"China Partner" seems to be an inspirational film. When the last part of the lab title came out, many people said that the whole movie seemed to change its taste suddenly. It seems that the whole film is to promote a so-called money theory. That is, you have money = you have succeeded.

  I have always been a natural stay about all kinds ofism. But when I saw that he was expelled from the lab, and his former classmate was admitted to the lab. His excitement, his madness, and he said, is not a time to solve the work of the white mouse. I seem to be able to understand his sadness, the same movie, people with different life experiences will see different results. I used to have his selfishness, the kind of desire to be successful and to prove his own psychology. I can also experience the kind of dreams of going to the country with my lover and carrying a beautiful dream, but I have to face the loss of the reality of bone. Perhaps his portrayal is a portrayal of many international students.

  I have heard that many people define the international students as rich second generation. However, you may not know that the biggest group in studying abroad is the children of working-class people. Some people are taking their own money to go out to study. Some people are trying to let go and hope to stand on the ground. However, everything in foreign countries is new, and it is easy to be based on it. Those who may have lived well in the country, driving a car outside the country, and working in the supermarket. In order to earn those few fat people, ease the pressure of life. Perhaps, they are all like him, looking at the outside in an evening, thinking about what to do here. Every day's frustration, challenges all the time, and cold and lonely. If you haven’t experienced it, maybe it’s hard to feel the same.

  He returned to China with his high hats that were buckled by his friends. Returnees, successful people, and all kinds of reputation. Standing in front of the podium, he was speechless. He did not know how to tell the children the difference between reality and ideal. He didn't know how to tell these people, the sadness of foreign countries, their own pain, and their lack of support for life. When will it be necessary to return from abroad? Must be reborn? It must be washed out. In just a few years, it is only a short stroke in life, perhaps the only difference between these students who come back from overseas. That is, they understand more about what is life, what is life, what is reality, and what is the ideal gap.

  He saw domestic friends succeed. These bandit-like people, who only use sacks to load money, are now driving luxury cars, where they carry huge amounts of cash. He is not useless. Maybe he has not succeeded overseas. Maybe he does not meet the standards of a certain social system. But no one is nothing, no one can't succeed. Some just lost their patience, lost their fighting spirit, and lost the determination to find a better self. He began to make suggestions and began to give his friends extra help. He was affirmed and gained respect and personal value that he might not have acquired overseas for a lifetime. When we lost our city in a field and were disheartened, we thought about it. Perhaps the success of Liu Huanming and another village is at the next stop, just in the next second, so whether we should continue to go on with tears .

  He did it when he returned to the United States again. This society has not changed, he has been neglected, he is being looked down upon. These kinds of things, I am probably used to it, but he is not, he is a person with too much self-respect. His self-esteem stems from his experience in the United States, the experience that is despised and placed at the bottom of society. Let him want to do everything to prove every moment, he is not a Loser, no, he has never been, even if he occasionally feels like this.

  When he walked on the street, he saw Sina’s successful listing. At that moment, it seemed that there was a light coming into life. He suddenly saw the meaning of life at that moment. Yes, he used to flee in the United States and has nothing. Lost work, being looked down upon by others, being poor and washing, losing nothing. However, he wants to prove that he is not a Loser, he has a factor of success, he should be respected. When I saw this, I thought that he was happy. Happiness lies in that he understands that a person’s respect does not depend on your flattering self-esteem, not on your weakness, and your lowering of the bottom line. The only thing you have to do to let others respect you is to make a great cause and prove your worth. There are always many people in our lives who are desperately eager for the tragedy of your life. There are always many bumps in our lives, and many expect you to be knocked down by bumps so that they can step on you. However, we are alive, as long as even a second, we must do our utmost to fight the difficulties and win this battle of dignity.

  He returned to China, and the man who always said yes to him said that No. He began to understand, think about the friendships of those years, and think about those cold realities. It seems that suddenly, the once-safe haven has become cold and bones. It seems that I was slapped by a living, but I don’t know who hit it. When I played it, the only thing I remember was the cold pain. No help, no mix. He chose to leave. Maybe the hardship at that moment, the sadness at that moment, only he knows. When he is only one step away from the desired thing, he may be the most complicated person in his heart.

