1. Schindler's list
  If there is no such movie, Spielberg may be just a first-class commercial film director, this film makes him truly enter the ranks of the masters of film history. The seriousness of the film's thoughts and extraordinary artistic expression have reached an almost insurmountable depth. When it was released, it caused a sensation and won six awards such as the best film and best director without any dispute. The film's plot is choppy, the momentum is tragic, and the documentary filming with black and white photography as the main tone... 
  2, Forrest Gump
  is the most memorable Oscar classic business card in history. In the film, A-Gump is the embodiment of virtue. He is honest and trustworthy, and he is serious, brave and fearless. Tom Hanks has become the most popular movie star in Hollywood because of his simple and natural performance in the film. This film is a classic that cannot be circumvented in the film history library. 
  3. Luo
  Shengmen The great work of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, one of the ten most valuable films in history, is a “milestone” of oriental movies. The classic thing is that until the end of the film, the truth of the facts is still not given. This arrangement is intriguing. The photography master Kazuo's photography skills are superb, and the use of long-length lenses has created a tense atmosphere and is highly valued internationally. 
  4. Brave Heart
  A war story about freedom and death; a romantic feeling about love and opposition; some human perspectives on loyalty and betrayal. This movie shows us a hero called Wallace, a musical instrument called Scottish bagpipes, a beauty called Sophie Marceau and a firm belief called "freedom ." The film's achievement has been Needless to say, and when Mel? Gibson loud blast out "freedon" provisional sentence before the last time, I do not know ... gave more than 
  5, Gone with the Wind
  The film's classic status has been unshakable, and the collaboration between Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh is a perfect match for the history, countless awards, and the number one in countless rankings, bringing its audience to 3 centuries. Billions of dollars. This hugely expensive, luxurious scene, and a hugely realistic historical piece of war, has become a classic work in the history of American cinema with its legendary art. 
  6. Shawshank's redemption is
  "busy or busy." The film turns life into a cruel choice, infiltrating our hearts in bit by bit narrative. Believe in yourself, don't give up hope, don't give up your efforts, and patiently wait for your own glory in life. This is Shawshank's redemption. A small island, a boat, a hotel, such a request should not be excessive. However, such a request has to pay a price, at least a seemingly powerless little stone hammer,... 
  7. The
  most representative 100 films in the history of American movies selected by the Cynn American Film Academy, Citizen Kay En is ranked first. In a survey of directors and film critics in the UK in 2002, Citizen Kane ranked first. It was also the result of a “20th Century Best Script” survey conducted by the American Library in 2002 for members of the American Screenwriter Association. Citizen Kane was the first. More than that, this 1941 old movie is on almost all movie charts... 
  8. Bodyguards
  Although the lovers are not married, the love is with the melodious singing of IWillAlwaysLoveYou. I don’t know how many people have touched. Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner are really acting, a classic film that combines thrills, action, gun battles, entertainment and romantic tenderness! 
  9. Soul Broken Blue Bridge
  A love classic that is full of sorrows , one of the three immortal love stories in the history of cinema. For love, he was desperate to be with her; for love, she turned her back to her car without hesitation... Who can still abandon her life for love without trusting in love today? Modern people who long for eternal love can feel the long-lasting love in this film. In addition to sighing and making people, the whole film has also become the morality of that era... 
  10. Roman Holidays
  The beautiful myth originates from the ancient legends. The modern fairy tales come from the ancient city of civilization. The short visits have made the romantic classics of the world, "Roman Holiday", a happy and unforgettable experience, a touching love story. William Wheeler, the most nominated Oscar gold medalist in the history of the film, has a unique vision and combines the most classic golden boy and girl combination on the screen. The prestigious Gregory Parker and the fledgling Audrey Hepburn, together... 
  11, North Africa's spy shadow (aka Casablanca) is a 
  sigh of Casablanca, an unforgettable love story. Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart's skillful skills have turned a neglected stage play into the most classic handed down work in the history of world cinema. Here we can almost find all the audio-visual elements that DreamWorks tempts the audience. Even after another 100 years, it can still make people crazy, fascinated... 
  12, Bin Xu
  Oscar's most brilliant works in history, the 11 Oscar awards, from the art to the box office have achieved amazing results. The film reproduces the magnificent historical scrolls of ancient Rome. Gladiators, chariot races, and the coming of Jesus... are magnificent and magnificent. They are a rich and well-made historical blockbuster, both highly entertaining and very Exquisitely portrayed humanity, it is a very outstanding achievement in the Hollywood blockbuster that won the big scene. 
  13. No war on the Western Front
  A Oscar business card, once banned by the German Nazi regime, was called "the greatest anti-war movie in the history of film" and won the 3rd Oscar for best film and best director award. The film is very realistic with excellent photography skills and realistic styles, such as war positions, assaults, flesh, and brutal savage murder. The final scene of the film is a classic in the history of the film: Paul, waiting in the trench, found a beautiful butterfly, when he climbed out of the battle... 
  14, Red Sorghum The
  film is based on Mo YanThe adaptation of the novel of the same name is the work of Chinese film to the world. The film is full of vigor and vitality and bold style, and makes an innovative interpretation of Chinese culture. This interpretation touched the judges of the West Berlin Film Festival and won the best film gold. The Bear Award, which brought Chinese films to the world, Zhang Yimou’s name immediately became the most representative director in China. The film is about folklore... 
  15. Farewell My Concubine
  The masterpiece of Chinese film history, a fascinating epic, a movie you can't see. "Farewell My Concubine" made the mainland movie the first time to win the international film world award of Cannes Golden Palm, and also made the director Chen Kaige a long-cherished wish. The film covers the history of the philanthropy of pear gardeners for half a century. Under the double perspective of history and culture, a tragedy of life is staged. 
  16. Love Letters
  A misunderstanding of the same name and the same name began the exchange of two women's letters, and also made two valuable loves between the three people. That beautiful picture, the sakura of the sky, the dark boys and girls, all evoke our infinite imagination. The beautiful middle school era built in "Love Letter" may be the most warm and pure memory of most of us...