I. The Color Purple 1985 
  Introduction to the Film: 
  Director Steven Spielberg, Whoopi Goldberg, in the film, I’m afraid I’m all looking at it. Those who have passed the film will not think that Hubby Goldberg, who plays such a tragic character, will star in the funny comedy movie "The Sisters Are Crazy" series and host the Oscars in a funny style! However, it is a pity that the film was nominated for 11 awards. In the end, nothing was obtained. Some commentators said that the film was too emotional. However, some lessons can be learned from this. That is, don't try to take all the Oscar awards and take into account all aspects of the film. It's better to just make a few outstanding ones, so it's easier to win. 
  Second, Dead Poets Society 1989 
  Introduction to the film: 
  A group of students with traditional education, and a teacher who is anti-traditional education, what is it worth to ponder between them? What is the decision of the students who are helpless? 
  In 1959, the Wilton Preparatory Academy was respected by people at that time in its dignified style. There, the pattern of education is fixed, not only monotonous but also shackles the mind. However, all this has changed in the hands of a new teacher. JohnKeating's anti-traditional approach to education brought a touch of anger to the college: in his classroom, he encouraged students to stand on the desk and use a new perspective to observe the world around him; he introduced many thoughtful poetry to the students. The freely divergent philosophy of thought he advocated caused great repercussions among students. Gradually, some people accepted him and began to bravely face each other and grasp their own lives. Unfortunately, this happened... 
  This film is PeterWeir's superior work, won four college awards, and won the best film original script award. In addition, Robin Williams' outstanding acting skills have also added a lot to the film. 
  Third, the wilderness of the wild (Shane) 1953
  Introduction to the movie: The 
  heroic cowboy is reluctant to fall in love with the wife of the ranch owner George, Marion. After removing the bad guy Laika, in order to avoid another storm, Schon idly said goodbye to the Georges and crossed the horse. The beautiful mountains were in front of him, and Marianne did not say anything, and George also silently watched. Only boy Zhuo can't stand such a parting. He watched the fare away and shouted: "Come back, Schon!" The shouts echoed in the vast expanse of the wild for a long time... Return to the top of the page, a standard western hero, to help a newcomer repel one. The bad guy who helped kill people without blinking became the hero of the child. Cowboy Sean fell in love with the wife of the rancher George, Marianne. After removing the bad guy Laika, in order to avoid another storm, Sean said goodbye to the Georges and crossed the horse. When the beautiful mountains were in front of him, Marianne did not say anything, and George also silently watched. Only boy Zhuo can't stand such a parting. He looked away from Sean and shouted: "Come back, Sean!" The shouts echoed in the vast expanse of the wild for a long time... 
  Fourth, "The Dream of the Heart" (Rudy) 1993 
  Movie Description: 
  Adapted from Inspirational film of real people, the master Ludi dreamed of becoming an American football star since childhood, playing in the church school team he worshipped. However, his family was poor, his stature was short, and his sports performance was average. All the conditions taught him that he could not do so. However, he was not discouraged, he saved money to go to the pre-requisite class, and mixed into the college's stadium to work, experienced several cold-flowing efforts, Rudy finally joined the college football team, but among the many big players he fundamentally There is no chance to play. Until the last game, the teammates moved to Rudy's perseverance and forced the coach to let him play. Rudy finally let the father and brother who came to see him before the game saw an impossible miracle. David. The director of Ansberg succinctly and powerfully annotated the theme of "There is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid of having a heart", Sean. Astin vividly shaped the image and spirit of Rudy, and the performance was very touching. 
  Fifth, the "escape Cry" (the Defiant Ones) 1958 Nian 
  film synopsis:
  Director Stanley. Kramer. The story tells about the black carlin on a prisoner and a white Jackson, locked together by chains. In the process of fleeing, although the white Jackson looked down on the black people, it was difficult for Karlin everywhere, but Karlin did not count on the former to help the partner escape, and restored the good character and love for others that had been lost. This is an excellent work against racial discrimination. He won the Best Photography Award and the Best Creative Screenplay Award in the 31st (1958) Oscar. He won the 8th West Berlin International Film Festival in 1958. Actor Award. 
