It's not that work is not good, but it's useless to learn
  1. It is not useless to read, it is useless to you
  My friend C started to complain to me again, still the same as the youngest, two or three years of work, the salary is still a little bit, this is the industry, more work is more trouble is less money. Colleagues around are so little wages, I really do not know what spirit is supporting everyone, so this is the way to continue for ten or eight years, how to buy a house and a car to raise children?
  I asked her: "I heard that your boss earns several million a year, and I have a friend who also works in this industry. It is considered a leader in your industry. The first year's salary is 40W."
  Little C said, "That's true, but my boss is very hard. He is still unmarried. And these are very rare phenomena. Most people don't have such high salaries!"
  Isn't this world that just a small number of great people get more, most ordinary people are the same? Which industry is not so?
  I asked Xiao C: "What do you think is the biggest characteristic of your boss?"
  Little C said: "Workaholics, do n’t die, especially if you can invest in yourself to study , she probably does n’t have much money left. But I do n’t know how much to study. I usually like to learn, but I feel that my salary is also Nothing lifting. "
  Oh, I think of a big V Weibo, a reader asked him: reading is useless at all, I read so many books, or 3,000 monthly salary, you liar.
  Big V replied to him: It is not useless to read, it is useless to you!
  2. Look at the problem and perspective to determine your future
  I ate with a friend a few days ago, and the friend said to me, "Lao Zhao, the financial management course you recommended in WeChat, I took a free course at the end of last year, and then took a lot of their other courses. More than 10%. Although I do n’t make as much money as you, I am confident that I will exceed you by investing! "
  After that, this is a rich man. I remember when he was studying other paid courses last year, I also helped him find some coupons or something. I didn't expect to get rich so soon. I thought that 10% was too high. I was jealous. I had to tease him: "I have no fortune, it's too miserable, God let me earn money honestly, why did I plunge as soon as I entered the stock market."
  The friend then said to me, "I will chop my hand at the first sight of your recommendation. I dare not read your article and can't resist it. Just say the English you recommended before, and you have learned that for several years. I have learned it now Half a year ago, the company in the first half chose the candidate for the United States in the second half of the year. Although I wasn't hello, I was surprised when my speaking skills improved, and it was all right. "
  I often receive a lot of letters from netizens, saying what I learned after my recommendation, how I did it, and what progress I have made, especially thank me. In fact, I am particularly happy, not because you believe me, but because you are willing to try to change yourself.
  Every time I share the learning content, some people think that it is an ad curse, and some people seriously read the content and listen to the registration every day. The perspective and perspective on the problem determine the future of everyone.
  3. Is it that you are not able to make money, or that the industry has no money?
  A few days ago I wrote a Weibo that reads:
  "After being tempered by the media, when I was laid off and re-employed when my child was two years old, I went to work as an advertising copywriter. I wrote an advertising message, wrote a heart-piercing one, and wrote many words ... From the media Advertising is too exercise, fast brain, fast typing, love is all about heart and heart. Therefore, it is not that you are not good at work, but that you are incompetent.
  I have a friend who is an insurance company. At the age of 25, I became a regional manager of a foreign insurance company in China.
  I have friends who do marketing, and at 25 I became the youngest director in China.
  Some of my post-90s friends, there are no shortage of outstanding annual salary of several million.
  I have friends who write books. The first book sold millions and went around the world.
  We are used to making judgments based on our own thoughts, thinking that we ca n’t do it, that is, not everyone, and the industry. If you do n’t understand well, you do n’t understand, you will learn, and read a lousy book.
  Is it you or someone else? Is it not for you or the whole industry? Is it that you are not able to make money, or is this industry without money?
  Ten years ago, I felt that I must go to the top 500, and I must be a foreign company executive to reach the peak of life. Older (again, the age of middle-aged and old women), more people know, and more things to see, only to know that no matter how good the company is, they are not equal to their own cattle, and any industry has one of the best talents. It depends if you have the intention to do that day.
  I have heard a story, an e-commerce delivery brother, who has been working for a long time, has concentrated customers who often shop in a community in a group, and what special offers are e-commerce activities are posted in the group, many old men and old people His wife became his loyal user, waiting for him to send messages every day, buy and buy and wait for delivery. It is the same for express delivery, but it also faces a handful of user information. If you use more brains and pay more attention, the results will be very different.
  I also worked for ten years, and encountered various difficulties during the ten years. But every time I look up at the predecessors, it is not that they are rich (of course they are also rich), but that they are more talented and capable.
  Did I work harder than them? Do I work hard every day or deal with clients? Have you read all the books you should have? Have company training been attended? Have all the big coffee sharing in the industry gone? Is there positive thinking and initiative? Still have to pass, when a monk hits the clock for a day, and at the end of the year seeing someone else's company pay 20 months salary as a bonus began to talk about it?
  Each of us wants money, and feels that most of us are in the wrong line because we make too little money. But most people can't make money just because you can't!