Every time I watch every movie or TV series, it is not a leisure time for me, but what I want to realize and feel. This 33-episode TV series took a long time to finish watching. I bought this disc because I saw this topic. Looking back, I learned a lot from it. 
  The youth inspirational drama "The Struggle of the Ants" tells a group of 80-year-old university graduates, full of bloody to the social dyeing tank, "running" in Beijing towards the once dream goal; Tangjialing, collective dormitory, crowded bus, most of them have been Higher education comes from rural and small groups of people living in groups; but they are strong and persistent in the place where they can realize their dreams. 
  Their stories have experienced life, job hunting, unemployment, jail time, ruthless diseases, and their helplessness in the face of real society; but at the same time they have created a lifelike character; Hu Yifan, Zhang Xiaoyan, Zhao Rongsheng, Song Chuchu Dabao... They face all kinds of difficulties and all kinds of difficulties in life. They use their own unique ways of sincerity, friendship, love, and a sense of responsibility towards the society, crossing and defeating one after another hindering the fortress; A share of friendship and love brings them together; they have also lost, frustrated, and perhaps exhausted; but they never gave up the life they want, the attachment to life and love; it can also be said It is more intimate and invincible, and ultimately they have gone through thousands of hardships to their beliefs and reach the paradise that belongs to them. Although the ending is not as perfect as a fairy tale, it is more relevant to our real life and more worthy of our aftertaste, cherish and possess. 
  "The Struggle of the Ants" contains an understanding of reality, an ideal explanation, and an encouragement of pursuit; it analyzes the importance of self-confidence, persistence , and kindness; and more is the understanding of love and marriage. The story tells of a group of hard-working ants living in the corner of the city. Through the various tests of life, the efforts and talents have brought the pure love and great ideals of the ants! ( Inspirational movie   www.lz13.cnThe bumpy experience of Yifan and Xiaoyan fulfilled the lover's final success, and the last unfortunate thing left to Rongsheng was not only love but also a lifetime of love. No matter how long a person's life is, he must have a dream and pursue! Hard work and struggle are the secret weapons for the success of the ant people. 
  Some classic lines : 
  1. When I sent my first resume, it was for ideals; when I sent the first hundred resumes, I wanted to survive. 
  2, marriage is a radish pit, work is a basket of radish a pit. 
  3. Occasionally, a cloud in the sky will not rain until the next day. 
  4. In front of the minefield or the cliff, I am advancing against the coffin! 
  5. Whether you are an antelope or a lion, when the sun rises every day, you'd better start running. 
  6, rice stir-fry will be cooked, and the speculation will fade. 
  7, girl, girl, you broke into the heart of a man, he should give you a home. 
  8, the two together are the lips and teeth, the teeth touch the tongue, and tomorrow the tongue touches the teeth again, the man is too strong, and the woman should be scared away in the morning and evening. 
  9. Love is a feeling, even if you feel pain, you will feel happy. If I have the sky and the stars of the sky: If I have the world and its infinite wealth, I still have more requirements, but as long as I have you, even if I have no place in this world, I will be satisfied. . 
  10, people go too fast to stop, or not to keep up with the soul! 
  11, dare to pick you have to dare to leave, dare to leave, do not be afraid of no one wants. 
  12, the perfect man is crawling on the ground, looked over the top of the mountain, stayed in the number. 
  13. Marriage is just two small pigs, holding hands and walking happily into the slaughterhouse. 
  14. Love is a bed, two people, three acres of land, four eyes, five dolls. 
  15, do not experience those melons and cracks, how to know what is good.
  16. In this world, if you are sad for a minute, you will lose 60 seconds of happiness. Whoever leaves this world can live. 
  17. When a man sometimes has a honey, if you look at a flower, you want to lick it. If you look at it, you can start with a bag. The flower will bloom in full bloom, but you can do it yourself. Lost a life. 
  18, when people are vulnerable, they can always sensitively grasp the love of another person. 
  19. In fact, love is like the air. The tighter you catch, the more it slips away from your fingers. When you let go, you will find that love is around you. 
  20. Sometimes two people are together because of love, and because they are more love. 
  21, in fact, life is like a drama, there is no forever male and female protagonist, A corner is gone, B corner is coming, content and essence are no different, it depends on whether you are suitable. 
  22, life is like a train, the fate squeezed us into the same car.