 
  Frank Capra's classics, depicting an idealized youth trying to change the corruption of the US Senate. through. 
  Mr. Smith, played by James Stewart, was selected as a vacant senator in the Senate. When he came to the House of Representatives, he was overwhelmed by a group of politicians, but he insisted on his beliefs. condemn seen to malfeasance.
  James Stewart's performance was once again convincing and won the Best Actor Award from the New York Film Critics Association, and its iconic image has been established. 
  He was voted one of the top ten best films of the year by the National Film Critics Association; he was included in the best film, director, actor, script, supporting actor (two), sound effects, soundtrack, interior decoration and other nine awards, but Only the original story of Lewis R. Foster won the title. 
  Sixth, "ET The Extra-Terrestrial" 1982 
  Film Description: 
  Eliot, a little boy full of fantasy, has an old man who wants to make fun of his brother and a small one who still can't speak. Sister Gotti, the three brothers and sisters lived with the divorced mother. Due to the busy work and bad mood, the mother often ignores the care and communication with the children. 
  ET, a small alien who was accidentally left on the earth by his companion, was fortunate to be discovered by the kind little Eric. He sneaked away his lonely and helpless ET and gave it chocolate. Introduce it to his own dog, brother and sister. Although the language ET and Eliot can't communicate, their feelings are connected across all external obstacles, even though their appearance is so big. The difference, but there is a child who is sensitive, eager to love and care. Between them, a wonderful telepathy is established. When ET is sad, Eliot will feel melancholy, ET is sick, and Eliot is also uncomfortable. Lonely ET and lonely Eliot became best friends, so they are no longer alone. 
  Until one day, ET was inevitably discovered by adults. A living alien! This is all right! So people are like enemies, ***, army, FBI... swarming, adults ignore the grievances of the children, ruthlessly grabbed the ET, simply ignore the fact that it is so innocent, fragile and Desperate, they just want to study this alien as a rare and precious experimental product.
  With the help of his brother and his companions, Eliot finally rescued the ET from the research center. Unexpectedly, the adults did not let them go. They set up a number of levels along the way to intercept this "rescue squad", just in the eyes of adults. Underneath, ET shows its incredible magical power, taking everyone out of the "encirclement circle." 
  In the woods where ET was discovered, the alien spacecraft that came back to ET came, and the ET that had been obsessed with going home had finally left. Eliot and reluctantly bid farewell to his alien friends and looked far away. Going to the spaceship to cut through the gorgeous sunset, Eliot knows that he will always remember this short but beautiful friendship forever... 
  Seven, Grapes of Wrath 1940 
  Movie description: 
  Three In the era of economic collapse in the mid-century, a large group of farmers in the Midwest reluctantly abandoned their homes and migrated west to California to pursue a better life. Although the reality is not as good as ideal, they do not give up hope. The film is starred by Henry Fonda and the story is touching, the content is realistic and accusatory, but it reveals the brilliance of humanity everywhere. Whether it is editing, directing, acting, taking pictures, music, all aspects show the highest level of super-combination, combined into a powerful film epic. 
  The immortal masterpiece in the history of American cinema was adapted by John Ford's work based on John Steinbeck and won the Best Director and Best Supporting Actress. In 1973, he was selected as one of the "10 Greatest Movies of the United States" under the US Film Critics election; in 1977, he was selected by the American Film Association as one of the "Top Ten Best Movies in the United States." 
  Eight, Breaking Away, 1979 
  Introduction to the film:
  The story took place in Indiana, and four low-ranking good friends just graduated from high school. Faced with a real society that is very different from the campus, they feel at a loss – what are they going to do in the future? By convention, young people after graduation must work in a local quarry. But this quarry is now closed. As a result, four people have to say goodbye to their traditional lifestyle and rethink their future. Just as Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern, and Jackie Earle Haley consider getting married, joining the army, and looking for a job, David (made by Dennis Christopher) A bold decision: to be an Italian cycling player. 
  Nine, "Miracle on 34th Street" 1947 
  Movie Description: 
  New York 34th Street Koch's Department Store Thanksgiving Day ***, responsible for the activities of Mrs. Walker, asking for the likes of Santa Claus's Chris alternative drunk The ugly Tony played Santa Claus, Chris kindly and kindly smiled, and won the love of many children. Only the precocious Susan did not believe in the existence of Santa Claus; so she asked Chris for a house, a younger brother and a father. As a Christmas gift, to test whether Chris is really Santa Claus. At this time, Chris’s reputation made Ke’s death rivalry – the Czech department store’s eyes were red, and the design was framed by Chris to fight Koch; Mrs. Walker invited his friend Brian to defend Chris, in a hearing that made the judges feel embarrassed. The miracle appeared... 
  10, Saving Private Ryan 1999 
  Introduction to the film: 
  The eternal topic of war and peace has been accompanied by human civilization and progress for thousands of years. A history of civilization is actually A history of war and peace, "Save the Great Ryan" in this land that infested blood and fire, love and hate, life and death, wrote the magnificent poems of the world, the gods and the ghosts The ground touched everyone's heart. I believe that in the future Spielberg will continue to dedicate his outstanding films to his audience.
  The film was based on the landing of Normandy on June 6, 1944: the three sons of Mrs. Ryan of Iowa, USA, died in the war for the country. The younger son Ryan lost contact with the troops on the front line, and his whereabouts are unknown. In order to prevent the rear-end people from becoming war-weary, the US military decided to send a small team led by Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) to go deep into the enemy to find Ryan. Eight people risked their lives to find a person who did not know life and death. They will be greeted by the baptism of war and the re-recognition of the value of life.