Luck is that chance just hits your efforts
  I have a round table at a high school, and I especially like photography. When I was at school, I often took a camera to take pictures on campus, and her photos were often published in school magazines and magazines.
  But near the college entrance examination, her hobby was strongly opposed by her family.
  "You are a girl, it ’s best to study economics and law." "Photography is not promising at first sight, and you are not allowed to study." "Equipment is so heavy. Can you take up your little arms?"
  In the end, she could only fill in the law on the college entrance examination voluntary form.
  But her enthusiasm for photography has never disappeared. She joined a photography agency in the university, consulted seniors and sisters, and took photos for classmates and friends to practice her hands. She also often saw her daily photography in the circle of friends.
  In her four years of college, she became more aware of her enthusiasm for photography, and she was determined to pursue photography in the future. The year she graduated, she told her parents decisively: "Let me try it, it has been delayed for four years. I hope this time I can make my own decision."
  After graduation, all the students around went to internships in well-known law firms and public prosecution law, or they also went to work in large companies.
  However, she went to a small company to work as a photography assistant. The salary was not good and the work was very trivial.
  When shooting a product, we must help find a large number of reference pictures; people photography, to communicate with the parties, most afraid of meeting disobedient children; moving props, carrying equipment are commonplace. The photographer felt that she was an intern and would not spend time teaching her more.
  After a month, the round arms could dimly see the muscle lines, but she never complained.
  Colleagues thought that such a little girl was not born in photography. She could not survive with enthusiasm alone. They all determined that she would quit her job before the end of the probation period.
  Classmates and parents don't understand what she is insisting on , so many job opportunities, you have to choose a difficult or flattering.
  But Yuanyuan knew exactly what she really wanted.
  At work, Yuanyuan will carefully observe the lighting skills of the photographer, analyze the composition of various types of photos, and learn how to shoot in a professional perspective.
  After work, other colleagues are discussing what a TV series looks good, a brand has a new bag, but stubbornly holding the camera everywhere to take pictures, there is only one thing in my mind "how to take pictures to look better".
  On one occasion, the company took over a big project, and the photographer couldn't get over it, allocating several products to Yuanyuan.
  Surprisingly, the round shots are no worse than professional photographers. The client was so satisfied that the photographer who took her looked at her.
  After the trial period, Yuanyuan was formally hired by the company, not as an assistant, but as a formal photographer.
  Ma Yun said that in society, we have no chance than being smart, and you have no more chance than diligence. The only thing that can be compared is the future.
  A few years later, Yuanyuan has become one of the best experts in photography by relying on her own silly energy. She also opened her own studio and finally made what she likes a career.
  The parents who once did not support her, finally understood that Yuanyuan's dream was not just talking .
  Opportunity has never been available, you never know when it will come.
  But when you come, if you do n’t have any preparations and missed it, you may never have it again.
  How long can one wait for an opportunity to come?
  Actor Lin Jiadong waited 28 years.
  Some time ago, at the 36th Hong Kong Film Awards, Lin Jiadong defeated Yu Wenle and won the film trophy.
  The 28-year-old supporting character who has been in the entertainment industry for 28 years has finally won the audience's affirmation by virtue of the excellent performance in "Big Tree".
  For a long time, Lin Jiadong played small roles, and basically there were no representative works that impressed everyone.
  Before entering the movie world, he had been running the TV set for 11 years. He is Yuan Chengzhi in "The Blue Blood Sword" and Ding Li in "New Shanghai Beach" is him, but no one remembers that he is Lin Jiadong.
  When I first entered the performing arts training class, as the shortest one in the class, the teacher saw him for the first time and said, "You can't look good. You can only work on your own."
  All the actors who entered the training course with him at the same time were all mixed up, but he played a small role without lines and names for 7 years.
  During this period, I also went to the "gag guy" of the funny show, which is similar to Chen Handian who was responsible for the funny harlequin in "Kangxi is here", or appeared in a singer's MV.
  Many people persuaded him to give up: "You look like you have no advantage and no background. It's difficult to be mixed in this circle!"
  But Lin Jiadong was so arrogant about acting, he told himself: "They don't understand it doesn't matter, I know what I'm doing is enough."
  Later, he turned to the big screen, and although he signed with Andy Lau, he still couldn't get rid of the supporting fate. The most played roles are villains and perverts.
  But he cherishes every opportunity to act, no matter what role, he takes the energy to act as the protagonist.
  The "Dongguan Tsai" in "Underworld" directed by Du Qifeng, he performed the fierce and arrogant character that should be in the role, and the movie emperor's puppet show, no less than;
  The multi-personality policeman at the Venice Film Festival "Detective" requires him to switch between different personalities, which is a big challenge, but his performance even Lao Du, who does not often praise himself, said to him, "You, you did well."
  He is really "stupid" when it comes to acting.
  For all these years, he was the last person to leave the studio;
  Even during the Spring Festival, he was working for the movie until three in the morning;
  When he is not filming, his favorite thing to do is to conceive the script, and he will spend a long time trying to figure out the characters;
  I bought Hong Kong newspapers at two in the morning, watched TV and social news every day, kept looking for inspiration in my life, and figured out how every character looks in life.
  Now 48 years old, he is still single, talking about his emotional affairs, but giving all the time to the movie, but he doesn't have time to spare for himself.
  He once said, "As long as I do my best for the film industry, even if I die suddenly one day, I have no regrets."
  For decades, like a day, seize the opportunity of each performance, love each character, learn, progress, progress, continue to learn, and continue to climb to the peak of performance.
  In this entertainment circle that relies on lace news gimmicks to gain attention, he is a good actor who lowers his heart and tempers his acting skills and strives to show his skills on the screen. Finally, he has proved one thing with his experience at the Golden Award: opportunities are always It is for prepared people.
  Mark Andrews once said, "Good luck is only a by-product. It only comes when you do things without any selfish thoughts."
  Would we say that Lin Jiadong is really lucky, I'm afraid not. He spent 28 years of obscurity to make the opportunity fall on him.
  Poet Wang Bo, in the Tang Dynasty era when there was no lack of scholars and scholars, immersed himself in reading books and diligently collecting literary works. Eventually, there was the "Echo of Teng Wang Ge", which has been circulated through the ages.
  Napoleon had not been reused by his superiors in the early days, but he read a lot of military books in private and studied tactics. In a repressive coup, he seized the opportunity to use his military talents, and led France to become stronger and stronger under joint siege over and over again, to secure his throne and to conquer almost the entire European continent;
  When Lang Lang first entered the piano world, he was just a seventh substitute and had no chance to perform. However, he did not give up because of this. He practiced day and night, impressed a famous musician in one opportunity, and promoted him to the position of first substitute. Later, he became popular in a performance. Well-known grand pianist.
  Lawrence J. Peter said, "Don't have a cherished mind, don't have the right idea. As long as you are an awl, even if you put it in your pocket, it will come out sharply."
  We always complain about unjust destiny. We have blood in the air, but we always succumb to reality and never think of resistance.
  Blindly pursuing opportunities, waiting for the rabbits, not fighting for, nor improving oneself. When the opportunity comes, I can only watch it disappear.
  Some people may want to learn baking today and want to be a doctor tomorrow. Their ideas change every day. Even if they have worked hard, they will end up in a bamboo basket and get nothing done.
  There is no shortage of opportunities in the world to make you famous overnight. You can only work hard with your own ingenuity, practice hard, and naturally open the door to meet it when opportunity knocks, and embrace the infinite possible future.