What made you grow up overnight?
  I went to the hospital for a physical examination the previous month and found that the corneal injury was accompanied by high intraocular pressure. Doctors say they can develop glaucoma if left unchecked.
  Old authors who have always heard the old complain about this kind of author's common occupational disease. At that time, I was still young, and my neck was lifted, and I thought, "What's the matter with me?" I never thought it would be my turn so soon.
  When did I know I grew up? Probably, before, I only felt that the process of doing a physical examination was troublesome, but suddenly one day I started to be afraid of the outcome more than the process.
  When I was in college, I was a backpacker with my friends. I have worked hard to save the toll, and I feel that it is extremely expensive every time in a foreign country. A few girls strolled late at night on the streets of a foreign land, and they could still wading in the mountains the next morning.
  At that time, the deeper the night, the more excited I was. With a single cry from the heart, the whole body can suddenly wake up from the sleep.
  Now, I really need to stay up late because of overtime, preparing for an exam, or hurrying, but start to speed up my heartbeat after zero, even if I make a few packets of coffee, it is hard to get back. Only then did I realize that not everything can be "victorious." I shouted 200 times in my heart, "You are full of energy," and I still couldn't bear the fact that I kept dozing off after the night.
  It used to be no problem to go to the fifth floor in one breath, but now I sit in the office all day, but feel sore back when I am off work. I used to eat glutinous oil stalls with great taste, and now I eat high-end seafood buffets.
  I started to take vitamins, started to read the health books that I once dismissed, and started to understand the elders who were superstitious about health. I started to adjust my schedule. When I didn't stay up all night, I drew the word "positive" on the plan book. If I was dissatisfied with the drawing, I would panic.
  My friend Bijun said that for the first time, she had grown up when her mother asked her helplessly, "Daughter, how much money is left in your bank card."
  Bijun's first job after graduation was in the heart of the city. Everyone else lives in a nearby basement, or rents it in the outskirts where subways and wheels are needed. As soon as she left the school, she lived in an apartment building in the urban area.
  According to her, at that time, she never kept a book of accounts and spent it when she was paid. She only cared about whether she was happy at work.
  When she returned home the second year of work, she felt that the situation at home was a bit subtle. Mother pulled her to the corner after dinner, her face was ugly, and asked her: "How much money is left in your bank card? Or how much is the housing provident fund? Mom can't afford the mortgage, can you afford it?"
  The mother's eyes were embarrassed. She obviously wanted to hide the misery of life, just as before.
  At that time, Bijun stopped. For a long time, this family has given her a feeling: she will always be the child responsible for receiving gifts in this home. And this was the first time she felt that she had been classified as a member who shared the pressure of the family and became the creator of the family, not just the giver of the family.
  Parents used to hide the other side of life. Now, facing the children who grew up, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief, tearing the whole life, revealing the inner ruins.
  A netizen once asked a question, at what instant did you feel you were getting old?
  Some people say that it is said in a sports program that this is a 92-year-old veteran; some people say that it is a long time to fill in the information to fill their age, and some people say I grew up because I like playing skateboarding when I was in college, and I also dress like a skateboarding youth. Nowadays, I wear more professional clothes.
  Haruki Murakami once wrote a sentence that I thought was the true meaning of growth: It is necessary in a sense to experience such lonely and lonely periods as a young man. This is the same as if a tree must thrive in the winter if it is to thrive. If the climate is always so warm and unchanging, it will not even have annual rings.
  The significance of growth is that it will never tell you what is going to happen in advance, and time will tell you how painful it is to lead you through everything.
  Can you remember the moment you grew up overnight?