1. "Shawshank Redemption"
  Where is the hope of true immortality. Maybe, just the goodness of the thought in our own heart. When we have mercy in our hearts, we treat all things that are fair or unfair to us with our usual heart. No matter what kind of situation we are experiencing. We can always take it easy and find the way to heaven for redemption.
  The modern version of "The Count of Monte Cristo" once became my biggest spiritual pillar. This film, taken in 1995, is a classic in all aspects, the compactness of the plot, the deep theme, the coordination of the cast of the actors, so it won 8 Oscar nominations, and became the inspirational classic in the hearts of fans. .
  When Andy climbed out of the prison sewer and drain pipe on the night of thunder and lightning, he took off his clothes and stretched out his arms to embrace the free wind and rain. I believe the audience is full of blood.
  2, "Forrest Gump"
  The epitome of American modern history. A classic that does not need to be said, it is also a strong opponent of the "Shawshank Redemption". "Life is like a box of chocolates..." The classic lines.
  Everyone who has seen "Forrest Gump" will get some insights from it: life is like the white feathers in the air, or fighting in the wind, or drifting in the wind, or flying in the blue sky, or breaking into the abyss...
  ". Life is like a box of chocolates You never know what you're gonna get." This sentence is like every "Forrest Gump" who can back out of the word , his Chinese meaning: life Like a box of chocolates, you never know what the next one tastes. This is what A-Gump’s mother once said. In fact, this simple discourse contains a life attitude that everyone knows but is difficult to achieve. Life is full of so many unthinkable, uncertain, and whether it is good or bad, whether it is sweet and sour, or bitter taste, we must learn to face calmly, optimistically and positively. Perhaps the god of destiny has not put the lucky hand on you for the time being, but who knows what will happen in the future, the so-called Sai Weng is a blessing.
  We all have our own box of chocolates, and the taste is only known to ourselves.
  3. "When happiness comes knocking on the door"
  Happiness, we are so eager to enjoy the moment that it brings. When we are struggling to find happiness, perhaps we have missed many moments of happiness. When we are struggling to get the so-called happiness, you find that happiness is very simple, and you can't feel it.
  Let me be the most profound to count the paragraphs.
  (Father tells his son a piece of words) "Don't let somebody tell you" You can't do some Even if I don't do it (Not even me) Okay? All right) You have a protect you. You have to protect it. People who are not talented will also say that you can't be talented. (People can't do some themselves they want to tell you You can't do it) You want some, go to get it.)
  Maybe, because of this power, I think. So they found what they wanted!
  4. "Beautiful Mind"
  The film critic said that "the best film of the Oscar in 2000, "Beautiful Mind" rather than "The Lord of the Rings", proves that Oscar has not fallen." People who have studied economics know what is called "Nash Equilibrium."
  The play is based on the real thing of the economist Nash, a person who won the Nobel Prize in Economics at the age of 80 with his 20-year-old theory. A great scholar, a strong man of life, has been fighting his own serious fantasy for a lifetime.
  5, "Zhuang Zhi Qianlong"
  The reason why "Zhi Zhi Qianlong" is a biographical film, because the film is adapted from a true story:
  When Carl (Little Cuba Gordon) joined the US Navy, he was incorporated into the team of Billy (Robert De Niro). As the only black soldier in the army, he has a disability, and the predicament that Karl faced was unimaginable. Billy is a strict commander, he is meticulous in his work, and there is no veteran's world. However, he is demanding and demanding. The two people constantly understand each other, and they are gradually attracted by the special personality charm of the other party. In the end, with the help of Billy, when Carl overcame his injuries and confronted the serious racism and bureaucracy at that time, he became the first black diver captain and wrote an important chapter in the history of the US Navy...
  Carl finally overcame the hard-hitting of the broken leg and won the honor medal when he retired, becoming the highest honor diver in the navy.
  6, "Brave Heart" epic film, the theme of the sinking but not lost, the scene is grand, the visual and musical effects are first-class, beautiful and smooth.
  Although the final outcome is regrettable, its tragic level is enough to infect all viewers. "Freedom!" The shouts before the execution of the Meljip Forest have been heard in the ear.
  7, "Million Dollar Baby"
  For the whole movie, as the director Eastwood said, "This is not a story about boxing, but a story about hope, dreams and love." After watching this movie, I believe everyone will know about this year's Oscar ceremony. A big win is really deserved.
  8, "The Soul Catcher"
  A good movie can always impress you inadvertently, or a good movie needs to be slowly appreciated and tasted. "Sun Like Me" doesn't take much time to show how Well is talented. On the other hand, the pen and ink were mainly placed in the process of Professor Stan and Will from the initial slight hostility to slowly understand until he helped him find his life goals. The film is very extensive, love, friendship, have been mentioned, just like a cup of rich black coffee, only to taste, you can enjoy the thick fragrance!
  9, "Never compromise"
  A single mother with three children has no higher education. The social status was low, and several job seeks were rejected. There were only 14 yuan in the bank account. The car stopped on the road and smashed the ticket, and was hit by other cars...
  A woman who struggles between career, family, and love, who works hard, is quick-hearted, kind and alert, and occasionally somewhat vulgar. She first fought for her own rights, and then fought for the rights of the public, taking the public's rights and interests as their own rights. Her feelings of suffering and suffering made her deeply sympathetic, and the trust of others also made her find the value of her self. Her intuition finally led her to a higher goal and completed something that others could not imagine. It can be said that it is a miracle. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, don't give up, just as the title: never compromise. An ordinary and great woman was played by Julia Roberts.
  10. "Dancers in the Dark"
  A film that shocks the soul, has the penetrating power of the abyss, and is rare in the song and dance. Reality and ideals, persistence and belief , the theme is profoundly suffocating. DANCERINTHEDARK! Beautiful and simple grand hymn!
  11, "The King of Comedy"
One of the most favorite of   all Stephen Chow 's films. The bitterness of the little man, Zhou Xingchi's own true portrayal. "If there is no ideal for living, what is the difference between it and salted fish?"
  12, "Three Silly Bollywood"
  Apocalypse, a masterpiece against cramming education, and an inspirational film that cannot be missed.
  The same developing countries are also exam-oriented education. It is only the Indian director who dares to stand up. We lack this courage.