1. "The Rest of the Desert", one of my favorite movies, starring Tom Hanks, gave me tremendous power in my lowest valley.
  2, "Wind and Harvard Road", a poorest Harvard girl never retreats to struggle, after reading the people are full of warmth, CCTV has broadcast.
  3, "Pentium Age", the adaptation of the real story, a middle-aged lost son, a singular horse racing coach, a never- successful jockey and a horse to create a miracle.
  4, "Tekken Man", starring Lacey Crow, an over-the-air boxer fights for survival in the boxing ring.
  5. "Listen to Heaven", a blind child who loves movies chooses to use his ears instead of his eyes to record the bits and pieces of his life.
  6, "Rocky", Stallone's classic inspirational film.
  7. "Carter Coach", a basketball coach led a group of children who could not see the way out to fight for their dreams.
  8, "Dream Girl", Beyonce starring, three black girls embarked on a story full of unknown stars to finally succeed.
  9, "Sunshine Little Beauty", full of affectionate warm inspirational film.
  10, "Smell the woman", starring Alpa Sino, the song "Step by Step" tango dances to live the enthusiasm of life.
  11, "Spring in the cattle class", even children who have been forgotten by society, may bloom the light of life.
  12, "The Wildness of the Wild", an idealist legend, a wandering story, every step is full of hardships, with perseverance, practicing the dream of finding oneself.
  13, "Looking at the ear", Hayao Miyazaki screenwriter Kondo Hiroshi's animation, a girl's first love and growth story.
  14. "When Happiness Comes to Knock on the Door", Will Smith's rare non-commercial film, starred with his son, is very gimmick, and very inspirational, very good-looking.
  15. "The Dancer in the Dark" Lars von Trier's song and dance classics, an ingenious and aesthetically stimulating song and dance film, a little romantic, but also a little gray, but full of power.
  16, "The Soul Catcher", the script of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Robin Williams as a green leaf, atypical growth film for a talented boy.
  17, "Never compromise", Julia Roberts took this film to get a shadow, very sincere inspirational film.
  18, "Death Poetry Society", the classic inspirational film starring Robin Williams, or a teacher who plays a spring rain, absolutely recommended.
  19, "Millions of Baby", Oscar for best film, directed by Clint Eastwood, a female boxer's struggle miles.
  20, "Jumping out of my world", an 11-year-old boy broke the ballet road that hindered the pursuit of dreams.
  21, "Three Silly Bollywood"
  22, "My name is Khan" - Shahruhan Han starring, and Amir Khan belong to the three major Indian actors, this film is also awesome, inspirational.
  23, "Carter coach / iron coach"
  24, "Sea Pianist / Sound and Light with Me Flying / 1900 Zero Legend"
  25, "Happiness Terminal" please enjoy the happiness in difficulty
  26. "Slumdog Millionaire"
  27. Schindler's List
  28, "Little Shoes"
  29, "Brave Heart" Perhaps the hero is not a omnipotent god, but the hero must be a fearless warrior. As you stand on the neon-shining street, when you face the mean smile, you think of the Wallace who makes you feel ashamed, then you put away the smile that you used to face, silently to Meyer. The tribute to Djibouti has never been so solemn. Because he let us understand what is the real hero. "Freedom!" Wallace screamed before his death, and ignited your blood.
  30. "Pentium Age" An unwilling businessman, from the repair of bicycle accessories, to the sale of cars, to the operation of horses, he is a microcosm of social development, an endless image, his own experience has become a powerful speech. Support and encouragement .
  31. "Beautiful Mind" A person who won the Nobel Prize in Economics at the age of 80 with his 20-year-old theory. A great scholar, a strong man of life, has been fighting his own serious fantasy for a lifetime.
  32. "Stars on Earth" - not only starring Amir Khan, but also a film directed by himself, the quality teacher guides the "disabled" genius boy to the right path.
  33. "Call me first" - USA, youthful inspirational, not a comedy, is the end of comedy...
  34, "August Love" - ​​the first push, can be found in popular and Phi Phi players.
  35. "The Soul Catcher" - Matt. Damon's self-produced film, Oscar's best original script award.
  36. "Piano Boy Who Wants to Fly"
  37, "Spirit of Mind"
  38. "Lightning Miracle"
  39. "I am Sam" He has only the intelligence of a 6-year-old child, but he has an infinite love for his daughter.
  40. "Windtalker" has gained friendship and has also been moved.
  41. "Paradise Cinema" recalls the past, and the past is gradually clear.
  42. The tragic film of the Spartan 300 Warriors is infinitely emotional.
  43. "Rocky" legendary boxer, facing countless challenges of age, opponents, disease, and economic distress.
  44. The height of the "No City of the Lord" cannot be achieved by domestic movies.
  45. In the "After the Day" disaster, we have survived, and our faith and wisdom have kept us alive .
  46. ​​"The World of Truman" Life is just a play.
  47. The first of the "Rain Man" mentally retarded movies.
  48. "Machine Butler" robot? people?
  49. "The Past of the United States" is more than a past event. There are still many things behind this past event.
  50, "War Fight Club" destruction = new students?
  51. "Angry Bull" For dignity, we become angry bulls.
  52, "beautiful mind" beautiful mind is still the perfect brain?
  53. "Beautiful Life" Although he eventually died like that, his life is still shining.
  54. How does freedom fly over the madhouse?
  55. "Farewell to yesterday" bid farewell to everything in the past and reset the future.
  56, "Big Fish" life is a fairy tale.
  57. "Magic Remote Control" Please slow down and appreciate life.
  58. The Mind Catcher
  59. Spring of the Cowing Class
  60, "Smell the woman to know" gives himself a reason to live.
  61. The pianist of the "Pianist" war achievement.
  62. "Pentium Age" Ma and people need someone to inspire his potential. Like a horse, you can destroy my body, but you can't beat my heart.
  63. "Du Lala Promotion"
  64. "Stars on Earth" - Not only is Amir Khan starring, but also a film directed by himself. The quality teacher guides the "disabled" genius boy to the right path.
  65, "call me first place" (FrontoftheClass)
  66, "Fashion" Indian film tells the story of the growth of the T-model model. The story of the last bitterness of the butterfly shows us how to see how people are reborn in the trough and cherish those who really accompany us.
  67. The stage of the story of "Funny Dancer" inspirational in music is small, but it is enough to make me glamorous and amazing. This year's new film.
  68. "Top Gun"
  69, "Million Dollar Baby"
  70. The Road to Glory
  80. Peace Corps
  81. "Green Miracle"
  82, "Rain people / hands and feet are not in love / brothers and sisters"