  When his good friend's company was accused of infringement, when his good friend picked up the phone and was ready to press the dial button for help. He is back. Maybe he must come back. Because he is not a ungrateful person. In this place where he used to have nothing when he had nothing. He will never give up to protect the one who takes him. Gratefulness only exists in the most difficult moments. When can you see the world in this world, the world is hot and cold, and people are warm and cold. It is when you have no place to live, when there is nothing, there is such a person, pulling you. He helps you not based on money, interest, not based on morality, he helps you, just because of feelings. Your life is no longer a hell. I think this is tantamount to a person who has experienced unfortunate long-term experience.

  They went to the restaurant where they used to work. The slide seemed to suddenly return to that year. He worked hours a day and worked as a handyman. Can't accept a penny tip. There is an old man who calls him and hardly consumes him. The old man told him that she can only be a waiter in her life, and that you have a long life path in the future. The man who lost his soul may not believe that he will really make a career in the future. But at that moment, in a strange country, he was treated by a stranger, I believe, will make him unforgettable for a lifetime. It was the old man who reminded him that we are still young. Even if we are now brushing the toilet in the school, working as a handyman in the restaurant, and collecting cash in the Super League, it is just a short-lived situation in life. What really matters is our vision and execution for the future. Don't give up on your dreams. Don't forget the strong desire to succeed. When he revisited on the spot, that mixed feelings. The past is busy, the bitterness of the past, I think, gratitude is greater than sadness. It is hard to say that if there is not a riddled hole in the past, he will fall to the bottom. There will be such a success today, so hard, so desperate to desperate for his ideals. Don't laugh at the difficulties, don't underestimate the predicament. You will know that only these two teachers are important mentor to help you become stronger and impeccable.

  When he found a good friend to sponsor the lab. When he found out his name was printed on the Title of the lab. Maybe, at that moment, he was moved to death. Perhaps you will say that the lens of this controversy expresses nothing more than money, and can do a lot of things. But perhaps in his eyes, the important thing is that he finally realized his wish. The desire to look very selfish and selfish in others proves their worth. This lab, once ruined all his dreams, shut down the opportunities he always thought he had. At this moment, perhaps we can understand that even if the dream is stranded, even if the opportunity is hit. Life does not end, we just dry our tears, change the battlefield, and fight again. Those bitterness of the past, the bitterness that no one would understand at the time, the past that was meant to stop. I will be laughed at by us one day. Maybe I have tears in my smile. Because we all want to give that year the lost soul, even the walk has no strength to defeat one's own hug. Tell him, thank you, in the life of the next few decades, try your best to overcome all difficulties. Just to prove that you are not a Loser, you live your own wonderful and life-maximizing beauty.

  It seems to have suddenly returned to the forty-seventh accommodation class in memory. On that hot afternoon, there was no air conditioning, no fans, and hundreds of people looked at the teachers in front of the classroom. Those who are diligently remember words, grammar, questions, and those who are ready to take the GRE test. Youth is probably similar, and in every era there are always some people. They are not willing to be ordinary, work hard, and then lose nothing. However, they just won't give up, not because they are strong, even if they have been hit by life, they still can't give up because they have already gone there, maybe for many people, there are too many Retreat, but for them, there is only one way to continue moving forward. Many years later, those who have worked hard, failed, low tide, and finally succeeded. It seems that I have verified a constant subject of youth again and again. When we are alive, we must struggle. When we are alive, we must be worthy of every day that we are loved. As long as we are alive, we will fight all the success to run. Perhaps what we see today is only the wealth and status of their success. But for each of him, perhaps the most precious thing is the landscape and process that has been tried.

  At the end of the movie, Ma Yun , Liu Chuanzhi , the people we often hear or see in financial magazines. Maybe you are the next Ma Yun, maybe you are the next Liu Chuanzhi, maybe you are the next Yu Minhong. No, we will not be the next Ma Yun, Liu Chuanzhi, or Yu Minhong. But we must be brave in the rapids of our time, and we are not willing to be ordinary people in the context of our great era. We may not be known to everyone, but we must achieve something and be valuable. Just because there are so many people in every era, they are hardworking, hardworking, and convinced of their dreams. They are the promoters of this era, and they are the hope and motivation of this society and the times.