Destiny always favors those who work hard
  In the eyes of the people around me, I am very lucky. He published a book and was admitted to graduate school. Suddenly cared for by fate, she was also flattered. Because before that I was not a very lucky person.
  Last spring, I lost my postgraduate entrance examination and missed my favorite 985 college. My mood fluctuated too much, the weather was too hot, I had bronchitis, and I continued to cough for a long time. For several months, my voice was dumb, and the whole person lost a lot of weight.
  At that time, I stayed in the room and didn't want to go out to work. Several times, I wondered if I read the score wrong, so I checked it again on the Internet. In the end, the reality was naked before me, and I lost my heart.
  At that time, I was very enamored of wandering, and maybe there was a bit of self-pity in Gu Ying. I like to sit near the window, watching the empty train, and the drizzle is floating on the window. I look into the distance, like a duckweed, and I don't know where it will end up.
  When I came to Shenzhen, I found a job and rented a house. The house is close to the suburbs, and there are factories around it, and noise can easily come in. Every night, it was too noisy to sleep. Although the life at that time was difficult, there was still hope. After all, we had to endure those lives that might be worse in the future.
  The writer San Mao once said, "A man has at least one dream , and there is a reason to be strong . If the heart does not have a place to live , it is wandering everywhere." And the habitat of my soul is that narrow square meter. In the space, there is a vague and beautiful yearning for the future.
  In those lonely days, I slowly followed the unclear road, through a heavy haze, and carefully explored the front.
  In the past few years, my family objected to my entrance examination. In their eyes, the institution is a destination worthy of recognition and display. But I was so detached that I couldn't tolerate my day-to-day life in one post.
  On several occasions, they approached me with a long conversation and moved out many examples to persuade me to get lost. At that moment, I was soberly aware that these are the two generations' different views on the world. I can understand them, but they can't understand me and recognize this evolving age.
  Stubborn, I dragged my suitcase, and in the exhausted coughing, I came to Shenzhen, insisting on that awkward and simple dream.
  By chance, I shared the text of the postgraduate study on the Internet under the suggestion of a friend, which unexpectedly caused a huge response. The article reached the top of Sina's Hot Search. A friend called and encouraged me to go and comfort me not to give up.
  That night, the world belongs to me. I stood in the middle of the stage and laughed and wept.
  I don't know how many people were encouraged and hurt by that article. But I am very clear that no matter how complicated the world is, you must not lose your dream, because that is the only reason to persuade yourself to live.
  Many people know that I write, and when others mention it occasionally, I only laugh at myself as a play ticket. In those days when no one was paying attention, I slowly wrote some 100,000+ explosive articles. The online media asked me to write columns. Traditional magazines successively accepted my articles. Gradually publishers also sought me for submissions. .
  Many friends think I am lucky, but I don't know the hard work behind me. Compared to luck or talent, I prefer to talk about my hard work and the dumbest love I insist on.
  I love writing, and I want to write it down and stick to it. Therefore, I write every article very carefully. People are like this. The harder you work, the luckier you are. With that calm effort and persistence, I saw a hope for the future.
  Every person is born with a different destiny. Someone's fate, somebody's fate. But God is fair. While giving us different levels of life, it also gives you a corresponding opportunity to grow.
  On the way to writing, I met a very admired friend. His name is Grandma, two years older than me. One year, he failed in business, was betrayed by his friends, and had hundreds of thousands of debts.
  No one expected that he recorded that experience with writing. Once the article was published, it immediately attracted the publisher's attention, and finally successfully signed a contract for publication.
  Fate strangled his throat, but he finally shook hands with fate.
  A Liang survived the dark days, from no one at the beginning, to the current situation. I asked him if he had complained about life and thought it was unfair to him.
  Grandma was silent for a while and said to me, "Have complained, but what can you do? Rather than make people feel sorry, try your best to win the favor of fate.
  When others talk about his success, he often uses time to explain. But for those who work hard, it is understandable to be favored by fate, only time sooner or later.
  When he said goodbye, he sent me a word that made me remember: "Once you compromise, life will be stubborn; if you work hard, life is far away."
  Looking at Grandma, I couldn't help feeling: the more bumpy the road, the more experience there will be. As long as you are willing to work hard, you will become stronger.
  Despite his fame now, A Liang did not have the slightest pride, and still maintained a constant humility and diligence. He has never been slack in writing. Even if you are on a business trip, don't forget to put a notebook beside you so that you can record your inspiration at any time.
  Luck is often the humility of the strong. You see their scenery, but you cannot see the hardship behind it. Behind every luck, there is a story that has nothing to do with luck. And in the end, those sufferings became the way to illuminate them.
  In mid-April that year, his condition stabilized and his cough gradually improved. In the humid warm wind along the coast, I made friends and started a new life.
  One weekend, my colleague asked me to watch Crazy Animal City. He said it was a great movie. At his earnest request, I was dragged to the cinema.
  I thought it was just an ordinary cartoon, but suddenly I couldn't help crying when I saw it. I looked at Judy Rabbit, and despite the opposition of my family and friends, I resolutely came to Animal City. In the city, she was alone, working hard for the police dream.
  Stumbled all the way, just to try to prove themselves. Looking at Rabbit Judy, I seemed to see myself, and saw the efforts of every ordinary person chasing dreams. Although it is not optimistic, it is still stormy and unreserved.
  In the end, Judy saved Animal City, regained his own luck, and became an excellent policeman. I remember deeply in Crazy Animal City, a memorable phrase: "Life will always be a little uncomfortable, and we will all make mistakes. It doesn't matter what your nature is, what is important is that you start to change."
  We all make mistakes, we all have mistakes. But it's not important. What's important is that you can come out of adversity and carry on this dream as you always do.
  Destiny always favors those who work hard. You must maintain the ability to learn constantly, use your efforts to accumulate strength, and make your ambitions worthy of your dreams. And your persistence will eventually make life better.