10. Spring in the cattle class
  This is a story filled with love and respect, accompanied by a rogue of music. Here are the naughty and cute children, the bald superintendents who are ugly and loving, and the stern and incomprehensible principal... In the music, the children of the cattle class ushered in their spring and completely walked out of the pond. The bottom."
  The arrival of this spring is based on love and respect, because "love and respect are the special needs of the integrity of the personality."
  First, let's look at the quality structure of the moral education worker Claremont. He is a highly optimistic, highly educated and talented moral education worker.
  When the teacher left, he received a paper plane filled with blessings from the children (the children who were imprisoned in the high wall window shook their hands and threw a paper plane, this is a moving scene), which shows that the teacher is completely accepted by the students and loved. It is enough to prove the impact of his beautiful spiritual world on students. Although he spent the rest of his life, he left a healthy life.
  Secondly, the film reflects that Claremont is a good teacher who is good at using the laws of education.
  In the face of a student who was injured by a mischief, he kindly guided the students to admit mistakes and take care of the injured superintendent with his actions, which shows that he is good at using the principle of grooming. Follow the rules and convincing people to improve people's moral understanding, mobilize the initiative of students, and make him positive.
  In the face of students stealing his music, he concealed the truth for his students and saved them from the fate of suffering. This reflects his love, respect and trust in the students. If there is no trust in his students, it is impossible to have such an expression.
  In the face of the student singing his song, he did not mind the content of the lyrics, but told the student which note is not in place. It can be seen that he has carried forward positive factors and overcome negative factors. As a result, he made a willingness to form a choir. Music is the panacea for purifying the soul, laying the foundation for the spring festival to meet the spring.
  A good group education can be carried out using the choir. Because the choirs are collective, with the medium of music and songs, the children are concentrated in a very orderly manner, concentrating on singing, rather than messing around and doing nothing. In this way, many accidents can be avoided, and the sentiment can be cultivated in the aesthetic education, thus affecting their moral literacy.
  In the process, the teacher also used the principle of strict requirements and respect for students. When practicing singing, he sings in the appropriate part according to the characteristics of each student's different voices; for the accuracy of singing, he strictly demands that no impurities are allowed. Of course, he also respects the student's choice. If a child is unwilling to speak and sing, he will let him act as a conductor.
  As far as individual education is concerned, the most typical one is that he discovered a "mile of horses" in the music industry. For this legend, there is an "angel face, devil heart" student, he did not take too much warning to him, but through his communication with his mother and the exploration of his talent, let him become a "new star" in the chorus. This made the student finally embark on the road of music, and became a famous musician, which indirectly realized the dream of the superintendent. The above two points reflect the principle of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.
  Once again, the principal of the negative case in the film is a good contrast with Claremont, emphasizing the prominent position of love and respect in education.
  The principal showed an abominable authoritarian dictatorship and violent tendencies. His arbitrariness and violence deepened hatred, and the boy’s revenge flame burned and told us that this is the terrible consequence of tyranny. Claremont's way of tolerance, kindness, and love is like a thorn, which the principal can't stand because the headmaster of Claremont reflects his ugliness and failure.
  It can be seen that the teacher's love and respect is the premise and means for the students to carry out a good moral education, and the purpose of the students' hearts is full of love and respect. Therefore, the spring harvest of the cattle class is the love and respect.
  Every student is plastic, because there is love in their hearts, but some people appear earlier and some appear later. Therefore, we need our teachers to use the deepest love in our hearts to influence and stimulate the seeds of these hidden love. It is the teacher's most basic duty to love every student.
  9. Paradise Cinema
  The story takes place in a small town in Sicily, or more precisely, around a cinema called "Heaven."
  A pair of people in the movie, Moydo and Toto, also came together because of the movie.
