Always with you, that amazing self
  I used to be a fat man and an introvert, so I was bullied from a young age. It's the same as the bridges in those youth movies. It's nothing more than being locked in the toilet, the workbook is hidden, and it is psychologically too much-sports is poor, every time you play basketball or relay, you will be laughed at, or It was silently hiding in the corner and playing passerby A nobody.
  It is true that there was nothing to show off in my childhood, but it did not delay me to become a happy person living in my own world.
  Affected by cartoons in junior high school, the homework was used to write novels in class. The only thing to be proud of is that composition is often read as a model. I have always liked to paint since I was a child. I used a pencil to draw the stars on the desk when I was fine. When it was full, I wiped it off.
  When I was in college, God opened a good window on my face, and it turned out to be a little "salty" meat in half a semester. There were girls chasing me in the class, and brothers holding me back in the bedroom. For the first time, I became the first man in life and I was desperately happy every day. It was not until he fell into a disease-free crush, that he relented a little bit. He relied on a little bit of writing accumulated in his youth to give his new words a strong sorrow, and realized that he had a broken heart for a while.
  Immediately to graduation, everyone was busy working and belonged to no sorrow . It happened that I had a chance at that time, so I went to Beijing with a suitcase and it was three years.
  No one has matured overnight without experiencing hardship. It was really a bad year when I first arrived in Beijing. In the concept of my parents and me, a few hundred dollars can rent a good house. I want to say stubbornly that I am living very well and I have enough money. In fact, I reluctantly live by submitting articles to various magazines.
  This year, I went to a private software company for sales. I made dozens of phone calls every day to promote their data capture products. Later, I was fortunate enough to go to a state-owned enterprise to give them an operating officer. In the 2012 London Olympics, Liu Xiang retired and shocked the whole country. I wrote a Weibo to cheer on the trapeze, but it became a hit on the top, and the number of fans grew crazy, shocking the entire department.
  After leaving the state-owned enterprise, I started a company with my friends. After three years, the company also has a small reputation in the industry. Until this year, I was fortunate to become a best-selling author, and I became a half-illustrator with the little graffiti on the desk. Although the "Chicken Soup for the Mind" became widespread, I still think that what can encourage people is worthy of praise. Even if it only takes three minutes to read, what you do in those three minutes may change a person A lifetime.
  Becoming more affluent, but the lifestyle is becoming more and more simple. The company and the home are two points and one line, and when they are free, they write and read books. I seem to skip the crazy age directly, and live like an old man who is not old, but like the fat man of that year, he will always be at ease in his own world.
  They asked me: you ca n’t always be so positive , always have troubles, right?
  I said quite decisively: It does not seem to be any trouble.
  When I was young, I did n’t know how to make emotions. When I grew up, I found that emotions are just monsters in my heart. In addition to releasing them, they will not solve the problem, but will take time to “rebuild after the disaster”. And many subsequent experiences prove that all the troubles and fears will meet unexpectedly someday.
  People are restless because of change, so everything that is not expected will breed panic. Brave people can only "accept" at most, but many people cannot learn to "bear." I am in the middle of the two, and actively seek things for myself, and I am willing to have some sudden and passive tests.
  Sometimes I just think that there has been little unhappiness for so many years. A large part of the reason is because I live more self. Not selfish, but more focused. I am good at debugging to make myself comfortable, and it will not affect the good mood of sleeping at night and opening my eyes the next day.
  In the final analysis, the reason people are arrogant is because they are too "free." Those who have a crush on love are trying hard to love others. Those who are envious tend to work harder than you, and those who hate are always there. Therefore, seeing less of others, more of yourself, learning to enrich yourself, busyness is the most reassuring joy.
  I think this is the key to my optimism . In my childhood when nobody played with me, I played the Tianma Meteor Boxing all the time; in one person's Beijing, I was busy living in crumbling houses and cramped workstations; I still don't feel it now that many people remember Have the burden and keep walking.
  In fact, it is that amazing self who is always with you. This may be an irrelevant slogan to outsiders , but to me, it is my most gentle understanding in so many years.
  Whether or not you agree with you, whether or not you are a good student, whether your experience is excellent, whether you love it, or whether you look good or bad, you should be the most determined.
  Therefore, never look down on yourself, don't set yourself so many confused or troubled, don't upset your world just because others say a few words, and never give up on yourself.