Stop saying you work hard, you're just blind
  When meeting with friends, I always ask what I have been doing recently, and the answer of many people is: hi, blindly.
  At this time, if you ask a question, what are you busy with? There are probably two answers. One is to introduce you to his life and work in an orderly way, what meetings are scheduled, what activities are attended, and how much work is done. Being busy is just being humble. Others, for a long time, finally said, "Nothing, really blind."
  In fact, everyone is busy, busy with class, busy with work, busy with leaders, busy with love and marriage. It seems that no one is willing to stop in place, and no one is willing to be easily surpassed. So, someone will sigh, you see who is so busy all day, really hard work!
  Busy and hard-working, I don't know when I will be assigned an equal sign. As long as you show a busy look, others will nod in approval. Similarly, if you are occasionally lazy or do nothing, then someone will jump out and accuse you of not thinking.
  There was a time when I asked for a long vacation to travel, and my friends once said inexplicably that if you did this, you would n’t be overtaken by someone. I am so eager for ease now, and there will be times when I will suffer and suffer.
  But in my opinion, it may be a good thing to be busy, but if you are not busy with the idea, you are not as efficient as it is.
  A busy person is a person who does not take busyness as capital.
  I have a colleague who looks very busy every day and is anxious to come to work. The state of tension is always tight and I can't be idle for a moment.
  At the meeting, he will carefully prepare a large amount of information and always be the first to speak positively; he participates in any activity and works overtime almost every day, always lamenting that the time is not enough.
  But in the project team, his work completion is the lowest. He is not discouraged, always saying, I'm stupid, stupid bird flies first, I ask if I don't understand, I will study hard if I don't, and one day will get better.
  In fact, his problem was not to work hard first, but not to work on ideas at all-most of the materials prepared for the meeting were cumbersome and useless, and he did not understand induction and selection; each speech was cumbersome and repetitive, and his views were not clearly expressed . Whenever someone pointed out these problems to him, he only said that he would pay attention next time, but he would always repeat it next time. This kind of busyness, at best, only creates a bitter image, but it is useless.
  No adjustment of thinking, no improvement of ability, no matter how hard you try, it is like itching it off. In the final analysis, such busyness only touched me, and eventually dragged myself down.
  A busy person should be a targeted person who knows what to do at what time, knows how to properly arrange daily work and life, and finds his own shortcomings to make up on the basis of busyness. This is busy. Effect.
  A busy person is a person who keeps improving.
  There are also people who are not busy with ideas and are extremely blind. Obviously, at the beginning of the year, more than a dozen small goals were set. I vowed that they must be completed within the year, and then maybe I really persisted for a period of time. But at the end of the year, I discovered that none of them had been achieved. Whenever I think of it, I will say that I am usually too busy and have no time at all.
  In fact, many people are busy, but they will not use their fragmented time.
  In addition to sleeping, working, and eating, there are always some days at your disposal that are free to do. Many people spend their time browsing the web, being dazed, and doing nothing. But a person who lives efficiently will make the most of these fragments of time to do many things.
  I am an advertiser, claiming to be one of the busiest jobs. I work overtime almost every day, and I travel more than 100 days a year. As far as I am concerned, I am used to it. But I still can guarantee that I read 1 hour, write 2 hours, drink tea for 1 hour, and also take flower arrangement classes, tea art classes, etc.
  Too many people have asked me how to do it. The reality is very simple. It is to make the most of my fragmented time: on the way to see customers, read a few articles; in the toilet, think about new topics; the process of eating Listen to other people's stories; whenever you have time, open the mobile memo to start coding, and then go home at night to organize.
  You must first understand what your goals are, and then split the goals into smaller goals that can be completed in a relatively short period of time, and then supplement and improve them a little bit to achieve the goal.
  A busy person is a person who can make reasonable use of time.
  I used to be a person who likes to say that I am busy. I update daily in the circle of friends. How many hours do I work overtime today, how many customers have I met today, and how much work have I accomplished today. Then I watched others praise the comments and lamented my efforts, I felt that my kind of busy was worth it.
  Until one day a senior said bluntly, what do you think of your busyness as? Showing off successful capital? Is it a tool to prove your efforts?
  It was a big hit and it woke me up.
  The busy process should be silent, silent, and need not be made public. I always lament that I am very tired and busy, either I am not busy with the results I want, or I am not using this busyness as my habit. A hard-working person will not open his mouth every day to say how hard he is, because he is used to working hard. Similarly, a busy person is used to being busy and doesn't think it is worth telling, because that is his life.
  Rather than saying that you are busy, in fact, you should keep yourself busy, do things practically, step by step, and keep busy every day.
  I always sighed that I was busy. The subtext was just trying to express myself very hard. I worked so hard, but it did n’t work out, was n’t it my fault? That is God's injustice. But in fact, a busy person never talks about hard work and success, they only care what kind of experience can be obtained in this busy. No matter what kind of effort, it should be efficient and useful.
  A busy person is a person who does not say he is busy but can do things practically.
  So, do you really work hard, or are you just busy?