  A lot of fathers died in the battlefield in World War II, leaving only the beautiful mother to raise a child and a woman, but a lot of life is not gray, it is full of the color of the film, or, because it is only in the movie You can just immerse yourself in the lives of others and forget the sorrow of reality. Moaido is the only projectionist in this town. He brought a film to the residents of the town so that everyone can get in touch with the outside world and feel the development of the times. The whole film did not have to work hard to portray the era, but let the audience experience from a small theater to the development of the film and the development of society. Really made small and big.
  A lot of love for movies is persistent, he was born from movies. A lot of privately collected some discarded negatives, always relying on the theater, wrapped around Mo Aiduo, secretly playing with the projection equipment, is to want to be closer to the film. Even the money that the mother gave him to buy milk also bought a movie ticket, and when the mother blamed him, Mo Aiduo came out to make a clearance, a kind of small lie, revealing his kindness and love for him. Moaido did not want to learn more about screening. He felt that this was a life-limiting errand. He wanted more and more development.
  The Elven Ghost has won the opportunity of learning and screening by helping the Moaido exam to cheat. This section of the film is very artistic, easy and warm, and vividly shows the cuteness of a young and a young, a lot of "blackmail", Moai More "helpless", to the fullest.
  However, it is an accident to really get a lot of jobs. In order to let more people see the movie, the young and old have come up with a way to point the lens at the glass of the window and then refract it to the white wall outside the theater. When people cheer on the movie, the grandfather The two meet each other and smile, which is very gratifying. A lot of people also rushed out to enjoy this open-air movie. But at this time, unfortunately, the projector caught fire. When the image on the white wall disappeared and the smoke in the screening room flew, the people outside the theater fled, but did not expect Moyto to be in the fire. . At this time, a lot of people against the flow of people, back to the theater, non-stop collision, fell, reflecting his anxiety, his weak body and the escaped crowd formed a strong contrast. It was this mischievous, thin and sloppy, and Moi Duo dragged out the screening room on the second floor.
  After the fire, the only theater in the town was burned down. However, a winning locals used the prize money to build a more magnificent new paradise cinema, and most of them were the only ones except Moyto. People become the projectors. Moaido, who was blinded by fire, still visited the screening room and came to see him. The dull days rushed away in the constantly changing movie posters.
  In a blink of an eye, I saw the beautiful girl in the unintentional shooting, and fell in love at first sight. He insisted tireless touched the girl, two people spent a heavenly summer vacation. However, the good times are not long. The parents of the girls are trying to break them up. They must let the girls go to other places to study. On the eve of the trip, the girl secretly went to the screening room to find a lot, but at this time many people could not help but rushed to the girl's house, leaving only Moai to help guard the screening room. In this way, the fate is lost, they have not seen each other again.
  At the same time, a lot of people received the notice of enlistment, and they came to the army with helplessness. The days were spent on the letters and letters sent back to the girls every day. I thought that my father’s participation in the army could be exempted from military service, and he was anxiously waiting. Spend a year's years. Going back to the town again, let him have something that is unfounded. Under Mo's persuasion, many decided to go outside to smash the world. The last embarrassment of Mo's is "Don't think of me, don't think of it, don't come back."
  It’s been thirty years since I walked. The young boy’s hairy boy has become a mature and famous director. He returned to his hometown in order to participate in the funeral of Moaido. The rest of the world’s revisited feelings are full of emotions. Staged. The theater in the city of Menting has been abandoned, looking at the theater of Xiaosuo, haunting the dusty memories. Although there is no words, it makes people feel helpless.
  In the small town, a lot of girls married to the first love, the girl who had already married a woman, still loves a lot. Still, with a lot of persistence, the two were able to meet again. Thirty years of time seemed to be cut off the negatives. When they returned to the other days, they found the destiny of destiny. Moedo concealed the fact that the girls were looking for too many. And many have not seen the note left by the girl. When I found the handwriting left by the girl in the yellow screen list 30 years later, what kind of mood is it? How much can you experience Mo's good intentions? He should not repeat his life more, live without self, and think that the town is the world. He wants to see more and build his own career and glory. His wish has come true. Moaido helped a lot of choices to sacrifice love to join the cause, but is it a lot of happiness? There are always different women around him, but he has never been married. It is a memorial to the life of the town, or an unforgettable love for the first love. It is impossible to know, but life is not a movie. After cutting off the negatives, it can be regarded as not happening. Finally, Still obeying the fate and time, the two lovers can not escape the reality of 30 years and return to their own lives.
