Why do you work hard or live at the bottom?
  Today I will tell three stories about the reasons why the effort is ineffective, the class is solidified, and the bottom people are difficult to counterattack.
  The first story comes from the confusion of a girl.
  The girl is very beautiful and does the front desk in a company.
  Work hard. Be careful. Welcome to the people, and considerate.
  One day, she looked at her salary card of more than 4,000 a month, feeling hopeless in life, and asked an economist: "Why Marilyn Monroe has such a high income, I am also very beautiful, and I work hard, why is my income so low? "
  "Because Marilyn Monroe is irreplaceable, and you are too easily replaced."
  Beauty doesn't believe it.
  An application to the company for a raise was rejected.
  She offered to resign and was agreed.
  A week later, she left. Three days before leaving, two beauties were on standby.
  In a free market, a person's income and returns have nothing to do with her efforts, nothing to do with her efforts, and her scarcity.
  When everyone at your job can do it, your salary will only be numbered.
  When only a few people are qualified for your job, your income will be rare.
  Therefore, the cleaners leave early and return late, the courier is non-stop, the waiters are tired, the taxi drivers are hard, the primary and secondary school teachers are diligent, and the migrant workers are almost dead ... But most of them spend their lives in poverty, few people Can successfully counterattack .
  Because they have no scarcity value.
  According to British economist David Ricardo, "The value of commodities is derived from two sources, one is the amount of labor necessary to obtain them, and the other is their scarcity."
  You are scarce, you are talent, you are expensive.
  You can easily be replaced, you are the personnel, and you are certainly cheap.
  And if a low-level reel is to have scarce value, for example, being able to innovate like Jobs , acting like Andy Lau, and being able to swim like Fu Yuanhui, all need a prerequisite: sufficient capacity accumulation.
  If you don't do this, you can only do jobs with low professional skills.
  Low demand for professional skills = high substitution.
  The result is an endless loop: lack of ability to accumulate-unable to become scarce-unable to raise prices-unable to accumulate wealth-unable to invest in themselves-unable to become scarce.
  In addition to the lack of scarcity of labor, the poor cannot escape class solidification for another reason: the asymmetry of information. That is, we say "don't understand", "don't know", "have never heard".
  Take an example of selling kidneys.
  A few years ago, a male college student who just graduated, wanted to buy a house, had no money, and his parents were poor. He posted on the forum: In order to get married, I want to sell kidneys.
  When the reporter found him and asked for details, he learned that the boy had not yet found a job.
  But the desire to buy a house made him anxious, so he came up with this trick.
  This is really sad.
  Selling kidneys is extremely harmful to the body.
  But the poor are in the impulse to consume and cannot see the costs, costs and risks.
  Therefore, material shortage is not terrible.
  The lack of information is the cancer cells in the poor people's bone marrow.
  He will let you ignore the future, neglect the need for self-investment, and constantly exchange your most precious things-time, health, mind, bank credit ... resulting in a lifetime that cannot escape poverty.
  涸 Zhe and fishing, killing chickens and eggs, selling kidneys for housing, are suicidal survival.
  Even if you keep selling kidney, eggs, blood, body, house, wife, and children, you will be trapped on the ground floor and unable to stand up.
  What should you do?
  Learn , think, practice, and get sufficient and effective information.
  With sufficient and effective information, you will have a superhuman vision;
  With Superman's vision, you will make great choices.
  You will know which industry is the future gold industry, which location will appreciate in the future, and who is the future Jack Ma and Li Ka-shing. Then, he will die and invest all the time. In 5 years, 10 years, Even 20 years later, with wealth, he reached the pinnacle of life.
  The current era is an era of big data.
  The king of information is the king of wealth.
  Unfortunately, the information that can be easily obtained by the elites is difficult to reach or turn a blind eye to the poor.
  This lack of information will make the poor shout "I don't know if there is such a thing", "I don't know", "I thought ... I didn't expect ...", "I have no choice but to do so "... On the one hand, my mind declines, I lose the ability to identify, I ca n’t see the direction and opportunity, and I make mistakes in decision-making and lead to wrong choices.
  As a result, poverty became destiny, and it was difficult to counterattack for a lifetime.
  The first two are factors of their own.
  Now let's talk about an external factor: the lack of social resources.
  Not long ago, I wanted to buy a few office buildings and borrow money from the bank.
  The process went smoothly.
  Later, I ate with people at the top of the bank and talked about the reasons why the people at the bottom have been poor. He said: there are reasons for themselves and reasons for capital.
  Such as banks.
  Banks are rich and poor.
  When you are rich, famous, and capable, it is especially generous to you, because the bank can earn it back from you:
  "Dear, do you need money? Okay, you are so high, lend you three million!"
  "Ah, you are so famous, so many advertisements every time, let you borrow 50 million ..."
  In this way, the rich get more capital, invest in more projects, make more profits, and become richer.
  And the poor?
  The bank is not so enthusiastic about you. You have nothing, why do you pay it back? So bad profitability, how dare banks lend?
  In the end, only through credit.
  But the credibility of the poor is worthless. What is the maximum loan amount? Tens of thousands. What can be solved? Can't solve anything.
  Even, according to friends from the bank, when farmers took out loans, a large part of them were used for consumption and even gambling and playing cards.
  As a result, banks are less willing to deal with the poor.
  What about other social capital? Like banks, they also have snobs.
  When you have super profitability, capital will come to you; when you are clanging poorly, capital will wave its sleeves without leaving a cloud.
  It can't blame them either.
  Capitalists are not philanthropists. We want them to save their lives, but what they are thinking about is: giving money to the poor, small profit, low return, high risk, low possibility of recovery, lack of security, this investment is not cost-effective. Of course, he is unwilling to vote.
  The biggest cause of poverty is poverty.
  Just as the biggest reason for wealth is wealth.
  Because poverty itself creates a series of restrictions on your body and mind. It will preempt your brain's "bandwidth" and prevent you from making the right choice.
  So hard work is important, but the right hard work is more important.
  You have to get rid of myopia and work hard not for today's life but for 10 years later. Focus on learning and have more effective information than those around you.
  Choose a career you are interested in, continue to invest in yourself, increase scarcity value, let your wealth grow, attract capital, and then invest in more projects, slowly go out of the bottom, and say goodbye to the old poverty.