Recommended reason: an almost perfect female inspirational film, won the 1994 Oscar for best original script, best actress, best supporting actress 3 awards. 
  Chinese title: "Piano Lesson" 
  English Title: The Piano 
  Director: Jane Campion 
  Starring: Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Anna Paquiin 
  Synopsis: New Zealand in the mid-19th century is beautiful Natural scenery and rich mineral resources, as well as cheap labor. A group of colonists have crossed the ocean and went there to realize their dream of making a fortune. The Scottish woman Ada is a pretty, introverted little woman who can't talk. She has a 9-year-old daughter, Flora. Ada followed his father 's arrangements and married to Stewart, a New Zealander, a man she had never met before. 
  The boat sent them to the desolate beaches of New Zealand, and Ada and Flora waited for Stewart to pick them up. They only have simple luggage, but they have a dark piano. Stewart took Ada with a group of indigenous people, because the road was difficult to decide to leave the piano on the beach. 
  Ada missed her piano and had to turn to neighbor Baines to ask Baines to take her and her daughter to the beach to see the piano. They came to the beach, Ada eagerly pounced on the piano, and Flora danced in the piano. Baines looked at them silently. He learned about Ada's heart from this shocking music and fell in love with her. So he offered to exchange his 80 acres for the piano on the beach. Stewart was very happy. Baines proposed that Ada give him a piano lesson, and Stewart also promised. Ada didn't agree to the deal at first. She thought that Baines was a rough man, not worthy of touching her piano, but she had to agree under Stewart's deterrence. In order to play the piano, Ada had to go to Baines’s cabin every day for piano lessons, and Flora and a puppy were playing outside. Ada plays the piano intently, but Baines does not practice the piano, but just obsessively looks at her. For him, the piano lessons are a beautiful enjoyment.
  Baines knew that Ada wanted to re-own her own piano, so she asked her "barter": when she played the piano, he did something to her, and if she agreed, count a key at a time. Ada agreed. For Baines, this is not a pure game. This is the expression of lust. 
  Stewart asked Ada Baines's piano, Ada just smiled, and Stewart, who was unaware of it, was very satisfied. In the long-term exchanges, the feelings of Ida and Baines increased day by day, but they were discovered by Flora, who was in the face of a nude. Flora told Stewart that she didn't understand why her mother had been teaching the piano and why Cypress had never played. Why sometimes there was no sound when playing and sometimes, Stewart was a bit skeptical. 
  Because of the love of Ai, Bai decided to give the piano to the Ada. At first, Stewart thought it was a cypress. Ada, who is not teaching the piano, has long been accustomed to playing the piano, and has fallen in love with the cypress. ( Inspirational movie ) So she decided to go to Bai. But was discovered by Stewart, who used the planks to nail the doors and windows and put Ada under house arrest. Early the next morning, Stewart removed the planks from the window and told Ada that he trusted her and went out to work. And Ada was once again discovered when he sent it to Baines. Stewart was furious and lost his senses. He cut off Ada's finger. However, Ada is unconvincing, and this may be a force of will. Stewart was finally desperate. He came to Baines’s cabin with a gun and asked him to take Ada. 
  A lover finally became a genus, and Baines left the island with Ada and Flora and the piano. On the ship, after a fierce ideological struggle, Ada finally decided to abandon the piano that symbolizes her heavy painful memories. She took it to the sea. 
  Baines and Aida formed a happy family. Ada taught the piano to make a living. Baines asked someone to make a silver fingertip. Whenever the silver fingertip collided with the key, it always issued a kind. The peculiar sound, which blends into the beautiful and harmonious notes of the piano, creates another perfect melody. Ada gradually began to learn to speak, but the voice was thick and scary. She just spoke alone in the dark and talked to her own voice.
  Jane Campion's Piano Lesson is an almost perfect female film. The so-called feminine film means that it shows people no longer the confrontation with men in the secular sense of women, but the process of reconciliation with reality after a woman who is independent and able to be self-sufficient in spirit. If you like, you can also think of it as a growing movie. The growth mentioned here does not refer to the youthful growth from the juvenile world to the adult world in the usual sense, but to a mature person, a mature woman, how to seek balance in the conflict between the living environment and the spiritual world to gain inner heart. The process of calm. The film sets the environment as a claustrophobic island, just to get everything settled. On such a stage, there is no sound, only the melody, everyone is suffering in silence, but after making the struggle become helpless, they are intoxicated. 
  Director Jane Campion once said: "The deeper I think about the script, the more I understand that there must be an object to give the story a special character. In many programs I chose the piano, the piano can be said to be human hands. The mysterious creation, which is a symbol of civilization. Visually speaking, the piano is in stark contrast to the life of the indigenous people of New Zealand. The passion of romance exists in our lives, and sometimes we will live for it. Although I believe This is not a completely sensible way of life. It also understands that the results it brings are often dangerous, but I will still cherish it and believe that it is a symbol of great courage.” The 
  plot gradually enters the realm of sexual turmoil and sensuality. The process is not inconspicuous and artificial. All three embody their own humanity: hard work is the life philosophy of Ada's husband; Baines is like the uncultivated virgin forest, full of unbridled wildness and instinct; Aida's fascination with the piano is due to playing the piano. Make up for the obstacles in her language. The attraction of the original beauty is the same as the classical charm of the piano, and it has irresistible magic to the nature of human beings. Hunter played Aida, although there is no line, but full of passion, expressive power is almost equivalent to shouting. The daughter of Paquin is even more unusual. She inherited her mother.The strong personality, the body also carries the paranoid paranoia and the military-like opinion. Both were awarded an Oscar. Most of the film's observations on the heroine's "Red Apricot Wall" are from the child's perspective, so its style has a mystery and a vague ambiguity. The film and the "Farewell My Concubine" tied for the Golden Palm Award in Cannes.