I. The Sound of Music 1965
  Film Description:
  This may be the most popular song and dance in the history of the film, interesting stories, sweet songs, lively children, warm Human feelings, innocent smiles, these elements at the time made it break the record of the highest history of the film history, but also got 5 Oscar trophies. 
  Like the family in the film, people suddenly encounter a woman in a normal life. She made the originally dead family full of laughter and laughter. She sang a first-class classic with the voice of the heavenly voice: "The Sound of Music", "Edelweiss", "哆来咪"... This is the joy of people's love for the family. Fantasy, this is a mundane world that a woman illuminates. 
  Second, "12 Angry Men" (1 Angry Men) 1957
  Introductionto thefilm: The
  1950s is an important period in the development of Hollywood movies. During this period, a large number of outstanding actors and directors who are immortal in the history of film have emerged. Henry Fonda was undoubtedly one of the most influential male stars of the period, and Sydney Lumet was one of the most talented young directors of the period.
  Twelve people each have their own professions and livelihoods. Among them are clever advertisers, unruly engineers, unseen rich families, new aristocrats who discriminate against civilians, old-fashioned temperament, savvy and calm. Banker, salesman who is only in a hurry. Everyone has their own way of thinking and speaking, but apart from the engineers played by Henry Fonda, the rest of the people dismissed the case and decided that the boy was the murderer before it was discussed. At the time of the first vote, due to the "no guilty" vote of the engineer, everyone had to enter the discussion; after some quarrel, an old man began to stand on the side of the engineer; if there is no agreement, the discussion will continue. In the fierce debates and thinking struggles again and again, more and more people think that this case has many doubts. If everyone is irresponsible to vote for "guilty", it will ruin the life of a young man in vain. In the end, I passed the conflicts of various outlooks on life, the contests of various ways of thinking, and all the jury members responsibly cast their own sacred votes. 
  Twelve big men huddled in a small house on a hot summer day, and they rushed to face red and red. From time to time, some people wanted to pick up their arms and flats. The scene was not lively. When the movie spectators watch the twelve angry men arguing, they will also reflect on whether they will be treated responsibly if they are given this sacred right. I don't have much hints about the plot, and maybe some friends who haven't seen the film are going to understand the story. 
  Gone With The Wind (1939) 
  Introduction to the 
  film : This film is based on the long-selling novel "Gone with the Wind" by American female writer Margaret Mitchell. In the twelfth Oscar in 1939 The award won eight awards in one fell swoop and sensationalized the American film industry. This huge historical film with huge cost, luxurious scenes and war scenes is a classic work in the history of American cinema with its remarkable artistic achievements. It’s hard to get tired of. In the context of the American Civil War, the film depicts the rise and fall of the two manors in the South and the love twists and turns between several characters . Ms. Scarlett, the daughter of the beautiful and arrogant manor, is proud and confident.Youth is captivating. At a cocktail party, she won the favor of the young prodigal son Bai Ruide. However, the heart of Scarlett is occupied by another manor, Wei Xi Li. Wei and cousin Mei Lan have the same affection and have been connected. The outbreak of the war made Scarlett a widow and eventually merged with Barrett, but the dream of love for Wesley was still not shattered until the only woman who was riding a horse, and Barrett left her in despair, the American Southern Girl. After the war and the hardships of life, I finally understood my true love... 
  IV. Spartacus 1960 
  Film description: 
  Seventy-three years BC, slaves of the Roman Gapua Fighting School Under the leadership of Spartacus, the uprising was launched. 
  The slave uprising shocked the Roman ruling clique and intensified the contradiction between the aristocratic and the civilians. The aristocratic general Krassu took the opportunity to defeat the civilian leader, Graq, and seized the power of the chief executive and practiced ***. 
  In order to fight Krassu, Gilagu intends to let go of the slave army privately; Krassu has paid heavily for the pirates. At the same time, Rome recalled two large forces fighting abroad. The Spartacus rebel army was attacked on three sides, and the tens of thousands of slaves died. As a result, she and six thousand surviving comrades were captured by Krassu and crucified on the cross. 
  The wife of Spartacus, with his newborn son, gained freedom with the help of Gilagu and escaped from the city of Rome. 
