You have to believe that the hardest moments will pass
  Have you ever had a love affair? At that time, did you feel that you would never love or be loved again in your life? You think you can't get out of love in your whole life, but now you, mentioning the person you once loved, have also become hysterical from the hysteria?
  Yesterday, I saw Amin in the circle of friends taking a photo with his new boyfriend. In the photo, she is full of smiles and flowers. I looked at the photos and could not help thinking of the girl who had declared she would never fall in love two years ago.
  Amin and his ex-boyfriend passed through the graduation break-up season, went through a difficult period of career, survived the last level of their parents, the good things were approaching, but the ex-boyfriend suddenly changed his mind, so the boyfriend broke up with her heartily.
  At that time, Amin seemed to be no different from ordinary people during the day, barely holding up an injured heart, still joking and joking with colleagues, but at night, a person was crying in the room, heartbroken. At that time, she felt like she had reached the end of her life, thinking that the person she loved no longer loved herself, and her heart was empty, and she didn't know how to place it.
  But looking at Amin's current state, I finally know that the most painful thing in life is not that no one loves it, but the ability to lose love. No matter how deeply you have been hurt, you always have to believe that there will be a person in your life that will allow you to forgive all the difficulties you have had before living.
  I passed a real estate with Salsa the day before yesterday. Salsa pointed to a house on the highway and proudly said to me, "Look at the 12th floor of that building, and it will be my home in the future."
  I looked at her in surprise, then couldn't help but admire the girl from the bottom of my heart.
  I still remember that a few years ago, Sa Sa was the one who was pulling the suitcase at any time and moving home every three months. At that time, Sasha had just arrived in Chengdu, she had no place to stay, she had just started her job, and lived a life of tight clothing. Her rented houses were basically the cheapest-of course, living in such a house, the problem There must be many. A 70-square-foot house was actually isolated from more than a dozen rooms. Other roommates played cards and drank, chat and chased dramas at night. The sound was too loud to make people fall asleep. Sometimes I meet roommates who don't like hygiene. I do n’t throw the garbage in front of the door for four or five days. On a hot summer day, the room smells bad.
  At one point, the landlord had taken her away less than half a month after she moved in. It was a cold and windy night. She packed her things, packed them away, and found a fast food restaurant that was open overnight. She asked for a cup of coffee and stayed there all night.
  Sa Sa said it was the most desperate moment in her life. At that time, she wondered whether she would live such a wandering life in her whole life, or whether she could no longer continue to chase her dreams here. Thinking of sadness, she cried, and even resigned, thinking about whether to return home. But in the end, she clenched her teeth and turned her life with practical hard work and tenacious will.
  There will be hard times for anyone. When you feel that the world is going to collapse and no one can help you, you may not realize that the only person who can really help you is you. Sometimes you find that it's another day to bite your teeth and stamp your feet, and then all the difficulties turn into a cloud of smoke. Those roads you have gone through and the hardships you have suffered will eventually make you better.
  I remember my most desperate moment when my grandma died. At that time, I thought that no one in the world would love me anymore. I was like a grass on the side of the road waving in the wind and no longer relying on me. On the day my grandma was born, I burst into tears. For the first time in my life, I felt like the sky was spinning and almost fainted.
  During that time, I was already thin and lost 8 pounds a month. I ca n’t eat well, I do n’t feel good sleep, and the whole person loses his backbone.
  Later, I stepped forward step by step with the pain. Every year, Qingming remembered my grandma, and my heart hurt and my tears flowed. But after the sadness, I knew to comfort myself, everything must look forward. After all, I really live well, and that is my greatest comfort to my loved ones.
  The "Four Precepts Four Trainings" once wrote: all kinds of things before, such as death yesterday. In the future, such as today.
  No matter what kind of dilemma you are facing, even when the mountains and rivers are exhausted, you still have to firmly believe that there will be a day when there will be flowers.
  In life, people will encounter difficulties of all sizes. At your most frustrated moment, you may even feel that everything around you is against you.
  The writer Li Ailing once said that the tears that flow will become a river that crosses you; the suffering you have will illuminate your way forward.
  Don't live with the past because it has passed; don't live with the reality because you have to live on. Don't compete with others or yourself. Where there is shadow, there will be sunshine.
  Do what you want to do, love the person you love the most, no matter what you have encountered and what you are experiencing now, you must believe that there is no sorrow, but only a willingness to change. All difficult moments will pass.