Good or bad, art mimics life and vice versa. A good inspirational film can always impress the viewer inadvertently, giving people incentive and inspiration. In this article, there are ten entrepreneurs recommended by foreign media to watch inspirational movies. These inspirational movies are not all popular at the box office, and some even don’t touch the sellers, but what kind of entrepreneurship should they have? The challenges from strong competitors include more or less valuable lessons for entrepreneurs, and ten young entrepreneurs comment on these inspirational films, hoping to inspire entrepreneurs.
  1. Wall Street (1987)
  "This film is a classic in commercial war movies, and it is also a mainstream movie that defends human greed in the era of money. In addition, the documentary of the big company The Corporation (2003) is also worth seeing. ”
  -Matt Mickiewicz, 99designs
  2. Lorenzo's Oil by Lorenzo (1992)
  "The Oil of Lorenzo" tells the story of a pair of parents without medical background who don't give up hope and eventually find an oil that cures their child's disease. In the process, they bravely face the suspicion from the mainstream scientific community. Despise. This kind of innovation, perseverance and clear vision in adversity are the qualities that entrepreneurs need."
  -Arjun Arora, ReTargeter
  3. The Matrix of Matrix (1999)
  “This film is an iconic work among tech workers and entrepreneurs. There is a similarity between entrepreneurs and 'The One', learning to walk fearlessly along the right path and overcoming the Matrix. The dangers and challenges facing the world."
  -Doreen Bloch,Poshly Inc.
  4, working girl Working Girl (1988)
  "This film is suitable for those who do not want to be bound by the rules. It shows the truth that when you have the courage to break the rules, you have the courage to bear the consequences. This is something that every entrepreneur must learn . a lesson."
  -Thursday Bram,Hyper Modern Consulting
  5. Cape Family Robinson (1960)
  “High-tech companies’ entrepreneurs need to look for inspiration from the outside of their environment. This film contains the wit, perseverance and courage to try for a successful adventure. This Disney classic tells how it is in the unknown. Seek to survive."
  -Tony Navarro, Streamcal
  6. Network Fengyun   (2001)
  “This 2001 documentary tells the story of the rise and fall of GovWorks, a startup that is committed to streamlining government affairs. It provides a great perspective to show a real entrepreneurship, including before the partner. Intense conflicts, several rounds of financing, fierce market competition, etc."
  -Benjamin Leis, Sweat EquiTees
  7, The YES Movie
  “This film tells the story of several young entrepreneurs who insist on their dreams and work hard to become a young rich man. The plot is very inspiring and interesting.”
  -Louis Lautman,Young Entrepreneur Society
  8. Social Network The Social Network (2010)
  “This film is very inspiring for tech entrepreneurs, from generating the earliest business ideas, determining what features to include, applying for financing, hiring employees, etc. This story breaks down a high-tech startup that will go through the entire life cycle. Many stages of natural growth."
  -Ryan Holmes, HootSuite
  9. Ghostbusters (1940)
  “This film is all about telling us how to be a successful entrepreneur. ( ) From creating a company to finding the first customer for your business, the film contains a lot of lessons.”
  -Tim Jahn, Entrepreneurs Unpluggd
  10. Middleman Middle Men (2009)
  “This film led us on the exciting journey of the Internet in the late 1990s. The film is very entertaining and a good movie for every high-tech entrepreneur.”
  -Anthony Saladino, Kitchen Cabinet Kings