watched the inspirational movie " Gladiator" last night, and a simple story was interpreted. After the final battle of the generals of the Roman Empire, the generals of the Roman Empire, after the final battle, the only wish was to reunite with the wife and children. The old emperor thought about the significance of the four years of conquest in his reign, that is, to bring Rome back to the Republic. The emperor's son, Commodos, was ambitious, taking advantage of his father's emperor and eager to get his father's love and recognition. Everyone has their own wishes. 
  On the eve of the general's departure, the old emperor summoned and paid the Roman Empire to him, hoping that the general could complete his last wish. However, the son of the old emperor found that he was not the heir chosen by his father, and his heart hated it, and Jun Jun took the place. Xinjun hated the general and instructed his subordinates to die and killed the general's wife and children. The general was able to get out of his life and return to his hometown to see the body of his wife and children. 
  Overnight, the general turned into a slave, and turned away, becoming a gladiator killed in the arena. At this time, revenge for his wife and children is the reason and motivation for his survival. In the Roman court, the new emperor and the Senate were hostile to each other. The new emperor's sister Lucia was involved in the struggle. She was dissatisfied with the tyranny of the new emperor and worried about the safety of her son Lucius, living in fear. The new emperor wants to fight for the people's hearts by organizing a corner fight through the overdraft of the grain of Rome, thus achieving the goal of dissolving the Senate and achieving dictatorship. In order to survive, the emperor’s sister and the Senate conspired to kill the emperor. The appearance of the general in the gladiatorial field broke the stalemate between the emperor and the Senate, and the plot gradually culminated. Everyone has their own clear purpose. 
  Finally, the general killed the emperor in the gladiatorial field, and the great hatred was reported, and he died because of the injury. Rome returned to the Senate, stepping into the track envisioned by the emperor. The emperor’s sister mourned for the general, and asked with tears, is Rome worthy of a good man to sacrifice for it? We used to believe that now let us believe again. He is a warrior of Rome and gives him glory.
  The whole movie was nearly three hours old. I didn't feel tired after reading it. Instead, I was injected with a masculine temperament and felt a vitality lurking in my heart. A gladiator can be enemies with the Roman emperor, and eventually he can revenge. This is a good movie that touched me. Anyone who can touch me is a good movie in my heart. 
  From the movie back to reality, looking up at the four minds, why is the world around us so quiet? Why do most people around me live so tired and upset? Our people are as pale as water, no jealousy, and life is rarely touched. I asked myself if life is a play, you are the director and starring, what kind of script will you set for yourself?
  Is this script like this? A person lives in a dull way, doing a general job to make a living, can't talk about it or hate it. There are some wishes in my heart, but they are not strong enough. Many just stay at the stage of thinking. There are some hobbies, but the love is not thorough enough, just to pass the time in a fun attitude. When I am bored, I can't get rid of the boring game on the Internet. I rarely leave the house. Most of the time I can't do without the computer. In reality, I can't satisfy the virtual world to find satisfaction. I can understand that the virtual world can't give me my heart. The things that are eager, the reason why they fall into it, can't extricate themselves, just because they come easily. Life has no passion, and ideals don't even think about it. Sometimes I can even feel that I am sinking and sinking... I finally got tired of a person's life, married a wife who couldn't talk about it and couldn't talk about it, and bought a house with a mortgage, a family, and a child. The birth of the next generation gave me a reason to give up completely. Everything was for the children to replace their strange desires when they were young. They thought that they would pay more for the children to participate in various interest classes. If you have enough of your child’s college tuition, you will buy a suite for your child’s down payment. Although I still do things that I can't talk about, I don't like to talk about hateful things, but the love for children and the various arrangements for children have become a good comfort. The warmth of life, mixed with work, children go to school, mortgage, the anxiety and anxiety caused by the comparison, as well as the trivial and triviality of family life, all the way stumbled to retirement, fortunately no disease, no disaster, reported an elderly interest class Sending boring time, taking advantage of the body and occasionally going out. Just when you calm down, open the diary of youth, look at the hustle and bustle of the future, and find that there are very few wishes to achieve, and the vibrant young boy who jumped between the pages was so strange. Trying to recall the past, but found that there is nothing to remember, every day is like the same day, there is nothing to be proud of in life. Every time you look at a diary that describes the vision of the future when you are young, you will feel a heartache. Why is life not what I think? Can life still be back? Can you come back again? The most painful tears flowed out of the grave, for those things that were not spoken and things that had not been done. This is life, time is running out, life is fading, the years are like knives, we are late, we are in it without a little bit of consciousness, only to wait for the world's wrinkles to climb a little bit, the smile fades away.
  Is this the script you set for yourself? Such a story is impossible to impress anyone, including yourself. If you watch enough movies, I believe many people can understand what a good script looks like. The tension of drama lies in conflicts, and the elements of conflict constitute such aspects. what would you like? That is what your wishes and goals are. What is the obstacle that hinders your fulfillment of your wishes and goals? How do you achieve your own wishes and goals by overcoming obstacles? 
  There is no shortage of conflict in life. If our own life scripts are not all wonderful, the reason is that we don’t know what we really want, or we don’t want to be strong enough, and we don’t try our best for our own wishes. There are many smart people in the world who are eager to succeed , and they all want to find a quick success . They dream of becoming rich in the 30 years old and looking for those who earned one million in three months, as depicted in the successful case study. method. (Classic lines ) They are inspirational in one by one to see celebrity biographies, and they have received a lot of inspiration. The secrets of success in the world are just a few. They always want to know more. Can this be successful? I am very skeptical. I always feel that such people are just because they are too smart, they are afraid to face obstacles, and they just want to take shortcuts to find shortcuts, so they can't make a wonderful performance in their whole life. The principle of drama tells us that the wonderful plot is achieved by overcoming the obstacles. The greater the resistance overcome by the protagonist, the more amazing the energy that appears, and the more tension the life has.   The reality is different from the movie, that is, the environment we face is far more complicated than the movie. On the one hand, when a person does not know what to ask, he can't talk about what is blocking him. He can't even figure out where the conflict is. On the other hand, the obstacles we face may be more than just a Roman tyrant, sometimes an unjust society, an unjust system, a harsh world, they are invisible, but everywhere, we punch They can't hit them but they can always feel their constraints.   But is this the reason for our depression? The reality is cruel, and this is really enough reason for most people to sink. But the most precious things in life are often those that the outside world cannot easily take away. Do not leave when tired, power comes from desire. In our heart, there is still a life force that has been lingering for a long time, and it is composed of confidence, courage and perseverance. Only these qualities can make us fear the hardships when we encounter obstacles. This adds tension to our life scripts and dyes the shine. Life is not a position, but a process. If you want to impress the world, you must first touch yourself. As long as you are willing to go all out to achieve your goals, it is worth writing, no matter what the outcome, you will end up with everything.