  Moedo has always kept a gift for a lot, making the whole movie have a fantastic ending. The original owner of Paradise Cinema is a local priest. It is slightly more ancient. Before each new movie is released, the priest must first review it. Once he encounters a smashing lens, he will ring the bell immediately. Moaido is in the corresponding Mark the film on the film and show it after editing. When people see the kiss lens that is about to start, they always hold their breath, and then the screen of the silver screen is quickly skipped. The sudden jump of the screen is the unified buzz of everyone. It was not until the new paradise cinema changed hands that the intimate picture was preserved and the priest shook his head helplessly. And thirty years later, a lot of the gifts that Moaito gave him back to Rome, in the dark preview room, watching all the re-adhesive cutting lenses alone, over and over again, seeing thirty In the past, the lost youth and love flowed through the moments of kissing. Moydo finally realized his promise of giving all the cut negatives. This is a film that records a lot of life. A lot of eyes are filled with tears of tears...
  In addition, the film also tells the preservation and development of the times by expressing the living conditions of a group of small town residents and fans. The square is the scavenger of its own property. The bearded man who always sleeps on the way to the film can make movie lines. The back-to-back ashes fans like to sit on the second floor of the second row and spit out the small citizens... It seems that they have never changed for many years, but gradually the hair is white, the wrinkles are floating, and even a pair of relatives are always in the film screening. Children also have their own crystallization, only the scavengers are still confident, only the niece is still confusing. Only a lot of mothers still keep a door every night, in order to find the way home at any time.
  This is a work that commemorates the centuries of the movie. The delicate brushstrokes, flowing images, and sincere performances make people feel the warmth of the Apennines. A movie theater, a filmmaker, has done a hundred years of film development.
  The movie is a concentrated life, and life is a movie that never ends...
  8. Pentium era
  I didn't sleep all night tonight. I don't know what the motivation was for me to watch "The Pentium Age" after watching "Shawshank Redemption." maybe. . After reading the two films, I did benefit a lot.
  The film tells a real story. The story took place in the United States in the 1930s, when the United States was in a period of economic depression, and the three protagonists in the story were experiencing their own troughs. The farmer Charles Howard made a fortune by selling cars and was not only economically hit during the recession. The young son died in a car accident, and his wife left him. The student trainer Tom Smith had a deep understanding of the horse and horse racing, but his personality was unrecognizable; the young man in the family, Red Pollard, was Forced to leave home early to discuss life, always running for a living, the natural riding ability can not get the opportunity to display; Seabiscuit is a horse with excellent bloodlines, but was considered a waste because of early injury and improper training. Seeing this, perhaps many viewers will turn off the monitor or leave the theater, because the atmosphere of the story is too dignified and dull. The original movie is to entertain and relax. Why bother to experience something more depressed than real life? But this movie is also like some successful experiences in life - you have worked hard and gone through the whole process, and finally benefited a lot; watching the whole movie will give you a good feeling of openness and relaxation.
  Three people met through this Seabiscuit, and they all realized the potential and future of Seabiscuit, and came together to realize the dream of making Seabiscuit a champion horse. The three people built this dream by their own principles and values: the farmer Charles Howard often said a word during the car sales and promotion of horse racing: This is not the finish line, my friends, this is the start of The race. The future is the finish line. He used this phrase to encourage everyone to look forward to it, for the future, no matter how much it costs. The trainer Tom Smith is the most stable and most common person among the three. He first discovered the potential and talent of Seabiscuit and Jockey Red Pollard. His classic lines are: You don't throw a whole life away just because he's banged up a little. Both Seabiscuit and Jockey Red Pollard were both injured and had their own flaws and shortcomings. Tom did not give up on them, and they succeeded, and the other families fell below the glasses. Tom's success tells us not to enlarge the difficulty of things or the shortcomings of people. There is no gold in the world, no one is perfect, or talents and opportunities will leave you, because you have not given them any chance to stay.
