The fascination of rights.
  The story of Comedy Of Power is based on the political black gold scandal of the most famous ELF oil group in France, but the director weakened the notorious corruption case. The background of the story focuses on the influence of the "right" double-edged sword on a successful woman. The introspection of humanity has become the highlight of the film. The thin French heavyweight actress Isabel Yuper, deftly performed a powerful prosecutor, Gena Charman. In order to succeed, in order to be supreme, Gena not only sacrificed her vacation, rest, sacrificed her normal family life, and even ignored her life... However, when she stepped up her job, her relationship with her husband became more and more alienated. Until her husband jumped from the building, Gena seemed to wake up suddenly...
  Workplace revelation: There must be sacrifice to succeed. 
  There must be sacrifice to succeed. Don't just look at the glamorous moments of successful people, don't think they are just lucky than us. Open the veil of their success and see the process of their path to success. Every step forward may have sacrifices. The key is that those who are successful are often not afraid of sacrifice. They always have a clear goal and work hard toward their goals. 
  2 "Uncompromising" Erin Brockovich
  film is based on a real event in the United States, the film is full of passion and touching. In today's a gold-deficient society, the film tells the story of how a weak woman can change her own destiny while helping others, showing the precious spirit of humanity defending justice. Elin, a single mother who had experienced two divorces and dragged three children, was poor after a very helpless traffic accident. She had neither a job nor a future. She almost reached the desperate situation... but she used perseverance and perseverance. Unswervingly adhere to the ideal, dare to challenge the dignitaries, and courage to defend the weak, not only defending justice, helping others, but also recognizing their own values. 
  Workplace revelation: Some people are not strong, but faith gives them the power of Superman.
  Whether you believe in religion or believe in yourself, whether you believe in love or believe in power, you must not have no faith! In this world, some people are not strong, but faith gives them the power of Superman. Just as the weak woman Elin in the film is able to persevere because of her faith, she is able to excel in her ability. We ourselves are the same. If we can achieve a career, we must first believe that this cause deserves to be paid for at all costs; we must believe in ourselves and be fully capable of accomplishing this cause. 
  3 "
  Beauty Girl" Material Girls Ava and Tans, the sisters once had the dream of a young girl - young, beautiful, and multi-gold, is the heir to a multi-million dollar cosmetics company... However, his father died suddenly The family company is inexplicably involved in a product scandal, the company is on the verge of bankruptcy, there is no money in the credit card to brush ... their past smashed life has become a bubble! The cosmetics empire that the father created from scratch will no longer exist. At a dinner party, their opponents once said to the two ignorant girls who only knew how to dress up: youth is easy to pass, even if it can't be found in a month. Only wisdom is forever! When they lost everything, they recovered their wisdom. 
  Workplace revelation: youth is easy to die, even if it can't be recovered in a month. Only wisdom is forever! 
  The beauty of youth can't be saved, and the wealth of money is easy to dissipate. No matter who you are, only wisdom is your own. But those girls who are born and raised by the heavens are rich and youthful, and they are often easily hidden by some vanity things. Unless they are surprised, they will almost forget, and she has wisdom. ! Eliot said: Each of us wants to find our own key, everyone is trapped in their own prison. In fact, wisdom is the key you should find. 
  4 "American Flight Steward" View from the Top
  Donna is an ordinary town girl, the town's dull, occluded, and family disharmony, has made her determined to leave it all. However, the first love with a handsome boyfriend made her forget her goal, until one day, her boyfriend had another new love. Donna, who lost her love, fell desperately into the bottom of the valley and drunk at the pub. At this point, she saw an interview with the famous flight attendant Sally on the TV. Sally, who turned from a country girl to a stewardess model, said on TV: "No matter where you come from, no matter who you are, you can make your dreams come true, but you must act, right now!" Sally's words suddenly Awakening Donna, she is soberly aware that her goal is to become an excellent stewardess like Sally! After all kinds of setbacks, even after being replaced by a colleague, Donna has never been discouraged and has not given up, because there is always a goal to support her - "Paris, first class, international routes, this is a shortcut to happiness. " 
  Workplace revelation: A clear goal is like a generator, enough to stimulate unimaginable energy. 
  A clear goal is like a generator, enough to stimulate unimaginable energy. This energy is sometimes like nuclear energy, or TNT explosives, enough to elicit unimaginable power, helping you turn the impossible into reality and turn your dreams into reality. However, not everyone has a clear goal, and not everyone can stick to their goals. When we encounter difficulties and setbacks, if there is no clear goal to shine in front of the eyes like a bright light, it will inevitably get bored and fall into negative emotions. At this time, you are like the cylinder is leaking, the battery is out of power, the IQ and ability are greatly reduced, and the judgment is also inaccurate... 
  5 The Devil Wears Prada wearing Prada
  Andy, who just graduated from college, came to New York, and the ghost got a job that many fashionable girls dreamed of: the assistant editor of the world famous fashion magazine. However, this is a chores that people love and hate - love it, because it can stay in the fashion empire composed of Chanel, Prada and other top brands; hate it, because the woman strong editor Miranda is too difficult to cope. She went to find her colleague Ruiqiu complaining, and Ruiqiu said to Andy: "Then resign!" Andy muttered insufficiency: "I didn't want to resign, I just wanted to complain about suffering..." Ruiqi hit the blood on Andy. Said: "You are escaping, wake up, she just did what she should do." Andy seems to suddenly wake up, she put on the Chanel suit, no longer work to resist complaints, but to A positive attitude to integrate into your work environment, and actively respond to tasks that seem impossible. 
  Workplace revelation: You can resign. Otherwise, never complain. 