  Sixth, "Ben-Hur" (1959) 
  Introduction to the film: 
  unprecedented spectacular scenes, film classics, won 11 Academy Awards, Hollywood's tens of millions of dollars in the history of the palace, the first The degree is matched with the new sound, which makes the film more special. The story tells of a nobleman in the era of the Roman Empire. After being innocent, he became a slave and later climbed to a warrior with courage and perseverance. The naval battles and horse racing scenes in the film, the scenes in the film, are still very popular, and definitely worth collecting. 
  VII. "   Sergeant " 1941 
  Film Description: 
GaryCooper plays a rural child from Tennessee, with a simple personality and a devout believer. He was forced to participate in the First World War, but he refused to kill on religious grounds, but he took a German position with a turkey gun and became a war hero of the United States.
  This film is a special war film, adapted from the real event. The director explores the essence of war by a believer's attitude towards war. The theme is thought-provoking, so the film was first launched in 1941 in the Second World War. The filming caused quite a stir, and today it still has its thinking and entertainment. The film won the male lead GaryCooper, the editing award, and the best in the 14th Academy Awards. Film, supporting actor Walter Brennan, recording, supporting actress Margaret Wycherly, art direction (black and white), original script, photography (black and white), director, original soundtrack (tender) Class) Nine nominations. 
  VIII. "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" 1977 
  Introduction to the Movie: 
  The episode of the extraterrestrial film that spurred the sci-fi film boom together with Star Wars more than 20 years ago, also Steven. Spielberg's representative work of the alien civilization before the introduction of "The Alien" showed a heart and a friendly attitude. The film adopts a multi-line development structure that describes people from different backgrounds who are exposed to the vision of unidentified flying objects in multiple places. They are attracted to the same way as the devil, and finally gather in the desert of the United States to meet outside. The arrival of the stars. A near-religious fanatical atmosphere has been fully photographed, and the sci-fi scene has taken an amazing momentum, especially the scene where the flying saucer landed. In terms of actors, in addition to Richard. In addition to Dreyfus, the French director Franco Isis. The scientists played by Truffent also performed competently. 
  The film was officially released on November 17, 1977. After the performance, it received rave reviews and was nominated for 8 Oscars including Best Director, Best Original Film Music, Best Visual Effects, etc. The best photography award and special achievement award (SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD) of the 1st Academy Awards in 1978, which was awarded to the sound effect editing of "The Third Type of Contact". 
  Nine, "Dances with Wolves" 1990 
  Movie Description:
  The film "Dance with the Wolf" is the directorial debut of Kevin Scottner. The film lasted for three hours and cost $18 million. It is a large-scale epic western film that uses 3,500 buffaloes, 300 horses, more than 130 technicians and 400 extras. It is also the first film in American movie history with Indian subtitles. ? Tesla Kevin Turner said: "I want to show that Indians suffered in that era, is a history of the indigenous people." He insisted the film must be marked Indian captions, and confident it will inevitably arouse strong Interest and attention, support. Sure enough, he succeeded . 
  At the premiere, he invited many Indians to watch the film. Three hours passed, and the applause in the cinema was thunderous and enduring. "Dancing with the Wolf" has become an immortal western legend in the history of world cinema with its unique perspective and connotation. 
  "Dance with the Wolf" was a blockbuster in the 63rd Oscars, and 
  was nominated for 12 awards. It was finally captured and made the world stand out. Kevin Scottner boldly adopted the Western style that has not been optimistic for more than a decade, examining a complex theme of culture, history, race and peace from a new perspective. The diversification of the film showed a fresh and strong vitality for the Western film. He revived a film and also made himself a brilliant success. 
  X. The Killing Fields 1984 
  Introduction to the film: 
  Describes the story of the bloody tears of the New York Times’s war correspondent Sydney Schanberg and the local translator Dith Pran. After the United States withdrew its troops from Cambodia, the local situation was even more sinister. Sydney still stayed there, and thanks to the help of local Dith Pran, it was possible to spend more time on the dangerous gates. Unexpectedly, the key to the need for a person in the United States to fully withdraw from Cambodia, Sydney's miscalculation, so that Pran, who could have escaped, was taken away by the Khmer Rouge and began to live a life of death...