The real masters are silent ferries
  My postgraduate tutor is an amiable and eager professor. Perhaps because his mentor is an authority in the direction of international economic law and his rigorous academic studies, he inherited the demeanor of the master of the Southwest United University.
  He had a son who was in high school. The boy was outstanding and was studying in a very famous middle school, which had an experimental class named after the former prime minister, and he was the monitor of that class.
  His study results are particularly good, extra-curricular activities is also very good, there is every leader to visit the school, he was always the teacher sent to speak on behalf of students.
  Because it is too good, everyone thinks that Peking University and Tsinghua University must be other.
  The principal of the high school came to him and said that there were several places submitted to Peking University and Tsinghua University every year. After inspection, he met the conditions and decided to give him places.
  He asked the principal, if he gave up the quota, could he give it to other students?
  The principal was surprised by his answer, saying, of course, the quota would not be invalidated.
  He said, "All right! As a monitor, I hope that more people in our class can be admitted to Peking University or Tsinghua University. I can work hard to participate in the college entrance examination to Peking University. It would be better if the quota can be given to other students.
  At 18, he never thought he would fail. Due to his busy work, my mentor almost never gave him many guidelines in detail, but just emphasized in the general direction that he should study well.
  He failed in the college entrance examination and behaved abnormally. He did not enter Peking University and was accepted by RM University. Although this university is also a top10 university in China, after all, it is a little farther than Peking University of top1.
  On the evening of the end of our graduation reply, the instructor invited us to dinner and he went together.
  I asked him, do you regret your decision?
  He said he never regretted it and would do it again if he came back again. Now he has started to read professional classics, and plans to finish his undergraduate entrance examination or go abroad. I have already found my senior sister and recommended some books, hoping to do scientific research as soon as possible, and strive to write a good thesis in my undergraduate period.
  That year, he was only 18 years old. Later, we have never seen anyone with such a mindset and structure, no matter what kind of game in life, he will play a different kind of wonderful.
  I have a haircut. She is a very spooky girl. We are together in elementary, junior and senior high schools, and we go to different schools until college.
  In elementary school, she always brought home books and toys to the classroom to share with her friends.
  In middle school, she always summarized the most popular exercises one step earlier, and then explained the advantages and disadvantages of various reference books. Many times, her weekends are spent combing and summarizing various knowledge. She is naturally welcomed by her classmates.
  Her family has a good relationship with the math teacher.
  Once, after lunch, I saw her unhappy and asked her what happened?
  She said, "Dad scolded me. Because the math teacher said that I often share my learning experience with my classmates, which is a waste of time. The teacher complained to my dad, and my dad scolded me, hoping that I could put more thought on myself. However, Am I really doing something wrong? I like to do it! If I leave my car behind closed doors to study, it would be boring. "
  I comforted her for a long time. She cheered up quickly, still unable to change her nature.
  Later, she went to college. In college, she still maintains this personality and is helpful.
  In many students, they only work hard to fight forward: postgraduate, work, love ...
  She spends a lot of time doing many things for her class. Not only is she good at homework, but she also often helps the teacher.
  When she graduated, she had seven offers in hand, and the school also recommended her to work on the S-Exchange. These records made her a school figure for a time.
  She said that she was a person who could not bear to see others falling behind, walking alone, walking fast, a group of people walking, walking far.
  The 2016 film "Ferryman" is a bad review on major evaluation websites. Many netizens are puzzled, why would Wang Jiawei bring a ticket to the superstar of Zhang to accompany Zhang Jiajia to play? Why did Wang Jiawei dare to tie Zhang Jiajia's fame to the never-directed? Is Wang Jiawei short of money? ...
  Questions and criticisms on the Internet are rushing.
  Here's what happened:
  Zhang Jiajia's book "Walking Through Your World" has spread all over the country, with 400 million people reading his articles. Wang Jiawei is one of them.
  Wang Jiawei, who often shuttles in novels, sees that this book is very special, and some young people have the aura in it.