  Jockey Red Pollard is a strong and high-profile person who does not give up his ideals even in the lowest valley of his life. The best line to evaluate him is Sometimes, who the little guy he doesn't know he's a little guy, he can do great big things.
  The trio and Seabiscuit formed a good team, but the plot in the story was not smooth. After winning the initial victory, Jockey Red Pollard was accidentally injured and the doctor warned that he could no longer race. After that, another jockey entered the team and, after running in, brought Seabiscuit to the peak of his career; Seabiscuit was injured by the early injury and the ligament was no longer allowed to participate in the competition. The goal of the whole team no longer existed. Then the film was finally adjusted by Jockey Red Pollard. Seabiscuit made a comeback and re-launched the championship. .
  The legend shows us not only the legendary story and the experience itself, but more importantly, telling us the secret of success and the truth behind it: if a person or a team wants to succeed, it must allow and tolerate mistakes and deficiencies that will occur. Everything, good or bad, is a valuable experience. Don't give up hope when you are at a low point. If you can't get rid of it when you are depressed, please take a look at this film and it will bring you a lot of gains.
  remember! On the surface is the weak, but it does not mean that he is the real weak, the weak is your heart!
  7. Kramers
  A good script, a good actor, a court drama that I have always preferred, and a family ethics drama are all gathered together in a film. This film is the Kramers. I am facing such a movie. It is impossible to be objective when I look at it twice, because it is too easy to enter the show.
  The whole film is very regular. The only thing that feels a little "special" is the ending. Unlike many domestic family films, the last shot is that the woman enters the elevator and goes upstairs to see the child. An elevator door separates the couple. Open, the film ends. Described in a very vulgar language: concise and meaningful. I think that some of the so-called warm-hearted films in China always tell the story to the fullest, even the end of the dog and the content of the child’s growing up ("Warm Spring", "Father and Son", etc.), always feel that this is the only way The film is the storytelling, the scriptwriter, and the expansion. Looking at Hollywood, 30 years ago, you will not be able to understand the mystery of things in a few decades.
  There is an actor who can reach a realm - if a film is not played by him, the film will not exist. Dustin Hoffman is the realm of the Kramers. A child is a natural actor. It’s not surprising that a good person can play like this. This movie is really not covered. As for everyone from "The Kramer" is touting the Meryl Streep, who has been touted to "The Devil Wears the Prada", I think the performance is very general, perhaps in the "French Lieutenant's Woman" in Sarah The role is too deep into the hearts of the people, seeing that her other characters always carry the shadow of Sarah, so I am looking forward to the school's FTP pass "Women wearing prada", after reading it will be more objective to comment on her acting.
  6. Death Poetry Society
  At the CCTV, I saw the recommendation of this movie and found it in the afternoon. I thought it was just a very plain movie at the beginning. In fact, it was really plain from the beginning to the end. But the teacher in the film, the students are always Arouse our memories of the experience of the youth. The revelation of youth to the freedom of life. How long have we not lived according to our own ideas. How long has it not been enjoyed in time? Perhaps you can say that you are enjoying time. This kind of timely enjoyment is only We indulge our body and indulge our sensuality. Just ask. Is our soul really enjoying it? Are we happy this day?
  Regarding poetry, it seems that after demobilization, I never seriously pick up the pen to write poetry. The boy who likes to sit under the tree holding a white notebook, looking at the sky and listening to the flow of life. ( Inspirational movie   www.lz13.cn I recorded his understanding of life and life in a short text. Now in retrospect, everything seems to be a scene in the movie. It does not happen in your own life.
