1. "When happiness hits the door"
You just got a college degree, ambitious, and hope to show your career in business, but the process of finding a job has gradually wiped out your ambitions. What do you do when you have a lot of education, ability, and power? At this time, you can watch this film. Think about it again, you are better than Will Smith's actor! He was able to get involved in a field that was completely inexperienced under such a difficult situation and eventually won the approval of the top. Believe in yourself, he will do it, you can do it! 
  Chris Gardner (Will Smith), who has been in the near future, is an ordinary medical device salesman. This uneasy life has affected the harmony of the family. In the end, his wife, Linda, could not stand the economic pressure and left Chris, leaving him and his 5-year-old son Christopher. At this time, there was only 21 yuan left in the Chris bank account. Because he had no money to pay the rent, he and his son were taken out of the apartment. 
  After all, Chris won an internship at a prestigious stock investment company, but there was no salary during the internship, and only one person could successfully enter the stock investment company. In order to lead to happiness, Chris decided to go on. In order to save money, every night, Chris took his son to live in a shelter and eat and rely on relief, but these did not destroy the family and father's family and their beliefs . He believed that happiness would always fall on his own. 
  With extraordinary wisdom and diligent efforts, Chris finally ushered in that happy moment... 
  Viewpoint: This is not a movie worthy of possession, but a movie that needs to be watched at any time, any The setbacks and difficulties "When happiness comes knocking on the door" can help you solve the problem. 
  2. "Shawshank's Redemption"
  In fact, this movie is suitable for all people who want to work hard in the future - college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, job hunting, promotion... it tells you, don't give up anyway. Shawshank, the name of a prison, countless prisoners are being held here. In the Taiwan version, this prison was translated into a shark fort. What is a shark fort? It is not difficult to understand that the shark's ferocity is well known. The prison is also known as a black prison, a prison for eating people. 
  An ordinary banker, Andy, who looks like a big girl, was killed by his wife and his wife. In the 19 years of prison, he raised funds for the prison library, helped criminals to study, and helped the warden. Money laundering. Then, on a stormy night, he escaped, and his tools were: a big poster and a small hammer that was only considered to be able to sculpt pebbles. 
  The warden, Rhett, couldn’t understand how Andy escaped from the prison. Rhett looked at the embroidered Bible on the office wall with a sentence: "God's judgment is faster than expected. 1 And Ryder joked with Andy and said: "If you want to use this hammer to escape, I am afraid it will take six hundred years." 
  Viewpoint: I won seven Oscar nominations but no one is credited, "Shawshank's "Redemption" does have some decline! But the belief of "redemption" is something that other movies can't give us. Don't give up, friends. 
  3. "Jump out of my world"
  Do you have such a problem, the job you are looking for is you If you don't like it, or if you don't like your college's hard-working majors, you can't afford your interest. Then you will compromise? Look at this film. The 11-year-old miner's son is facing the family. The boy must practice the tradition of boxing, he has the courage to challenge, insist on practicing his favorite ballet that the poor people can't wait for, and finally the dream comes true. 
  Let's take a look, a child has such determination and courage. Then, how would you choose? 
  BILLYELLIOT's domestic translation is "Ballet Dream" or "Bumping out of My World", telling the story of an 11-year-old boy BILLYELLIOT breaking the ballet that hinders the pursuit of dreams.
  In the boxing class, BILLY accidentally saw the girls practicing ballet next door, and the little BILLY was deeply attracted. Every weekend, BILLY used the money from boxing lessons to secretly learn to dance. His father and brother knew that after the incident was very angry, the ballet teacher Mrs. Wilkinson's persuasion was useless, BILLY fell into a spiritual depression. 
  On Christmas Eve, BILLY and his partner were discovered by his father while playing in the dance classroom. In the face of his father's anger, Little BILLY did not back down, but in front of his father, he showed everything he had learned in the past few months. In the end, the stubborn father was shocked by his son's passion and dance talent. Because Mrs. Wilkinson once suggested that BILLY go to the regular Ballet School, the father went home and took the watch and gold ornaments left by his wife, and sent BILLY to London to take the entrance exam. 
  After the exam, BILLY did not expect to be admitted, but the OFFER was sent, and the father and brother sent him off. When the BILLY train went away, the picture was clear again 14 years later, the two went down the London subway to see the BILLY show. The Royal Ballet, the adult BILLY is played by ADAMOOPER, and the jump is AMP's SWANLAKE. 
