First, "The Golden Age" (The Golden Year) (1946) 
  Movie Description: 
  In 1945, the dark clouds of war finally passed. In the city of Boone in the central United States, after the demobilization of three fellow soldiers, they returned to their hometown on the same plane. The three men were former bank employee Ay Sergeant, former department store staff member Fred Captain and Sailor Homer. Among them, Ayr has been in middle age, and Homer is the youngest. They will meet again before they break up and then go home. 
  After returning home, the lucky Ayr was warmly welcomed by his wife, Millie, the grown-up daughter and son. Since then, Ayr and his beautiful wife and lovely children lived a peaceful and happy life. 
  However, when Fred came home, he saw his father was poisoned by alcohol, his mother had fallen, and his wife, who had just married before the expedition, often appeared in nightclubs and fooled with other men. 
  Homer who lost his hands on the battlefield, despite wearing a fake hand, still imposes a great burden on his parents, lovers and those around him. 
  In an appointment that day, three people at a bar seeing each other, talk about their experiences: Homer and relatives say love mercy than he could bear, and Fred for his wife's departure and angry ...... 
  day In the evening, Fred accepted Ayr's invitation, went to his house to be a guest, and fell in love with Ayr's daughter. Later, Fred found the job as a sales clerk, an occasional opportunity. At the airport, he saw the "air fortress" that sent them back, but now it has become a lot of scrap iron, and it is decided to take it. These scrap metals are used in the construction materials business. In Homer's wedding, the two gather once again, Fred told Al's daughter, waiting for him to career success later would marry her. 
  After demobilization three veterans to finally happy as the ending of life ...... 
  Second, the "Apollo 13" (Apollo 13) 1995 
  film synopsis:
  In April 1970, the spacecraft Apollo 13 was carrying out the mission of landing on the moon, but the control center suddenly received the message from the spacecraft at 205,000 miles - "Houston, we have a problem!" The floods disturbed the hearts of all the scientists and engineers in the center. This is the last thing they want to hear. The spacecraft is approaching the moon, but an explosion in outer space has caused Apollo 13 to lose its oxygen, power and steering. 
  At this moment, the three astronauts Jim Lowell, Frye Dehans, and Jack Sweget are facing an unprecedented test. They must grasp the only four days to return to Earth, every minute. It is very precious for them. Apart from receiving the guidance of the control center, everything else depends on themselves. They are not willing to leave their wives and children into a lonely soul in space. Courage, confidence and perseverance support them to fight . . 
  Award-winning record: 
  1996 Oscar Awards Best Recording, Best Splicing 
  1996 Best Film of the Chicago Film Critics Association 
  Third Place in the United States in the United States Third, "Hoosiers" (Hoosiers) 1957 
  Film Introduction: 
  Film In the background of the 1950s, telling the story of a basketball coach, Kim Harman is the basketball coach of the college in the United States of America. He has only one last chance. Kim Harman faces a double challenge: both the ball of the school The team won the championship in the Golden State competition and regained its reputation as a basketball coach. 
  The Bridge On The River Kwai 1957 
  Introduction to the film: 
  Time is the second world war, Colonel Nixon and his subordinates became captives of the Japanese army, ordered to build the Gui in the western part of Thailand River bridge. Colonel Nixon, a British gentleman, maintained his usual philosophy even though he was captured. Because he was dissatisfied with the Japanese military treatment, he refused to perform the task of repairing the bridge and was led by the Japanese army............
  However, due to the negative completion of other prisoners of war. Zha Teng had to release Nixon and promised his request to improve the treatment of prisoners of war. Under the leadership of Nicholson, the prisoners of war were completed in three months. However, the former prisoner of war escaped, the former prisoner of the army, found the British army and accepted the task of blowing up the Bridge over the River Kwai. 
  Colonel Nicholson, who had worked hard to build a good bridge, did not want the bridge to be blown up. He went to check the bridge with Saito. The Japanese army shot and fired due to abnormal conditions. Nicholson, Saito, Shield and others were in chaos. All of them were bombarded and smashed. When Nicholson fell, it just hit the explosive device. The first Japanese train that flew to the bridge was blown up with the bridge. 
  domestic audience of David Ryan’s epic blockbuster may remember the name David Ryan because of the film based on Dickens’s novel The Lone Star Tears and The Great Future. However, he is the best and famous. The works are all related to war: the "Lawrence of Arabia" involving the British activities in the Arab world during World War II, the "Dr. Wagg" of the October Revolution and the "Guihe Bridge". The film "Guihe Bridge" is regarded as the most magnificent war film of the 1950s, and won the 30th Oscar best film, best director, best male starring and other seven awards in 1957. 
  David Ryan is good at expressing his personal sorrows and sorrows in a passionate way. He is considered to be the most skilled film director, and even has a word "Ryan" to describe his style. Peter Desson, who has received much attention because of the "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, recently favored Peter Otto in his new film, playing the last monarch of Troy - Priam, and the old Oscar Julie Christie plays the daughter of Poseidon, the mother of Achilles. As we all know, Otto is known worldwide as "Lawrence of Arabia", and Christie's famous work is "Doctor Zivag", and the two epic films are directed. Director David Lian En. Peterson said, "David? Lien is one of my heroes, I was with the" Troy "made into a 'Lean-style' epic ambitions." 