  I also tried to calm down and write something. Then, the passion at that time, the ideal that was polished away by real life. Let the things written have changed into taste, and there are too many things infiltrated into it. It becomes gorgeous, Its soul is not real. Although it can still tell some truth of life. Then, it does not touch your heart. It is not real. There are too many false things. Friends say that sometimes I live is very fake, indeed it is Lies, rumors, indulgence. This is the word that most often appears in current life after adolescence. How much passion and ideal are we insisting on? We don’t know ourselves..
  I have always hated those who bind people's minds, but too much, so that they form an atmosphere, there is no way to change, you want to achieve your own career, want to pursue your own life, well, when you are not forced by worldliness or prejudice Before madness, hurry up, your time is running out!
  5. Beautiful mind
  It's hard to imagine that I have always refused to see such a good film.
  Maybe the title of the film makes me think this is a rotten art film.
  The story is very good and the actors are even better.
  My question is, how can Nash see the illusion figures vividly?
  Even constructing so many reasonable details?
  You know, an African native who has not left his hometown should not be able to imagine the tall buildings in New York. In the same way, what about the radiation passwords and hangovers in the same dormitory?
  Or is it that in the case of schizophrenia, everything can be imagined out of thin air?
  Finally, I have to admit that some geniuses do act like weird people and are not understood by ordinary people.
  Living in your own world is also very good.
  4. Lodge
  Everyone in our lives is lonely and cowardly. If you encounter disappointment, you may have the idea of ​​denying yourself. So most people need to read Carnegie Mellon’s book and listen to the successful lectures, the world’s most unreliable. thing.
  I think that inspiration is a very simple thing. It is your understanding and transcendence. If you know yourself, you need someone to help. Even if you are "successful", what is the point?
  Life doesn't matter whether it is successful or not. For a short life, no matter how brilliant or how vain, there is no real difference. The key is that you experience all the life without the heart, not the successful experience or the experience of failure. The experience itself is beautiful.
  Rocky is the classic of the so-called inspirational film. No movie is more exciting than it can be beyond the concept of worldly utilitarianism. In fact, the end of the film experienced 15 rounds of ruin and still standing on the ring, the Rocky is already people. The winner in the heart, the director does not need to draw a snake to add a foot to point out that several referees have disputes on the number of points, that is, 3 referees have 2 support for the defending champion, 1 support for the Rocky, even if it is 3:0 penalty, the champion wins, even if 30:0, it doesn't hinder the success of Rocky's own challenge. The controversy like 2:1 is awkward. After a short-term five-month devil training, a third-rate boxer can beat the possibility of a boxing champion. In the world, success is too simple. I don't like this kind of success and hypocrisy.
  In the end, although I like the series of Rocky 1-6, I like Stallone's performance, I like the music that stirs in my heart. However, I have to say that if Rocky only shoots the first one, it will definitely get a perfect score of 10 points. After the Rocky series, the Rocky 1 can only give 9 points.
  3. When happiness comes knocking
  Since I first saw "When Happiness Comes" and was moved by the protagonist inside, I made up my mind to save this film forever. When I encounter difficulties and frustrations in the future, I will take it out and let the protagonist in the film come. Encourage me, courageously face setbacks and overcome difficulties.
  I saw this movie for the third time yesterday because it has not been very successful recently.
  In the past few days, I have thought too much. When I walked on the street, it seems that everyone is better than you. It seems that you have been abandoned by the society. Actually, it is not. I know that it is my own reason, just like The protagonist in the film looks the same as he thought at the door of the stock exchange.
  Sometimes I wonder if you will be as confident and strong as he is if he encounters his difficulties. Will he work tirelessly for his beliefs like him ? Will he still pursue his own "happiness" when he does not know what "happiness" is like?
  Think about the friends around you and your former colleagues. You are a mess now, but these are all you are looking for. No one asks you and forces you to do this. If you choose, you must work hard to make an excuse. It will only make it harder to do.