  If your goal is contrary to the profession you are working in, if you really can't accept the values ​​of your boss, you can quit. Otherwise, don't complain. Complaining will only make you feel wronged, pitiful, and will not help solve any problems. You think that the hateful boss may not be as abhorrent as his inertia. Unless you are not working, never do things with a conflicting mindset - that will only make your intelligence and ability greatly reduced! Do what you like, whether it is smooth or difficult, immerse yourself in the process of doing things, and regard the goal of your career as the object of love to love and pursue. In this way, you will feel much better and get more. 
  6 "Mona Lisa's Smile" Mona Lisa Smile In
  the middle of the last century, Massachusetts, USA, known as the "Ivy without Men's Ivy League", the new art history teacher named Catherine Watson. She is beautiful, mature, self-confident, has an open mind, and is determined to pass on new ideas to students. But at the time, the conservative thinking of American feudalism was still very serious. Wesley's education is not to teach them how to acquire knowledge and wisdom, but to define the future marriage of students as the standard for the success of education. After Catherine came here, she did not follow the traditional teaching style of the school like other teachers, but boldly challenged the tradition and encouragedStudents discover their interests and support them to practice their ideas. Her approach has not only been challenged by the daughters of some big families, but also questioned and blamed by parents and school parties. However, she persisted with tenacious beliefs and eventually won the respect and love of the students. 
  Workplace revelation: Only by persisting in the end can you laugh at the end. 
  All seemingly impossible changes in the world are made by humans. As long as you stick to your goals and don't give up, you may see miracles happen. Strictly speaking, each of us has not played its own limits. Limited to habits, subjective cognition, etc., each of us may be wasting some of our potential in one's life. Many times we feel that it is not going to pass, but in fact it is not the real state. As long as you bite your teeth, you will find that most of the time we can get through, we are actually much stronger than we think! Only by persisting in the end can we maximize our potential and laugh at the end. 
  7 "Elizabeth Town" Elizabethtown
  Drew is the chief designer of an international top sports shoe brand, and he is the boss of the boss. However, he spent eight years in the new product developed by sleepless nights, and was recovered due to fatal problems. The company will bear huge losses of nearly 1 billion US dollars in an instant! The lucky ones in the workplace suddenly fell into the abyss... Drew was completely desperate, and even prepared to die. At this time, my sister came to the phone and said that my father was dead - a sudden heart attack and death when I returned home! It was a curse, and Drew was beaten by the sudden fate of the advent. On the way to the airport, my mother reminded him: What do your father often say? Drew and his mother and sister sang together: "If this doesn't work, there must be something else!" On the plane, Drew stunned the optimistic, cheerful stewardess Claire. Claire said to Drew: Do you want to be great? Then take the courage to face the failure, let people see that you can still laugh - that is truly amazing! 
  Workplace revelation: There is no other way to do this.
  Failure simply means no success. No matter how painful the failure is, it is not the end of the world. Many times, we should learn to let go - let go of the emotions that make us feel desperate and helpless. Because of anything, if this doesn't work, there must be something else - the road to life, definitely more than one! This sounds simple, but it is not easy to do. When people are successful, it is easy to maintain a high momentum, but it is difficult to keep up and not give up. But desperation only makes people feel more helpless and can't help us out of the bottom. The current difficulty may try to smile, you will find: after the winter, spring must come again. 
  8 "Being a Foremost" Walk the line and the
  movie "Going Nowhere" is a biographer of rock and roll celebrity Johnny Cash, as it is his love chapter with a woman - the film not only shows Johnny Cash from nothing to achievement Extraordinary, showing his story of fighting against the poor and fighting against the torment of the drug addiction, more vivid interpretation of the twisted and touching love between the woman who changed his destiny. The small, independent, strong and extraordinary woman who influenced Johnny Cash was the famous country music singer Joan Carter. In the 1950s, Joan was able to ignore the secular prejudice, married twice, and gave birth to two husbands, and even went alone in a car full of male musicians. The thoughts and actions are ahead of that era. It can be said that without her, there is no such thing as Johnny Cash. In the film, Joan Carter used his life to tell people: women, your name is not weak. 
  Workplace revelation: Always remember that your name is not "weak." 
  When society or men are used to imposing the word "weak" on women, we must not be hinted or confused by this habitual thinking. You must know that both men and women will be strong and weak, and women are not born weak. In fact, women's resilience and endurance are powerful forces that cannot be underestimated. I believe that I have the ability to break through the predicament, believe that I have the ability to do what others think you can never do, and never position the person with the weak to become the biggest winner. 
  9 Under Tuscan Sun, Under tuscan sun
  The protagonist, Francis Meyers, is an American university professor and writer who traveled to Italy with disheartenedness because of the double blow of marriage failure and inspiration. In the sunny Tuscan countryside, sunflowers bloom in the mountains and the air is filled with the aroma of grapes... Meyes bought a 300-year-old house in the Tuscan countryside with a whim. At that time, the state of mind was just like this ruined, devastated big house. In the process of renovating the old house, Meyers got to know many simple friends and experienced the rare rural life in the city. Day after day, the old house was renovated, and the steps were covered with smooth and round cobblestones. The corners were full of flowers and plants. The vines built by the stumps were like an arch. The open-air balcony could provide a panoramic view of the surrounding... Meyers fell in love with the simple life here, and the mood was as bright as the weather in Tuscany. 
  Workplace revelation: There is no road to heaven, and a paradise exists. 
  In this world, everyone can live in different ways. It is the so-called heavenly road, and all roads lead to a happy life. The paradise is there, depending on how you want to live. But don't forget, in any case, treat life with a childlike innocence, and don't get lost in the complex mud of adults. The ancient humanity "has a realm of realm," and the highest realm of life is actually pure nature.