  He found Zhang Jiajia and said that the story was well written and he needed to buy an adapted screenplay to make a movie.
  The flattered Zhang Jiajia quickly sold the article to him.
  He said that the script was better written by the original author.
  Zhang Jiajia wrote the script of "Ferryman" in the room, and edited it more than 170 times. When finished, give it to Wang Jiawei.
  Wang Jiawei said, "I'm the producer, you're the director."
  Zhang Jiajia had no confidence, never directed a film, and cooperated with world-renowned directors for the first time.
  Zhang Jiajia said, "OK, but you have to be by my side."
  Wang Jiawei said, OK, just say what you need.
  Zhang Jiajia said that Liang Chaowei, Jin Chengwu, Rhododendron, Angelababy, Luhan, Eason Chan are needed ...
  Wang Jiawei said, OK, everyone is here.
  The movie killed the young man and Wang Jiawei said to Zhang Jiajia, look, I didn't lie to you, I've been there.
  The movie's name "Ferryman" has two meanings. One is that the heroine in the script is a lover who is fervent, and she secretly loves a male who paints, and silently shields him from wind and rain. . On another level, Wang Jiawei is Zhang Jiajia's ferryman. Wang Jiawei, who is more than 50 years old, has received countless honors in his life, and has reached the age of supporting or digging up a new generation of talented young people.
  What he looked for was whether he could find a young man with spirituality and potential, and teach him what he had learned in life. As for fame and fortune, it was already as light as hair.
  Su Dongpo went to Hangzhou to do assassination history. When a case was tried one day, the plaintiff sued the defendant for not paying the debts. The plaintiff said: "I helped the worker to save up to twelve dollars, and lent the defendant two months earlier as capital. He and I were good neighbors, stating that they would not charge interest, but when I asked for it, he would pay it back. Me. Today, I have a daughter-in-law in my room, anxiously waiting for Yinzi to marry him. Instead of looking for Yinzi, he hit me! "
  The defendant argued in court: "Borrowing his twelve pieces of silver, it was sold as a fan long before the beginning of the summer. I didn't expect that the weather was still cold after the Dragon Boat Festival this year, and everyone wore a robe. Who would buy my fan? Ah! The rain has been raining again and again these days, and the fan has been moldy in the box. I do n’t have any money to pay off the debt, so he scolded me, hit me, I hit him on the fire!
  Su Dongpo frowned in the hall and ordered the defendant to go home and bring twenty white folding fans. Su Dongpo opened the folding fans one by one, spread them on the desk, grinded the thick ink, dipped the pen, and painted those fans into pine bamboo plums or mountain bonsai. He said to the defendant: "You take it to the door and shout 'Su Shi's painting, buy one or two pieces of silver', and you can sell it immediately. Twelve or two will be used to repay the debt, and the other 12 will be used for other business ! "
  The two took the fan, ran outside the yamen, and only yelled twice. Twenty folding fans were snatched and emptied. In this way, the plaintiff and the defendant each returned to their homes happily, holding twelve white flowers of silver.
  The wisdom of Su Dongpo lies in that he did not get caught in the case, but tried his best to find a win-win or multi-win solution to the problem. This approach is really clever.
  I have seen an interview with Jet Li when he was young. He said that there was a time when work pressure was particularly high because it had become a box office elixir. Many investors and directors came to him. Everyone wanted to make a good movie to make money. He could only desperately. Work is like a hen laying eggs so desperately that only when more eggs are laid will everyone be satisfied and solve the plight of many investors.
  Real masters think differently than ordinary people. They can jump out of a small circle of self-interest, help others ferry, and ultimately benefit everyone.
  Those who quietly help us ferry, we call the nobles of life.
  The 18-year-old student, my hair boy, Wang Jiawei, Su Dongpo, Jet Li ... are all ferrymen. They quietly help others from this shore to the other shore, without asking for returns, are real masters.