1. The "Fengyun People" 
  wine is the older and more mellow, and the movie is sometimes as old as the wine. The old movie "Fengyun People", the classic of 1946, is the best inspirational movie in the eyes of experts. Perhaps the eyes of experts are not the same as those of ordinary people, but whether it is experts or us Everyone, this movie is an undeniable classic. 
  2, "Forrest Gump" in the 
  face of this name we can say something, this film reflects the modern history of the United States. It is a classic that does not need to be said. Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what the next one looks like. Too many classic lines , too many classic characters, too many classic shots. "Forrest Gump" is a symbol of the American spirit. Its unyielding will, kind heart, touched countless people. 
  3, "Fire Chariot" 
  a typical inspirational film, typical to no other factors in it, complete the inspirational film. It was this inspirational film that won four awards in 1981. "The Chariot of Fire" The best film about the Olympics, the script is based on two young sprinters in the 1920s - Eric Liddell and Harold Abraham, to participate in the Paris Olympic Games in Paris in 1924. The true story of the championship was finally written. Touching deeply, giving people the power to go up. 
  4, "Beautiful Mind" 2000 Oscar for best film award to this film, and did not give a high voice of the Lord of the Ring, to prove that Oscar has not fallen, but also proved how good this film is. Anyone with a little economic common sense will know the protagonist of the film, which is based on the real thing of the economist Nash, a person who won the Nobel Prize in Economics at the age of 80 with his 20-year-old theory. A strange person, a great scholar, a strong man of life, has been fighting his own serious fantasy for a lifetime. The whole film travels between illusion and reality. It may not be clear for the first time. When you really understand it, you will deeply understand the power of this film. 
  5, "Million Dollar Baby" This movie is a film about boxing, but as directed by Eastwood, this is not a story about boxing, but a story about hope, dreams and love. After watching this movie, I believe that everyone will not have any doubts about the great victory at the Oscar ceremony, and it is also convincing that this excellent movie is on this list. 
  6, "Psychic Catcher" A good movie may not have grand scenes, beautiful effects, but always inadvertently impress you, or should say that the "Pendant Catcher" film needs to slowly appreciate and appreciate. "Psychic Catcher" puts the pen and ink mainly on the process of Professor Stan and Will from the initial slight hostility to slowly understand until he helps him find his life goals. The film is very extensive, love, friendship, have been mentioned, just like a cup of rich black coffee, only to taste, can enjoy the thick fragrance! 
  7, "Top Gun" film "Top Gun Lingyun" tells the United States Navy pilot Medellin used his old pilot's father as an idol. After several Shenlun, he finally rose up and drove the silver eagle, and the sky and blue sky eventually became a flight elite. The slightly old-fashioned plot didn't make this classic film inferior to any movie on this list. Just as the film's name shows the discouragement, the film is also full of energy and encourages people to make progress. 
  8, "King of Comedy" everyone may feel strange, Zhou Xingchi said with a sense of nonsense, how can it be related to inspirational? You must have never seen Stephen Chow in this movie. The film is still consistent with Zhou’s nonsense, but at the same time it reflects the bitterness of the little man, Zhou Xingchi’s own true portrayal, the inspirational film of the struggle of the little person’s growth , a tearful comedy. .
  9, "Millennium and a hair" Many people say that the plot is too old-fashioned, but this is a mainstream inspirational film, is it necessary to innovate good things? Obviously not, although the plot is old-fashioned, the feelings expressed in this film are sincere. This movie tells us the truth, you can not understand yourself, but you must believe him (her) because everything is possible. 
  10. "Beautiful Life" During the Second World War, a Jewish family was arrested in a concentration camp. The father woven a beautiful lie in order not to let his son lose hope of survival, and finally sacrificed his life. Great fatherly love ! The attitude of survival in desperate circumstances is touching! Probably the most emotionally inspirational film.