  Fifth, the "Golden Pond" (On Golden Pond) 1981 Nian 
  film synopsis:
  By Ernest. The film by Thompson describes the retired old professor and his wife on vacation in the holiday home on the shores of New England Lake, facing the old crisis in calm days. His daughter has just been divorced and is in a state of embarrassment. The two fathers and daughters, who have always had a bad relationship, finally untied all kinds of knots because their 13-year-old grandson lived with their grandparents for a while. The film explores the old age problem and the generation gap in a human way. The scenery is beautiful and the actors are very hard. But the director Mark. Ruidell’s approach is not lacking in the situation, and he has not really faced the problem. The film has won the best adaptation of the script, the best actor, the best actress three awards, making Catherine. Hepburn became the only four-time Golden Award in the history of film, Henry. Fangda also obtained his long-awaited Oscar for his wish in the hospital bed. 
  Sixth, "Lilies of the Field" (1963) 
  Introduction to the film: The 
  film depicts the low-ranking black youth Homer. Smith, eager to help some of the East German nuns who fled, and promised to build a small chapel for them... thus showing his human beauty. The film touched the most sensitive neurological problem in the United States, which was a different issue from the beginning. And Portie's delicate performance is even more eye-catching, winning the 36th Oscar for Best Actor Award and being among the Hollywood superstars. 
  VII. 2001 Space Odyssey (1968 Space) 
  In 2001, humans were already able to travel in space. Dr. Floyd is one of the heads of the US research base at the Luke Cleves, this time he secretly returned to the base to investigate a mysterious event. It turned out that the base researcher found a mysterious magnetic pole on the moon somewhere. This pillar was apparently buried there four million years ago. When Dr. Freud led six scientists to investigate it, strange things happened...
  The film has won five Oscar nominations, including the best director nomination. But the fate of director Stanley Kubrick seems to always be the case, won numerous nominations but will never get an Oscar award. The importance of this film in the field of science fiction films is irreplaceable in any other film. After reading the film, you will understand why the spacecraft in the later science fiction films will be like that. Why is the surface of the aliens always sandstone? . This film is definitely not a purely sci-fi film. It brings us deep thoughts on the entire human civilization. It tells us that human beings are eternal desperation. It is because of such profound intellectual significance that this science fiction is also made. The film is not as popular as the "Star Wars" in the future. However, it is definitely a milestone. 
  Introduction to the film: 
  Describes the mischievous grocers Chas Olnet and the deliberate female teacher who sold goods along the river during the First World War. As a companion, they fled with the African boat carrying the cargo. Later, due to the situation, they converted the African to a torpedo boat and issued a surprise attack on the German gunboat... 
  Movie Description: 
  John Wallerway and Kono are the prodigals of street art, and by chance, John went to the "New Briefing" newspaper to apply for a hero of the world, "John Doe", because he is handsome and handsome. With the eloquence, it soon became a "hero" in the eyes of everyone, so a "John Doe" style was blown all over the country. The John Doe Club was born, and while John Spring is proud, crisis also will produce, because of his dissatisfaction with those in power to use its reputation and made a fortune, and they had a falling out, making for a final ruin, fake "John? Doe," the veil is revealed ...... 
  ten 2003 "Seabiscuit" (Seabiscuit) 
  The movie: 
  the 1930s, the United States is in the shadow of the Great Depression, the story at this time began. this is a true story.
  Charles Howard used to be a bicycle mechanic because he made money by introducing cars to the western United States. He bought a small horse named Seabiscuit, which translates directly into a marine cookie. Howard and the semi-blind former boxing champion Rhett Pollard and former Smith Smith formed a small group to train his little horse, Pollard as a jockey and Smith as a trainer. Ocean Biscuits and its trio group began a legendary journey, and the three people's life path has changed since then. 
  Prior to this, all three people appeared to be losers in life for their own reasons, abandoned by family and friends, unable to achieve their ideals. Howard made a fortune by car trading, but his son was killed in a traffic accident, his wife asked for a divorce; Pollard was a little hobby, and his family left him wandering after losing everything; Smith was a cowboy who could tame any violent wild horse. However, it is also swaying everywhere, and there is nothing to rely on. Their horse-marine biscuits are also like the owner. They are the losers in the horse race. Not only are they smaller than ordinary horses, they also have problems with their legs. But when the three men began to train this seemingly hopeless horse, the persistence of the man and the horse was revealed, and their tenacity and victory gave hope to the whole country in that gloomy era.