Recommended reason: In the face of the obstacles in the pursuit of dreams, what will happen without compromise? This movie tells you! 
  Chinese Title: "Dream Girl" 
  English Title: Dream Girls 
  Director: Bill Conton 
  Starring: Jamie Fox, Beyonce Knowles, Eddie Murphy 
  Synopsis: Effie, Tina, Lao The three black girls in Lyle are from a chorus group in Detroit - the dream. They have extraordinary singing talents and a passion to infect the audience. However, after they participated in the singing competition with confidence, they did not get what they expected. Perhaps at the beginning of this famous road, they still need other conditions... 
  Bole always appears when it is most needed, and the outstanding performance of the girls attracts the attention of the ambitious music agent Curtis. . After joining Curtis's company, the three girls began to sing at the superstar James's concert tour, and Curtis gradually established her own style for the three girls, changing their style from the original blues. For the more popular pop music. The lead singer was also replaced by the singer Effie and the outstanding Tina. Under a series of unremitting efforts, the three girls finally walked from the stage singer to the center of the spotlight. 
  However, the success behind the destiny is full of bitterness, and Effie, who loves Curtis, is deeply affected by the loss of lead singer status and can't help but withdraw from the combination. Tina entered the mainstream American music scene and became a generation of idols. Betrayal, deception, and hatred have become the thorns of the stars, and the price of fame has caused them to rise and fall in the burden of their hearts. 
  Such an inspirational storyIt was adapted as a blueprint for the women's trio, TheSupremes, which was held in the American pop music scene in the 1960s. The image of Tina in the film is the portrayal of Diana Rose after the soul song. In fact, people were familiar with the development of the story before the film was filmed. This is due to the stage play "The Dream Girl", which started on Broadway in 1981. The film created 1522 consecutive performances at the time, and was nominated for 13 Tony Awards (the highest award in the American theater industry). And finally won six of them. ( Inspirational movie) In the adaptation of the script, the three heroines have reached the highest point of their career, which is inevitably a big gap with reality. In fact, in terms of singing, Diana Rose is not the best of the three after the soul song, but in the end she is the most successful of the three. A superstar is not only a perfect voice, but also a eye-catching shape. The reality is realistic and worth thinking. 
  The soul song of the story, Diana Rose, is quite vocal about the stage play or film adapted from her experience. While the crew was actively preparing for a series of campaigns to bring the adaptation film to the screen and meet the fans, the lady who played a pivotal role in the show industry made a speech: Beyonce did not make a "beauty dream" to enter the Oscar. A Hollywood industry source revealed: Diana Rose is planning to vote for the Oscar judges. Diana Ross said that since "Dreamgirl" started on Broadway, she did not like the show very much. Because "The Dream Girl" is the rise and fall of The Supremes. For Diana Rose, she feels that her life is like being stolen. No one even paid royalties to her, and no one even asked for her opinion during the adaptation of the script. Whether the story prototype character really said these words remains to be seen, but his attitude is already obvious. It seems that if the film is to compete for Oscar, the road will not be very flat! 
  The name of the film is definitely an inspirational film. Suddenly remembering a phrase that I have heard recently, dreams come true. The three young girls have a firm dream from the beginning, just like the name of their combination - dreams. In their entire growth experience, dreams are a force, no matter how frustrating they are in their lives.It is still an emotional contradiction. It seems that it is no longer important. The dream seems to be a higher level. As mentioned in the film: reputation and wealth are always suffering, the world of stars is always floating, only dreams are eternal. The dream may be to pursue itself! 
  As a musical, the lineup of this film can be described as quite powerful: Beyonce in the combination of the real goddess, Jamie Fox in the Oscar movie, Eddie Murphy in the comedy king, and Danny Glover in the movie... ...some of these people are more songs and perform better, making the film more visible. 
  In the interview in January this year, Beyonce, the singer of the former trio, "The Real Name", said in an interview in January this year: "I will not start creating new albums before completing this film. I have never A movie is so exciting. I want to dedicate all of this to this movie because I know that this character is designed for me." Even though Beyonce’s performance in other films is slightly naive, With the resonance of the characters in the film, I believe she will play this role. 
  Oscar-winning Jamie Fox is also a singer. Recently, I have been swimming between movies and songs. Just recently won the 2006 American Music Award for "Body Song/Rhythm and Blues" Best Male Singer Award. I believe that he has a deep understanding of the subtle relationship between the singer and the economic man, and he will be familiar with the heroic agent in the film. 
  Mentioned comedy king Eddie Murphy, I am afraid that people will first think of the doctor who can communicate freely with pets. In this film, Eddie is a popular singer with a lot of stage performance. This is a heavy lifting for him who can sing and dance. In the film, he and his wife, Laurel, also have a tangled emotional entanglement.