  Opinion: The pursuit of dreams may be lacking in the present. Maybe we will think a lot at night, but in the morning, it is still my own way to learn from Billy, you will benefit a lot. 
  4, "Forrest Gump"
  may feel inferior when you enter the workplace, more than you have the ability, how unremarkable you are! But you will always be Agan, who is only 70 more than IQ! Success, not only by talent, A-Gump has made an American-style legend, and you can also achieve your own legends when you are good at grasping opportunities! 
  A-Gump is a low-energy child with an IQ of only 75. In order to avoid the bullying of other children in the school, I began to "run" after listening to the words of a friend Jenny. He ran to avoid the tricks of others. In middle school, he ran into a school football field to escape from others and ran into the university. A-Gump was admitted and became a football superstar, and was received by President Kennedy.
  After graduating from college, A-Gump was enlisted in Vietnam to go to Vietnam. There, he had two friends: Bubba, who was keen on catching shrimp, and Captain Deng Taylor, the awesome chief. At this time, Jenny has fallen and lived a life of debauchery. Gan has always loved Jenny, but Jenny does not love him. After the war, Gan was received as a hero by President Johnson. At a peaceful rally, Gan met Jenny again, and the two met in a hurry and broke up in a hurry. Under the guidance of the creed of "I want to do it," Gan finally took out a sky of his own. ( Inspirational movie   www.lz13.cn ) In his life, he met many American celebrities. He reported the eavesdropper of the Watergate incident and came to China as a member of the American table tennis team, making a contribution to the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. The two music stars, Elvis Presley and John Lennon, also created many popular songs through their interactions with him. Finally, Gan became an entrepreneur by catching shrimp. In commemoration of the dead Bubba, he founded Bubba Gan Company and gave half of the company’s shares to Bubba’s mother. He went to work as a garden and experienced the historical changes of the world, but no matter what. Whenever, no matter where he is, he is still the same, simple and kind. 
  Opinion: Not everyone can be A-Gump, we are all ordinary people, if you can, set yourself up and keep going. 
  5, "beautiful mind"
  Perhaps you are very talented in your career, like John Nash's mathematical talent, but encountered such problems, from yourself or from the surrounding, do not be discouraged, Take a look at Nash, even if it is as serious as mental illness, it can't stop his career achievement - Nobel Prize, then what difficulties can you overcome? In addition, half of your career success comes from the one who loves you, supports you, and gives up your partner no matter what happens, so a harmonious family is also very important.
  "Beautiful Mind" is a very human drama about a true genius. The prototype of the story is the mathematician Jr. John Forbes Nash. The handsome and very eccentric Nash made amazing mathematical discoveries in his early years and began to enjoy an international reputation. But Nash's superior intuition was plagued by schizophrenia, which made a huge change in his glorious history of entering the highest level of academics. In the face of this challenge that has ruined many people, Nash, with the help of his beloved wife Alicia, is not afraid and stubbornly fighting. After decades of hard work, he finally defeated this misfortune and won the Nobel Prize in 1994. This is a legendary story of real people, and today Nash continues to work in his field. 
  Opinion: If schizophrenia can be restrained, what other demons can stop you? 
  6. "The Queen of Prada"
  As a newcomer, you may encounter a boss like a demon. What should I do? May wish to learn the heroine in this film. If you like this job, then do it well and show yourself to win the favor of your boss; if you don't like it anymore, why not stir up the boss's squid! 
  The girl who just graduated from school, Andrea, entered the top fashion magazine as the editor-in-chief assistant. However, the good times did not last long. Soon, Andrea found that her work was a nightmare, because her top boss, the editor-in-chief of Miranda, was not only in the fashion circle, but also lived a life of extravagance and luxury. I’m trying to drink and call myself to squeeze myself out for fun! 
  Opinion: "The Queen of Prada" can be seen as a fashion film can also be seen as a stand-up film, when you get the highest peak of your career, you can afford it, how can you do it? 
  7. "Face to the Giants"
  When your career is facing setbacks, when you are in a trough, like the school team coach who wants to be fired by the parents of the students, you may want to change your mind and re-think from another angle. Assess your career, maybe you will see another village! (Of course, the religious methods used in this film are not in line with China's national conditions, but may give you some enlightenment.)
