Have you been alone and tried your best?
  When I saw this sentence in an article a few days ago, I suddenly felt it. When I was the hardest hitherto, it was a very small thing, but in retrospect until now, I was particularly touched by my experience of learning English in freshman year.
  The college entrance examination has a full score of 150, and I can only take more than 120 points. This level of English is a semi-anxiety. It was a very painful time for me to start college. I always feel that my abnormal behavior was arranged here by fate, but I just overestimated myself. After a short period of research and thinking, I feel that English is still the strongest advantage in the future, so I began to work hard to improve it.
  The first year it reported a four- learning courses, six week 6:00 bus to get up and do another school class. Throughout the semester, the weather was unimpeded, and in the morning the morning did not light up, and left. At that time, I didn't understand what Level 4 was. I didn't even see a test paper, so I started to learn aggressively. I don't understand anything, come back and review it in a week.
  At that time, I had to go to a high school boy's house as a tutor after class every time . Every time I heard "Mouse Love Rice" and "Butterfly" placed downstairs in his house, I went back to school at 10 o'clock in the evening after class for a few hours. So much so that when I hear these two songs, my heart is jumping, and these pictures will catch my eye.
  After passing Level 4 quickly, one day I found a precious TOEIC tutoring book at the bottom of the library in the cold northeast town. At that time, I began to know about the TOEIC test. I borrowed this tutoring book and returned to the dormitory. Study. Test before people know, half of TOEIC scores on hearing, hearing test time of 100 minutes for the forty-six test the customary 20 minutes of hearing us, it is easy to be stuck halfway on the recorder speaker. There are no tapes in the library. The set of tutoring resources I have borrowed is only clean books.
  At this time, I made another decision. I used the National Day holiday to go to Beijing to take a TOEIC class and bought a full set of tapes. Near the tutoring class, another student and I rented a small private house and bought two large bags of instant noodles to start the course of learning TOEIC.
  Every day, I entered the classroom at three in the afternoon to start the class. I could get 60 wrong answers for 100 listening questions. I was not confident at all. After class at 9:30 in the evening, Sirius could see it. Then I took the bus to my residence, cooked noodles, and chatted and slept.
  On this day, a whole seven days passed, during which I bought books and tapes with everyone, and carefully wrote down the materials mentioned by the teacher in a local copy. Expensive to buy a partnership with the students, can be found on the Internet to try to look online, you can find someone dials dials ...... seven days, my self-confidence heart suffered a serious setback, the teacher was wrong 30 hearing problems can go home Come back to practice, I guess I'm the one who never needs to come back. I don't know what I've gained, but I'm really aggrieved, I tried my best, really.
  After returning to the northeast, I made a nearly rigorous study plan. I woke up at five o'clock every day to study in the top study room and returned to bed at twelve in the evening. During this period, I met a foreign teacher from a school by chance. His old man graduated from the University of Sydney. He was very nice and kind. He said that the study room was too cold. He gave me a reading room card for foreign teachers.
  We meet to run together every morning, go to eat together, and then come back to study. He learns Chinese, I learn English and tutor each other. I have a narrow nationalistic tendency, and he also has, so we got up early in the game, and eventually we got up at 4:30 and met in the reading room at 4:45.
  Several times I listened to the unfortunate 100-minute hearing with headphones and saw him sleepy on the sofa near my table. At that time I did n’t have a laptop, and there was no TV in the dormitory ... So, every weekend night, I went to the foreign teacher's side to watch American soundtrack movies. In fact, he watched those movies many times. At this time, he just watched with me and I found Every time I look at him, he sleeps in a mess.
  In the process, I met an older brother in Beijing, who helped me engraved some listening CDs used by Beijing candidates, bought some books and sent them to me, constantly encouraged me, comforted me, and said that we will go to the test center together in December , Be sure to cheer, take me to Beijing snacks after the test. I firmly believed in him, I believe in this big brother who helped me a lot.
  As I approached December, I unexpectedly noticed that my teacher had applied for a Level 6 English test, but I forgot about it. I was taken aback, I didn't review Level 6 at all, and it was all spent on TOEIC.
  The word ranges of the two exams are completely different in the two areas. I was panicked, and the teacher was under a lot of pressure. The TOEIC test quietly arrived on December 20th. I went to Beijing again to take the test at Peking University. From admission to listening to written test to exiting the test room, I didn't feel anything about the test. After all, I have practiced for a long time, and I ca n’t break the jar That's all.
  When I was out of the test room, I didn't find the elder brother's phone number. I just received a text message: "In fact, I didn't take the test in December. I was afraid you were disappointed. I never told you the truth. I just stayed with you. I'm relieved when you finish the exam. "I was sitting on the subway in Beijing depressed, I didn't know what it felt like.
  On December 25th, the Level 6 exam, which is a few days after I returned to the Northeast from Beijing, God appeared at this time. The Level 6 listening was a perfect local score, and the composition score was perfect. Although the total score was not high, I did not recite a word. As far as I am concerned, I am satisfied.
  Next is the tense final exam. The depressed test tortured me for the next ten days. I thought I put too much energy on English and I had to suspend at least one course. But the amazing thing is that I am still very I passed all the tests steadily, and at this time the TOEIC score also came down, and I got a high score that surprised me.
  In the ensuing semester, I unexpectedly won the opportunity to exchange and study at Peking University. I came to Peking University, came to the third teaching building of the former TOEIC, and started a new life. At this time, the elder brother also appeared. He knew that I suddenly came to school in Beijing. It would be difficult to live without school dormitories and no personal security. So he gave me a bank card and he called 300 every month. Yuan money is considered to support my living expenses in Beijing.
  To this day, the card is still in my hand. The password is his birthday. A few years have passed. I have not used this card, but the password has never been changed. I have always felt that I am willing to help others now. Many of them originated from his selfless help that year, so that I saw a warm sun.
  Now every time I visit the bookstore, I see a lot of TOEIC materials, which reminds me involuntarily of everything I prepared for the TOEIC winter. That winter, I didn't complain about anything, whether it was a book or insufficient information, or the toil of a long journey. That year, I didn't seem to think of complaining, but I was always trying my best to get everything I could get, and then I broke the jar and waited for God to fall.
  All the good endings I didn't expect, but they came to me so quietly and unhurriedly and became an indelible story in my life. At this moment, the foreign teacher has married his Chinese girlfriend, with a beautiful and cute half-breed baby, his elder brother has also entered the palace of marriage and has two particularly beautiful children. We met in one of our winters. , Give each other warmth and help, and then separate and return to everyone. I do n’t know if God saw me too hard and sent them to help me, but I know that they were all my unexpected harvest, and it seemed that God was presiding over justice.
  When I started working smoothly and had some experience, it was inevitable that there were days of irritability and complaints. It was only in these days that I saw the phrase "When you do your best, God will uphold justice" makes me want to remember Past words. Thinking of the trivial matter of learning English, I know that I have also done my best, I have not complained and regretted it, and I have been rampaging for a goal.
  There is no absolute fairness in this world. Our little complaint every day can only flow out like a tap without being tightened. It will not affect other people except to affect our own mood. For this injustice, we must first learn to forgive, and then accumulate energy. After you do your best for one thing, you can gush out like a volcano. The rest will not be controlled by you, and God will arrange for you all.