inspirational film 10, "King of Comedy"
  All of Zhou Xingchi 's films, the most popular one. The bitterness of the little man, Zhou Xingchi's own true portrayal. "There is no ideal for living, and what is the difference between salted fish?" In   the context of the American West in the context of the 
  inspirational film, "The Burning Years"
, a real-life work without losing its warmth. Friendship, love, and affection are highly integrated and sublimated. 
  Inspirational film No. 8, "Dancers in the Dark"
  A film that shocks the soul, has the penetrating power of the abyss, and is rare in the song and dance films. Reality and ideals, persistence and conviction , the theme is profoundly suffocating. 
  Inspirational film VII, "Beautiful Life"
  During the Second World War, a Jewish family was arrested into a concentration camp. The father woven a beautiful promise in order not to let his son lose hope of survival, and finally sacrificed his life. The attitude of survival in desperate circumstances is touching! 
  Inspirational film 6, "Schindler's List"
  The trajectory of humanity in a special environment, its profound influence and theme are thought-provoking. (Inspirational movie ) The light of humanity is unobstructed, master director Stephen. Spielberg's classic. 
  Inspirational film 5, "The Godfather"
  The survival of a family in a difficult situation, the struggle in adversity, the story of reborn in good times. It can be called an "epic-like masterpiece" of the underworld film. There are three series in the "Godfather" series, of which "Godfather 2" is more known as "the most successful sequel in theworld." 
  Today, "The Godfather" starring Malone. Brando has passed away, but its classic image will last forever. 
  Inspirational film 4, "Beautiful Mind"
  film critic said "2000 Oscar best film gave "beautiful heart" instead of "Lord of the Rings", proving that Oscar has not fallen."
   Inspirational film three, "Brave Heart"
  An epic film, the theme is deep and dignified yet brisk, the scene is grand, the visual and musical effects are first-class, beautiful and smooth. 
  Although the final outcome is regrettable, its tragic level is enough to infect all viewers. 
  "Freedom!" The shouting before the execution of Meljip Forest was still in his ear. 
  The second inspirational film, "Forrest Gump" is
  the epitome of American modern history. No need to speak classics. 
  "Life is like a box of chocolate..." The classic lines. 
  One of the inspirational films, "Shawshank's Redemption",
  which was filmed in 1995, is a classic in all aspects, a compact plot, a deep theme, and an actor's lineup. The music was matched, so I won 8 Oscar nominations.