1. Happiness Terminal 
  In order to fulfill his father's wish, Victor (Tom Hanks Tom Hanks) flew from his home country to JFK airport, but the dramatic thing happened: he was told that the motherland occurred. A coup, and his ID card passport expired, and his visa can no longer be used. Victory, who is in a dilemma, is only stranded at the airport, waiting for the processing of new documents. However, he waited at the airport for a full nine months. During the 9 months, he used the toilet in the airport to wash and sleep in the waiting room. He had learned to adapt to local conditions, took care of his life at the airport, and even found a construction site. However, Victor's suffocation attracted the dissatisfaction of the airport's head Frank (Stanley Tucci), and I am afraid that he is more angry and jealous, the beautiful stewardess Emilia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) CatherineZeta-Jones) fell in love with Victor. Victor, who is in the sweetness, is slowly observing the life of the airport and enjoying himself. 
  2, wind and rain Harvard Road 
  Liz (Sola Burch ThoraBirch) was born in the slums of the United States, has been suffering from the family's riddled bones since childhood, parents drink alcohol and drugs, the mother suffered from schizophrenia. The poor Liz needs to go out to beg, wandering in the corner of the city, and the suffering of life seems endless. As he grew up, Liz knew that only reading a talent can change his own destiny and get out of the quagmire. She got a test paper from the teacher, finished the answer book beautifully, and got the chance to study. From now on, Liz began his journey on the long road to school. She tried every means to apply for a full scholarship at Harvard, and there wasn't even a decent dress at the interview. However, poverty does not stop Liz's determination to move forward. In her life, the struggle of never shrinking is an eternal theme. 
  3. Shawshank Redemption
  In 1946, the young banker Andy (Tim Robbins Tim Robbins) was killed by his wife and his lover, which meant that he had to spend the rest of his life in Shawshank’s prison. Andy, who was a banker, was very quick to eat in prison. He knows how to help the jailer to evade taxes and know how to help the warden to "wash white" the illegal income he received. Soon, Andy became the prisoner. Personal assistant. A thief was jailed for stealing. He knew the truth about the death of Andy's wife and her lover. The excited Andy found the prison chief and hoped that the prison director could help him to reverse the case. The hypocritical prisoner promised Andy on the surface, but secretly sent someone to kill the thief, just because he wanted Andy to stay in prison to help him with the account. After knowing the truth, Andy decided to get freedom through his own redemption! 
  4. Forrest 
  Gump , Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) was born in an occluded town in Alabama, South America, shortly after the end of World War II. He was congenitally mentally handicapped with only 75 IQ, but his mother was a character. A strong woman, she often encourages A- Gump to "stupid people have stupid blessings" and ask him to keep improving. A-Gump went to school like a normal child, and he met his life friend and loved Jenny (Robin Wright Pan). Under the love of Jenny and his mother, A-Gump began his life with the "Flying Scud" given by God. Stop running. A-Gump became a football superstar, a Vietnam war hero, a table tennis diplomatic messenger, a billionaire, but he never forgot Jenny, and several hurried gatherings and partings deepened A-Gump's thoughts. One day, A-Gump received a letter from Jenny, and they finally met again... 
  5. First love 50 times 
  Henry Rose (Adam Sandler) is a typical playboy. His best thing is to be in a different identity. Let the beauty fall in love with him, and quickly get out of the relationship after the event. As a veterinarian at the Hawaiian Aquarium, Henry has an endless romantic sentiment to infect this casual beauty, this time he looks at Lucy (Drew Barrymore) who is dining alone at the restaurant. They talked together and built a small house with bagels, and laughter continued. Henry was in love with the girl and agreed to dine together again in the morning. ( Inspirational movie   www.lz13.cnHowever, the next morning, when Henry greeted Lucy with enthusiasm, Lucy was as cold as a stranger. It turned out that the girl had a strange short-term memory loss due to a car accident, and the memory stayed in the day before the car accident. Love Henry encountered his own problems, he fell in love, but fell in love with a girl who constantly   lost love for love... 
