The most expensive person is yourself
  Two years ago, the unit sent me to Shanghai for a show. During this period, I met a girl named Su Su. Su Su is very beautiful. At first I thought she was the heroine of the show. Later, I learned from a friend that she was the producer of the show.
  I told my friend, "Su Su is so beautiful, it's a shame not to be an actor." My friend laughed and said, "In fact, she wanted to be an actor at first, but she never found her place on the road of acting. It was finally turned behind the scenes. "
  Su Su graduated from an art school in Shanghai and chose to stay in Shanghai after graduation. Although her parents kept persuading her to go home, she refused. She knew that only in Shanghai would it be possible to realize her dream .
  However, the cruelty of the society caught Su Su by surprise. In order to make a living, she had to work part-time as a performance teacher, and worked hard to package and sell herself in her spare time.
  Someone asked her to make a few online movies, but the results were not satisfactory. Slowly, Su Su found that no one was looking for her to act, and her idea of ​​going home was getting stronger and stronger.
  While she was preparing to go back, a company suddenly asked her to make a movie. Although the role is average, Su Su thinks this may be her last chance.
  She quickly joined the crew, followed the audition, stayed up late to watch the script, and often practiced in the mirror until midnight. While she was immersed in her actor's dream, the director told her that the role had changed because she felt that she did not fit the role.
  Knowing the result, Su Su cried all night. At that moment, Su Su suddenly couldn't find her value. She didn't understand why many people could find their nobles? Why does fate keep tormenting itself?
  After buying a train ticket home, Su Su was lost in thought. At the start of the train, Su Su shredded the ticket. She wants to work harder, and despite her adversity, she also has to rebound.
  After her own path was blocked, Su Su began to fight behind the scenes. She hoped that she could become an excellent producer.
  Su Su said to the mirror: "Since you can't meet your noble, let yourself be a noble." Su Su said so, and did the same.
  In fact, every industry has its own difficulties. As a producer, you need to entertain in a complex environment, meet different people, talk about different days, and stick to the road of your dreams.
  Su Su's efforts finally paid off. Not only did she get sponsorship, she also found excellent script and reliable production team.
  During that time, Su Su stayed up every day, but she lived very well. When the movie was killed, Su Su cried. She later told her friends: "I don't have the right to shrink back in front of my dreams. If you can't find your noble on this road, then find a way to create a miracle."
  Only if a person does not give up and refuses to lose, will fate be favored by him and give him the last chance to come back. Because he is the most important noble.
  Last year, I sent my child to a key junior high school in the city and met high school classmate Zhang Kai. I thought he was here to send the child to school, but I didn't expect him to be a history teacher in this famous school.
  To tell the truth, after I heard the news, I still didn't believe it, because Zhang Kai dropped out of school due to family reasons in high school!
  Facing my incredible, Zhang Kai told me the story after he dropped out of school.
  Zhang Kai said that he chose to take the self-study exam after dropping out of school, thinking that even if his life wouldn't really change much, he still had to let go.
  Process is very difficult, but Zhang Kai chose to bite the stick . In order to be able to go to college, he put in an unimaginable effort, and often read books and fell asleep on the books. Finally, this desperate effort gave him the result he wanted.
  Facing my praise, Zhang Kai said lightly: "This is really nothing, but it is worthy of my own dedication. Since there are no nobles in my life , I will do my best."
  Being your own noble, don't forget your original heart in the years of suffering, don't let the world lose your eyes, and every step you know clearly what you want, this is our own life height.
  Everyone in this world is looking for their nobles, but often ignores themselves. We always complained about the door closed by heaven, but forgot that we could open a window.
  The stage of one's life is not in the eyes of others, but in his own heart. A person's performance on his own stage is not for the applause of others, but to adapt to the breadth, width and depth of his soul.
  The vast majority of us are ordinary people, have no background, have encountered noble people, and may not have attended any good school, but these are not a hindrance. The point is, which way we are determined to go, what kind of people we want to be, and how we are going to fight against our laziness.
  Spring silkworms will ache, it will hurt; Phoenix nirvana, it will hurt. But only after experiencing these pains can one be free. We don't have to expect that nobles will appear in our lives. We can move forward by ourselves. We must believe in our dreams and continue to adhere to them.
  Only in this way can we become our nobles.