It's ok to be tired. Comfort is left to the dead.
  I called Xuemei in the evening and congratulated her on entering the advertising agency she wanted. But the end of the phone was obviously not high, and it was completely different from the joy of words when he first got the offer.
  I asked her, "Is it work that doesn't go well?"
  The school girl snorted moaned: "Well, I think it's not the same as I think."
  Her dream is to become an "pointing country, inspiring text" advertiser, write advertising copy spread throughout the Internet, and make a work that can be passed on to the world. Similarly, the advertising industry in her eyes is also the kind of beautiful men and women in American dramas gathered together and easily won the industry awards.
  Can it be realistic? Since joining the bank, she has been doing data collection and collecting courier daily. Seeing her group leader of less than 30, she has been worried for the solution. The advertising award is even more ridiculous. The overnight plan was not rejected by Party A. Thank God. After entering the company, staying up late all night is a common occurrence. I thought that I could see the big-name star schoolgirl every three weeks, but the star did not see it, but I saw the collagen on my face quickly drained, and I used a three-layer foundation for dark circles Can't hide ...
  Think about dreams and compare them with reality.
  But as a visitor, after listening to some complaints, I told her calmly: "If this psychological gap makes you unacceptable, then I suggest you resign. But before you resign, you must think clearly, your next job may be This state is not even as good as this. "
  Listening to the younger girl crying over there, I hurried to finish the words: "But the gap is not too bad, it shows that you have found the direction of struggle earlier than others ."
  Looking at the bright life of others, but not satisfactory. That's okay, the life you envy is the direction of your struggle.
  I think the biggest impression that I have from the ivory tower to work is "knowledge is difficult," and indeed many jobs are not as good as we think, and the salary is not as high as we think. Even different people in the same company, in the same department, and in the same position, the salary and benefits are very different.
  Do n’t forget, ability, experience, and experience are all values ​​that can be realized; you are just a pony standing on the shore and seeing the lush woods on the other side of the river, you do n’t know the depth and want to go to the other side of the river. As everyone knows, the reality is that the river in front of you, whether it can flow past or not is still a problem.
  There is a saying "interlaced like a mountain", laymen only see the bright side of this industry, but they cannot see everyone's efforts to make a living.
  It's as if you only saw a few minutes and seconds of the athlete winning the championship, but you can't see his hard training in the past few years.
  As a layman, we are like butterflies fluttering and fluttering for the delicateness of the roses. We didn't realize until close that the countless spikes were hidden under the delicate petals.
  The distance between dreams and reality is close to the hazy beauty through frosted glass. You can see its true colors when you approach it. However, true love from the heart does not discourage reality. Because the flowers are really convincingly hidden in the flowers, and the true meaning of the industry can only be realized if you experience it with your heart.
  There is a beauty salon in front of my house. Every day before 8 o'clock in the morning, everyone has to come out for aerobics. Shouting "I love work, my tomorrow will be better because of today's efforts. Come on."
  When I first met, I thought this group of people was ridiculous. It wasn't the boss who brainwashed everyone to make money.
  But I listened a lot. When I passed by, I couldn't help but repeat it in my heart, only to find that fighting chickens was not all about killing the boss, but also to get closer to my dream future.
  Luo Zhenyu has said a word , he said:. "The more you describe in detail about the future, you close it from the more recent"
  Each of us works to earn a living, but we work hard not to earnestly earn a living, to support our families, but to a better future.
  After graduating from college, I entered an accounting firm. That firm has a well-known reputation in the industry. When it comes to insiders, it can always be seen high, which is very satisfying to my vanity.
  But in addition to saturation of vanity, during the internship in the office, the salary was pitifully low. Only on business trips, there is a subsidy of 80 yuan a day. The salary is low, but there is a lot of work to do. I often do not wake up at home on weekends. When a leader calls, I have to go to the company to work overtime. During the annual review, overtime is more normal.
  During that time, I was disappointed with the job. I think it's too far from my imagination. In my impression, this industry that deals with the economy must have an annual salary of at least hundreds of thousands, be able to drive a luxury car, live in a luxury house, and enter and leave high places every day. It is respected.
  But the reality is that I still rely on part-time subsidies to cover the main business. I squeeze buses to work every day, eat a dipbox lunch at noon, and work at the bottom of the company's food chain. All business trips are also made by township and village enterprises. Fish pond, guesthouse with pigsty back.
  However, when I left the industry and looked back, I found that there was nothing wrong with this job. On the contrary, I lacked an overestimation of experience and misunderstood it. At the same time, because of my misunderstanding, I am in a state of mind. I am making negative psychological hints to myself every day. I feel that my work is only to reduce the burden on my family. And my future, completely tied to a certificate, has a bleak future and is physically and mentally exhausted.
  Then I realized that it wasn't the work itself that really overwhelmed me, but I kept suggesting my negative emotions.
  My current job is about twice the pressure and length of work, and I often communicate with people at 11.2pm, all year round. But I still feel very happy. Every day, like the beauty salon staff at the door screaming "I love work", I constantly strengthen myself with psychological hints.
  I'm tired of writing and interacting with clients, but I can get a lot of paper fees; I'm tired of work, but I go all out to get me closer and closer to my dream. I wandered alone and left my hometown, but it also allowed me to grow quickly. It is not easy to gain a foothold in a big city, but it has given me back with countless superior resources and development platforms.
  I often hear people complain that work is too hard and life is too tiring. Even myself myself often sigh like this. But every time I walked through that trough and looked back, I thought, "It's just hard and tiring."
  Anyone who climbs the mountain knows that going uphill is much more tiring than going downhill. If you feel tired, it means that you are going uphill.
  So I live very happily every day. There is a very cheesy saying: "May it wake up to you not alarm clock but dreams." This is the portrayal of my life now.
  I can truly feel that every effort I make can be rewarded; my tomorrow is really getting better and better, even if it is a little bit bitter and tired, I can cope. Because I firmly believe that they drive me closer to my dreams.
  So when someone complained about life and complained that work was not as good as I thought. I all advise them, may wish to throw away your previous imagination of the void, and settle down to feel seriously what this job can bring you. At the same time, constantly enhance positive positive cues to yourself.
  Your future will be better because of your current efforts! better! better!