Some people say that the most precious and basic character of human beings is integrity. The regular "goods" end, straight "human" standing. We choose friends to look at the character, recruit new people to look at the character, marry the wife to see the character, choose the partner to see the character... The character is regarded as a very important selection criterion in human society. 
  However, integrity is not the loneliness of drifting in the hometown, nor the pain after the fall, nor is it a hasty rush to walk through the passengers. It is a kind of wind bone that exists in the depths of the human soul. It can resist the fame and fortune of the world. The spirit of distracting thoughts, an act embodied in all aspects of dealing with people. Many people have selfishness. The word integrity is undoubtedly a challenge for them. Let them get rid of the chase of fame and fortune, tear off the mask of hypocrisy, live with real face and naked heart, which is simply for them. A nightmare. 
  In this vast world, integrity as a character is no longer a traditional virtue that is praised, but more of a helplessness. "He is too straight." The meaning of this sentence is not to praise, nor to appreciate, but more to be a kind of pity and a kind of emotion. A taxi driver said frankly: I don't want to be a good person, but many things that happen now cannot help you be selfish. Integrity will bring me a lot of trouble. When you see an old man who doesn't know who has been knocked down on the road, if you go to save him, he may turn to safety because he is treated in time, but it is also possible to get into trouble. He is considered to be the perpetrator and he will not be peaceful. 
  1. Adhere to your inner beliefs
  In this hectic and tempting society, you will find that sticking to your original beliefs is not an easy task, because you are gradually being assimilated by others, you no longer remember the original dreams, you will forget His determination and commitment. And constantly making excuses for this change. You have satisfied your status quo, look at the people around you, do you think that many people are not as good as you, so you no longer work hard. For the future, you will also have ideas, but only for the sake of envisioning, because you have never given any action. Always thinking about doing it tomorrow, so one after another tomorrow will be missed by you. You will become more and more greedy. If you don't get it, you will lose it, and the people around you will be hurt by you. The great opportunity will be missed by you. Negative reincarnation will one day make you numb your dreams, no longer as enthusiastic as you were at the beginning. Perhaps the chance of success is by your side, but your already paralyzed nerves can't tell the difference. 
  People can have different approaches to their dreams at different times, but insist that choices are always the same, and you should never forget them in your brain forever. This is a long process that will bring you constant hope. 
  2, in the face of difficulties,
  how many crossroads to quickly counterattack life, when the traffic lights at the intersection will also be broken, you may be confused, I don't know where the right road is, I don't know the distance is successful. How far is it. When you happen to do this, will you hope for others? Tell you, only you can help you. Don't follow the crowd, see where others are going, and you are blind. Calm down, ask your own soul, strengthen the path you think is right, and stick to it. Don't stop your pursuit of your dreams because of your lost moments. What's more, in the past, Yasuo Mencius once said that "Heavenly desires to be a great man, but he must first suffer his heart, work hard, be hungry, and be devoid of his body. Gain it can't." 
  Yes, no one will always stand at the peak of the peaks and see the mountains; no one will always be defeated at the bottom of the valley. As long as you don't give up, you will be able to cross the obstacles to reach the world of bliss; if you can fight foreverThere will be time when the wind and the waves will break, and the clouds will sail straight to the sea. On the road to success, suffering and frustration abound, if you are knocked down by it and no longer stand up, then you are a loser; but when you are knocked down by it, you can stand up quickly, and Put these stumbling blocks into a ladder to success, step on the foot, then one day you will stand on the top of the Three Mountains and Five Sacred Mountains. 
  More than a hundred years ago, a poor shepherd brought two young sons to live for others. One day, they rushed the sheep to a hillside, and a group of wild geese screamed and flew over them, and quickly disappeared into the distance. The little son of the shepherd asked his father: "Where does the geese fly?" The shepherd said: "They are going to a warm place, where they will settle down and spend the cold winter." The eldest son squinted and said enviously: " If I could fly like a wild goose, then the little son said, "How good it would be to be a flying geese!" The shepherd was silent for a while, then said to the two sons: "As long as You think, you can fly too." The two sons tried and failed to fly. They looked at their father with suspicion. The shepherd said, "Let me fly to you." So he opened his arms. But it didn't fly. However, the shepherd definitely said: "I can't fly because I am old. You are still small. As long as you keep working hard, you will be able to fly in the future and go where you want to go." The two sons remembered the father firmly. The words, and have been working hard, when they grow up - brother 36 years old, brother 32 years old - they really flew up because they invented the plane. These two people are the Wright brothers of the United States. 
  Maybe your dreams are unreachable and unrealistic in others' eyes, but as long as you dare to stick to your dreams, establish a positive attitude, and use your righteous attitude and personality to grasp your own dreams. Will be successful. 
  3, the dream is a hope that can not live up to
  you. Please cheer. The worst situation in life is not poverty, nor doom, but the state of mind and state of mind is in a state of opposite to the dream. Let the brilliant dreams that once existed fade away unconsciously, so that they are overwhelmed by reality and willing to be ordinary. In the world that I envisioned, I would like to cherish and compliment each other with the same people who have no dreams. The most stupid thing is to always try to cover up your incompetence with language, and let yourself gradually slide into the abyss of nothingness in the excuse of self-made.
  When Chen was young, he used to hire others. Once, he stopped farming and went to the field for a long time. He said, "If we are rich in the future, don't forget others." Other hired workers smiled and replied: "You hired others to farm, how? Chen Shi sighs and says: "Hey, where can the Yanque know the ambition of Hongjun?" Later, Chen and Wu Guang together, in the Daze Township, ignited the first national peasant uprising in China's feudal society. Under the influence and promotion of their uprising, the various insurgents quickly swept the country and finally destroyed the Qin Dynasty. The important figures in history, even when they are still in the doldrums, still have great ambitions, so they will have success later. Dreams don't fade because of the current difficult environment. 
  Zhou Enlai left his hometown of Huai'an in Jiangsu during his teenage years and went to the Dongguan Model School. On this day, President Wei personally took a self-cultivation course for the students. The title was “Li Ming.” It was a period of dramatic changes in Chinese society. The principal said that "the fate of life" is to tell students how to make a decision. President Wei said that the wonderful place suddenly stopped. Asked: Why do students study? At that time, someone replied: "Reading for fame and fortune." Others replied: "Reading for an official." Zhou Enlai, a student at the time, replied loudly: "Reading for the rise of China!" President Wei praised: "There are people who are willing to work for Zhou Sheng!" At that time, Zhou Enlai was only 12 years old. 
  Premier Zhou has always been a respected national leader. He struggled for the rise of the motherland and the interests of the people, and insisted that this ideal never give up. The vows that have inspired our beloved prime minister to fight for a lifetime. He did his best for the independence of the nation and the rejuvenation of the country. Only a great ideal can make a great cause. 
  Dreams are far away, and don't give up, as long as you are willing to take the first step to realize your dreams, igniting your dreams is only between you. This way the distance between you and your dream will be shorter and shorter.