You are ruined by "waiting for time to do it"
  Koko is a travel expert who writes a gourmet column. We met on a journey and saw it as it was. I've seen her column before, food and travel labels, it's easy to make her feel very leisurely.
  Goodbye in Shenzhen, I only knew that she worked as a planning director in a well-known technology company and worked more than 10 hours a day.
  "Where does the time for travel and food come from?" I asked.
  "Squeezed." She answered very simply.
  Out of curiosity, I asked her schedule. Her lunch is basically settled outside. For half an hour every night, research the restaurants in the city and decide what to eat for lunch the next day. After eating, take another ten minutes to make a simple assessment record.
  As long as she doesn't work overtime during the long vacation, she will travel to places that have not yet been developed or are not over-developed. As for overseas travel, which is an annual luxury plan, she usually puts together annual leave with the Spring Festival. Using the strategy for more than half a year, every hotel and every meal is not wasted. The strategy is detailed to indicate the sunrise and sunset times.
  Koko's travel strategy is well done and the routes are novel. When you come back to one place, you can write many articles. Even everyone misunderstood that she was eating, drinking and having fun every day.
  "It's just because I'm too busy at work that I'm curious about eating, drinking, and having fun. I'm willing to study in depth, travel for ten days, and prepare for 300 days."
  Many people like to be unable to please themselves, accompany their families, and do things they like because of lack of time, but in real life, those people I know who understand life, love themselves, and spend time with their families are like Ke Busy people like Branch.
  We are willing to cherish and manage the leisure that is stolen from the busy, so that it will have double happiness. If there is nothing more than leisure and time passes, what you want to do is easy to push tomorrow today and tomorrow.
  I have friends around me. In the career upswing, I went home full time to accompany my children. But soon, I found out that she didn't do what she said before resigning, traveling with her children, reading pictures for her children, drawing pictures with her children, and playing the piano.
  When I went to her house, I often found that she was chasing dramas or playing mobile phones in bed, and the children watched cartoons or played toys by themselves.
  I didn't blame this friend. On the contrary, I particularly understand.
  This is human nature. When you have a lot of time, it is impossible to cherish your time carefully; when you feel that you can spend time with your children and family, you will not think hard about how to improve the quality of your company.
  So, if there is one thing you really want to do, don't say "Wait until I'm free." This is an excuse for infinite delay.
  I like Haruki Murakami, not only like his works, but also appreciate his attitude towards life.
  He started a business with his wife before graduating from college and borrowed money to open a jazz bar. It was difficult to pay off the debt owed by this store, but the landlord had to take back the store. They had to move to a bigger place, restart the stove and carry a debt.
  During the opening of the store, Haruki Murakami busily completed a degree from Waseda University. It takes seven years for an average person to get a degree in four years.
  He described the years he opened the store: Except for the hours before dawn, there was almost no free time. However, when he wanted to write a novel, he went to buy a pen and paper that afternoon and wrote for a while after closing the shop late at night. A novella with less than 50,000 words, Haruki Murakami wrote for half a year.
  In Haruki Murakami's autobiographical prose collection, he wrote: "No matter how busy my work is and how hard my life is, reading and listening to music is always a great joy to me. Only this joy can be won by anyone. Don't go. "
  Sometimes, it is easy for a person to indulge himself in a leisurely way, even without happiness-not really unhappy, but happiness is too easy, and it feels dull.
  Rather, it is those things that are achieved in a busy way. We will always remember them, and we deeply cherish and take pride in them.
  The real meaning of "wait until you have time" is to be bored before doing it. Only things that are not important should be placed in such a position. You can take time to do the things you like and the things that are important to you.
  Time is the most harsh and ruthless. For decades of life, every minute is there. Some people have a lifetime of magnificent sky and wide seas, and they can live for several lifetimes. Others, forever, have no time, no opportunity, no mood.
  If you always use no time as an excuse, time is your enemy. If you are willing to squeeze, time is your friend.