  Fifth, the "miracle The miracle worker 1962
  Movie Description: 
  The blind and dumb blind child Helen is a big problem for parents. They can't communicate with their daughters. The painful child only tortures her family by venting. The father wanted to send her to the orphanage, but the mother Kate could not agree to this cruel practice. They invited Miss Anne from the School of the Blind. She used to be a girl with severe eye problems and grew up alone in an orphanage. She is well aware of the hardships of the unbearable life and does her best to stop sending her children there. She firmly believes that with her help, Helen can completely get out of the dark and establish close ties with the outside world. 
  The bad-tempered Helen made the teacher suffer. First, Anne must let her children accept her education, and Helen’s father didn’t believe her, only gave her two weeks. She persuaded her parents to teach in their own separate environment. In Anne's view, Helen lives in the indulgence and accommodation of parents and family, and the love of her family has become her biggest obstacle, even exceeding her shortcomings. Anne did not have any outside influence to strengthen the training of Helen's finger pinyin, so that she could express her vocabulary and express her decent behavior and life skills as normal people. 
  Helen finally had the opportunity to change his life and got a new life with the guidance and help of the teacher. 
  Anne has been engaged in special education and has become a world-wide advocate of social equality and won the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 
  6. Norma Rae (1979) 
  Introduction to the film: The 
  plot is adapted from the real thing, depicting the Norma? Lei family working in the cotton factory in the southern town, the environment is very bad, the workers are full of capitalists Ruthless exploitation. Later, the General Union sent an organizer to assist the local organization of the trade unions, and the workers were ridiculed and the boss was unreasonably blocked. However, Norma, who had the courage to challenge unreasonable things, stood up by the organizers and finally established the first trade union in the factory. 
  Seven, "Flew Over the Cuckoo" (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) 1975 Nian 
  film synopsis:
  The film story took place in 1963. A national psychiatric hospital is located next to a jungle in the United States, where a variety of mental patients live. 
  One day, a young man named McMurphy was taken to the National Psychiatric Hospital by an armed correctional school officer. Because the young man was said to be acting in a correctional institution and playing a minor girl, he was regarded as a "mad man." "The suspect was sent to a mental hospital. Mike Murphy is an able-bodied, bold character of youth, in order to avoid hard labor, pretending to mental disorders, from prison to a mental hospital ...... 
  Eight, "Diary of Anne Frank" (The Diary of Anne Frank) 1959 Nian 
  film synopsis: 
  When Anne Frank was four years old, she experienced the cruelty of life. That year, Hitler came to power and set off a wave of anti-Jewish slogans in the territory of Germany. Anne's father, Otto Frank, was a Jew. For the safety of his family, he moved to the Netherlands with his family. They lived in the Netherlands for a few years of calm, but the disaster came again: in May 1940, the Netherlands fell in Germany. Otto realized that they either migrated immediately or hurry to find a place to hide. But the whole of Europe has been involved in the war, and most of the places have fallen. Where can they escape? So he decided to hide. Otto partnered with Dann in the past few years in the Netherlands. They are located in a remote part of Amsterdam, facing the canal. There are several abandoned rooms upstairs in the office, known as "auxiliary buildings." Otto thinks that hiding there is not easy to find. 
  Nine, The Right Stuff, 1983 
  Film Description: 
  Based on the true story of the first astronauts in space in the history of the United States, they are Alan Shepard, Goss Gerson, John. Gurney, Scot, Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, etc., a total of seven heroes. The film details the birth of the US space program and the historical story of the birth of the first astronauts. 
  X. "Philadelphia" (1993) 
  Introduction to the film:
  Andrew and Joe are two young lawyers in Philadelphia who work hard and have a bright future. However, Andrew did not dare to tell the boss that he was a homosexual and was infected with AIDS. Shortly after he was promoted, he was dismissed because he found the secret and lost his documents. Andrew found Joe wanting him to accept the case. Joe had refused to accept the case, but he agreed with his wife Louise’s scolding and Andrew’s request. 
  Andrew’s family supported him to go to court. During the trial, many critics gathered outside the court to demand legal rights for homosexuals and not to discriminate against AIDS patients. However, the defendant insisted that he did not admit that it was the reason for dismissing Andrew. Andrew's weak body could not withstand the intravenous injection of a violent anti-AIDS drug, and he felt that he was going to die. But he is still strong to survive a fierce court defense. 
  On the day of the trial, the jury finally sentenced the plaintiff Andrew to unfair dismissal and the defendant was responsible for compensating for the loss. Andrew finally won. Joe went to the hospital to tell Andrew and his family about the news, but Andrew couldn't support it anymore. He was slowly dying. 
  Tom Hanks won the 66th Oscar for Best Actor Award in 1993 for his outstanding performance.