  Now that I have encountered some setbacks, I am so depressed. If you think about success, the setbacks and difficulties they encounter are much bigger than you. What reason do you have to back down? It is wealth to have pressure in life, and to enjoy stress can be successful. Ideal is a dream for those who are easy to retreat, and a goal for those who insist on pursuing. Turning a dream into a goal is the difference between a winner and a loser. I care about ability, care about methods, and care more about the will!
  Maybe the choice is not completely correct, but the past and present experience and the wisdom, mentality, and values ​​that you have here determine that you can't go beyond the present to decide the future. You can only plan the future with your current decisions. A friend said that as long as there is "choice", it will "repent", just regret how much and time is late and late. If that is the case, I hope that there is very little regret.
  Instead of taking a lot of things to pressure yourself, it is better to relax and invest in doing things. Only things that are optimistic can be successful in doing things. How can people who are uncertain about their choices do things well?
  2. Forrest Gump
  Whether life has a fixed fate, or occasionally accidental, or both, are happening at the same time.
  We are all like feathers floating in the wind. Because of the wind, we are destined to wander, and because of the wind, we don’t know where to fly next. The feathers are the life of A-Gump, and the heights are high and low. It is also the life of each of us. A person's life is a combination of stories one after another. Because of these stories, we can find the meaning of life. A-Gump's life.
  "The talents who do stupid things are stupid."
  He is low-powered, IQ is only 75, and because of his mother's efforts, he is never considered to be different from other people. He runs, and therefore gets rid of the legs that can't move normally, and gets a degree certificate. There may be lucky ingredients, but life is the process of running. Overcoming one difficulty after another in running, we are normal than A-Gump, but there is less of A-Gump's simplicity.
  A-Gump promised Bubba to catch a shrimp with him. Bubba lost his life in the Vietnam War. Forrest Gump not only took care of Bubba’s family, but also promised to buy a shrimp boat. When people wondered if this fool knew he was doing silly. At the time, A-Gump was righteous and said, "It’s stupid to be stupid."
  "Run!Forest, just run!"
  For A-Gump, complicated things may become simple. In the Vietnam War, facing war and death, Jenny told A-Gump that as soon as she was in trouble, she would run. A-Gump table tennis is very good, because he remembers "In any case, you just don't leave your table tennis." When A-Gump traveled around the United States, the people interviewed him gave all kinds of meaning to his running. For peace, for women's power... but then A-Gump, he just wants to run.
  In that war, A-Gump rescued many teammates but lost his best friend Bubba. He does not think that death is the way to win honors like Captain Dan. Participating in war is for the country to sacrifice on the battlefield. A-Gump turned him into a useless disability. Rather than saying that he hated A-Gump, it was better to say that he hated himself who did not lead his life to a certain trajectory. However, Captain Dan finally believed that life has a certain trajectory, but there are also occasions. He thanked A-Gump for allowing him to re-elect his life.
  From the beginning to the end of life, life is a running process. Forrest Gump occasionally encounters “shit” in the two years of running (still three years), but he also saw the beautiful sunrise in the desert, the mountain Clear and bright lake. This may be life, there is a certain trajectory, but "accidental" does not happen often.
  The reason why this film is regarded as a classic is because it uses the line of A-Gump to describe the major events in American history in a humorous way, enriching the American generation.
  In the film, the Vietnam War, the presidential campaign, the president resigned, the assassination, the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, ping-pong diplomacy, the United States moon landing, Elvis. They all show people's familiar characters and stories from different angles.
  This film is a fusion of business and art, a fusion of culture and life, so classic.
  1. Shawshank Redemption
  Isn't prison a metaphor? Isn't it a metaphor for our difficulties to drink against the opinions and ridicule? Isn't it a habit of shackles? My protagonist has only one spoon. How can I escape from the prison? The spoon escapes from the prison. You will see if you will smile. But he did use a spoon to escape the prison. We don’t think everyone has a spoon. Let’s use it for dinner. See Shawshank’s salvation for details.