  6. Groundhog Day 
Phil (BillMurray) is a weather broadcaster, except every day except In addition to the humorous weather forecast for the audience in front of the camera, on February 2nd every year he will go to a border town called Pusutani to report the local groundhog day celebration. In fact, Phil was quite scornful about the festival and began to get bored with his work. When he routinely completed this year's report, he was anxious to return to his home, but was delayed by a sudden blizzard. After waking up on the second day, Phil unexpectedly found that the time was still on the day before the Groundhog Day, and everything was re-enacted yesterday. Surprise, unbelief, excitement, ecstasy, boredom, anxiety, anxiety, despair, burnout and other emotions take turns to occupy Phil's sensory field. No matter how he chooses to spend this day, he can never go any further and start him. Repeated life. 
  7. Meet the love of 
  a man who is over half a hundred years old but full of spirits in the corner of the world (Miki Manojlovic). The young Alexandria (Carlo Liubike) is appearing in the hospital where he lost his memory in a car accident. ) By the side, he claimed to be Alexander's grandfather, from Bulgaria. He also brought an old photo and a box of backgammon, and as a few Jane told Alexander about his childhood. A series of relatives did not evoke Alexander's memory, which made Alexander very uncomfortable. So, the old man can only do it every day to come to the hospital to play chess with Alexander. The beating piece seems to have pulled something deep in the heart of Alexander. He established a primary trust between the old man. In order to evoke Alexander's memory and renew his courage to live an active life, the old man decided to take Alexander to start a "go home" journey. A concert car, all the way to the beautiful scenery, Alexander, with the encouragement of the elderly, licking beautiful love on the way, regaining the confidence and courage of active life, and recently found the memories of the past in the Italian shelters... 
  8. Fighting club
  Jack (Edward Norton) is a staff member of a big car company with severe insomnia and is full of crises and hatred for everything around him. By chance, Jack met the businessman who sold soap, Taylor (Brad Pitt), a hero who was full of rebellious, cruel and violent scorpion, and lived in Taylor's dilapidated home because of his apartment fire. The two became friends with each other and created the "Beat Club": an underground organization that allows people to fight without their protective gear and whose purpose is to vent their emotions. The club has attracted more and more people and gradually developed into a national underground organization, and Taylor has attracted blind believers with his own personal charm. The members of the club are always fighting and fighting, and Taylor’s behavior is getting more and more crazy. Jack is more and more intolerable about the current situation of "The Fight Club" and Taylor's behavior, and Taylor has a dispute, Taylor left him. However, Jack found that he couldn't get rid of Taylor's shadow wherever he went. He began to think: Who am I? 
  9, the iron fist man 
  Bullock (Russell Crowe RussellCrowe) in addition to being a gas boxer, is the father of three children. When his boxing career went downhill, it was followed by the constraints of life and the family situation that could not make ends meet. Fortunately, there is a beautiful wife Mei (Jenny Zweiger Renée Zellweger) understands support, she never blames and hard work, so that the family will not be lifeless. Brock put down his self-esteem to queue up for relief, but he couldn't stop the coming of the winter, the food shortage at home, and the survival problem is imminent. Brock finally decided to return to the boxing ring, which is the only way he can save his family. His comeback attracted the attention of the people and became a civilian hero in people's hearts. He fought bravely in the game, for the dignity of men, for the survival of his family. 
  10, forced to the eyebrows
  John Q is a worker, and his work is also very home-based, but life is still not rich. In order to support the family, his wife, Daniels, also has to go to work to earn money. The couple are indifferent because of their busy feelings, and the marriage is almost broken. The only bright spot in their lives is the 9-year-old son Michael. Unfortunately, it always comes unexpectedly to the suffering people. One day, Michael suddenly fainted in the baseball game. John Q sent him to the hospital and learned that his son had a serious congenital heart disease and needed a heart transplant to save his life. The cost of a heart transplant is very expensive, and John Q's medical insurance is far from enough to cover the $150,000 in surgery. After hearing the situation, the head of the hospital decided to remove Michael from the list of waiting transplanters, unless John Q can prepay 30% of the surgery. The move angered John · Q, in the case of recourse to the attending physician Michael Turner unsuccessful, he angrily gunmen broke into the hospital's emergency room, kidnapped several staff and patients life quality, immediately asked the hospital to The son had an operation. However, things are not as simple as John Q imagined. Facing him is not only a group of innocent and needy hostages, but also an experienced negotiator and a sheriff who wants quick fixes. The confrontation between John Q and the police also alarmed the media, and the public in the city paid great attention to the development of this situation. Their feelings seem to be more inclined to the offender John Q because he is the victim of today's inhuman medical and insurance systems. But the public's sympathy does not help John Q. What is his future?