  The Face of the Giants tells the story of how a coach regains confidence and courage and defeats fear with faith. In Taylor's six-year coaching career, he never won in the season. When the team's best player, Shiloh, decided to transfer, their hopes of winning in the new season followed. After losing three games at the start of the season, Taylor found that the dads decided to fire him, and the series of pressures that followed him completely lost hope. How will he regain courage and confidence and defeat fear with faith... 
  This is a film full of religion! 
  The movie "Spring in the Cowboy Class" seems to be inconsistent with the topic, but what I want to say is to throw away the worldly things of fame, fortune, money, and rights. Simply enjoy the fun of work, just like a piece. The teacher in the same way, although poor, but obscured, but the higher spiritual level of things can not be brought about by matter. The teacher wins the respect and love of all children, which is the greatest praise for life. Therefore, the simple point of thinking, regardless of the level of the position, the amount of salary, use what you have learned will give back to the community, this is enough. 
  The world famous conductor Pierre Morhange returned to the French home to attend the mother's funeral. His old friend (Diadia Firamon) gave him an old diary. Looking at the diary left by the music enlightenment teacher Clement Mathieu, Pierre slowly savoured the teacher's mood in the past, and the childhood memories also floated. A deep pool of memories... 
  Clement is a talented musician, but in the French countryside of 1949, he did not have the opportunity to develop his talents and eventually became an assistant teacher at a men’s boarding school. There is a nickname called "Bottom of the pool", because most of the students here are difficult problem children. After he took office, Clement discovered that the school's principal used a brutal and high-handed approach to govern the problem. The corporal punishment is commonplace here. The quiet Clement tries to improve the situation by his own method... 
  Viewpoint: and film In contrast, individuals prefer the soundtrack of movies, and the film of teachers and students has already been intoxicated, but the "Spring of the Cowboys" will still give you a strange impression!
  9, "Angel Emily"
  is also a seemingly not to take a film. But as a newcomer, coming to a new environment may be rejected and left out. If you want to be good at interpersonal relationships, maybe you can take care of others and do some small efforts like Emily, even if you get a smile or a thank you, but the good interpersonal relationship that you gradually build up will make You can do more with less. 
  Ai Mei seems to be not an angel. She is just an ordinary cafe reception. She grew up in a lonely and autistic way. Her mother died unexpectedly and her father was inactive. The life is somewhat unfortunate. Occasionally, she found a box hidden in the wall, which is the whole "baby" of a child fifty years ago - star photos, cartoon toys, glass balls... and by chance she found this five The child ten years ago - now an old man - and returned the idea of ​​"baby" to him. The result was perfect, the old man found the memory, and Ai Mei found happiness. Happiness is a kind of happiness. 
  Since then, Ai Mei has helped everyone around her. In fact, everyone around me needs help. She carefully prepares every help plan and never let others discover who is helping them. Ai Mei became their side. The real "angel". But Ai Mei is not an angel. She also has a heart that needs help. Ai Mei’s Prince Charming appeared, a strange album—collecting the abandoned self-portrait photo—become her “crystal shoe”, an old neighbor of Ai Mei, who silently watched Ai Mei’s every move. - Be her angel. Ai Mei finally got the courage to find her happiness, and her heart garden was full of flowers. 
  Opinion: Maybe this is a comedy, but you can definitely feel a little different from behind the laughter. Emily simply lives and feels little sadness and happiness. 
  10, "White Giant Tower"
  This is not a movie, it is a classic Japanese drama. In fact, the dramas depicting doctors are known for their American dramas, such as "Grey of Intern" or "ER", but this is recommended because the circumstances in which they are presented for promotion to the director and other gifts are more in line with the national conditions of the Chinese medical community (especially See you in the north). You have just become a formal doctor, at the bottom of the food chain, is it like the Liuyuan in the film? Then, as long as you are convinced that if you have both pre-existing skills and noble medical ethics, then you will become a good doctor, which can not be blocked by any hidden rules. 
  The assistant professor of the first internal medicine department (Jiangkou Yangshang) is a kind and simple physician who works under the guidance of the younger brother of the internal medicine (Iwaya knife). One day, I saw a patient with a stomach cancer who may have pancreatic cancer. He hurriedly reported to the younger brother, but he was rejected. At this time, he thought of a good friend, the former Goro, this rare case is nothing but a godsend. If he can heal the success, then the future surgical director is none other than him. So, when Professor Dong was absent, he underwent an emergency operation, and the result...