1. "The King's Speech" 
  "Stuttering" King's inspirational legend before the throne was crowned by the Duke's unspeakable image, and it is this same person who is not the greatest in British history. One of the kings. Under the circumstance of his own defects and the external situation, the future of George VI can be described as unknown, and Rogge’s intervention injects a glory into the life of the king. The inside details of the two-person relationship were first disclosed. This book unveils the extraordinary friendship that lasts between two men. 
  2, "Juli and Julia" 
  A common woman in Paris, a sleepy New York woman, through a different time and space, but through a delicious French cuisine that makes people move their fingers, each has gone to a brilliant life. 365 days, 524 recipes, a small apartment kitchen, not luxurious kitchen utensils, so that the two women whose names are only one word difference became the chef of the famous food circle, changing the world, one when It has been a favorite writer and has been sought after by many food lovers. Such a miracle is also wonderful, and it is often not a Hollywood fabrication, but a real person adaptation. Therefore, life is actually not necessary to suffer from great hatred. What we lack is often just to discover magical eyes. 
  3, "Green Race"
  The story took place in the United States in the 1910s. At that time, golf was a highly exclusive, "high and rich" aristocratic movement. A young man named Francis was born in a poorly-economic labor family. As a younger brother, he has a very special passion for golf, and there is also a very valuable talent, which can be said to be a natural golf genius. However, due to his origins, he can only be an amateur golfer in his spare time, but he decided to change the rules of the game without accepting the loss. His talents, combined with constant efforts and attempts, finally changed his history in the 1913 golf tournament. The 20-year-old Francis stepped on with a 10-year-old small team to challenge the golf world champion from the UK. Harry, the audience was all surprised, this super game of peerless genius and champions shocked the golf world. This is a true story of courage, enthusiasm and dreams. A young man with innate talent and hard work has rewritten history. This film is based on a true story. It is a classic inspirational film. I feel that success can be irrelevant to the origin, and more importantly, it depends on personal efforts. Focus on what you think, what you are after, and believe that if you pay, you will be rewarded! 
  4, "When happiness comes knocking on the door"
After reading it, it can make people feel different. It is a tear that everyone who sees him has just got a college diploma. He is ambitious and hopes to show his talents in his career. But the process of finding a job has gradually wiped out you. Ambitious, what should I do after hitting the wall? At this time, look at this film. Think about it, you are better than the protagonist! 2. "Shawshank Redemption" is undoubtedly a good film, no action, no stunts, no beauty, but still can deeply impress the audience, and after more than ten years, the charm is not reduced. "There is a kind of bird that can never be closed , because each of its wings is covered with the brilliance of freedom." One person can live in a prison life of fifteen years of pain. Do not give up the yearning for freedom. What kind of spiritual strength is this? So he succeeded and successfully regained his freedom. 
  5, "Shawshank Redemption" 
  movie has such a sentence: institutionalization is such a thing, you reject it at first, then you get used to it, until you can not do without it. Think about it, how much of our body has been institutionalized? 
  6. "Forrest Gump" 
  Before embarking on this society full of competition and exclusion, "Forrest Gump" teaches you not to be uncontested with the world, to be more comfortable, but to fight silently and to be optimistic. After reading "Forrest Gump", it is enough to have more peace in mind and less impetuousness. 
  7. "Million Dollar Baby" 
  for the whole movie, as the director Eastwood said, "This is not a story about boxing, but a story about hope, dreams and love." 
  Because of the alienation of her daughter, the boxing coaching method Lanki closed himself in the crowd for a long time, until Maggie walked into his gym, and suffered setbacks.Maggie strongly wants to prove her strength to the world, soften the heart of Frankie, and decide to take on all the risks to adjust Maggie to become a female boxer. In the process of training, the two people's encounters inspired each other. They found each other's intentions, and found strength to surpass the past pains. At the same time, they found the long-lost family affiliation in each other. They faced one more life than imagined. Incomparable spirit and courage to fight. 
  8. "Dancers in the Dark" 
  A film that shocks the soul. It has the penetrating power of the abyss, and is rare in the songs and dances. Reality and ideals, persistence and belief , the theme is profoundly suffocating. DANCER IN THE DARK! Beautiful and simple grand hymn! 
  9, "My Left Foot" English name My Left Foot 
  An Irish inspirational film, based on the true story of the Irish painter Christie caused by the innate cerebral palsy, tells us that any successful acquisition will not be smooth sailing, But the effort will eventually pay off. 
  10. "Rudy" is 
  an inspirational film adapted from real people. The owner has become an American football star since childhood and plays in the church school team he worships. However, his family was poor, his stature was short, and his sports performance was average. All the conditions taught him that he could not do so. However, he was not discouraged, he saved money to go to the pre-requisite class, and mixed into the college's stadium to work, after several winter and summer vacation efforts, Rudy finally joined the college football team, but among the many big players he fundamentally There is no chance to play. Until the last game, the teammates moved to Rudy's perseverance and forced the coach to let him play. Rudy finally let the father and brother who came to see him before the game saw an impossible miracle. David. The director of Ansberg succinctly and powerfully annotated the theme of "There is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid of having a heart", Sean. Astin vividly shaped the image and spirit of Rudy, and the performance was very touching. 
  11, "The life of pine nuts is abandoned"
  The content of the movie story is extremely telling that the protagonist Matsuko has a tragic life, and she is facing the life with the spirit of immortality. When every emotion of the heroine is frustrated, the director immediately inserts the relaxed music, immediately takes you away from the sad space, brings back to a positive and cheerful world, and teaches people to learn the road or to go.