Reasons to open the gap between people
  When I was a kid, there was a neighbor Liu Ai in the village where I was super competent and ran a cotton shop. I woke up at five in the morning to go to the shop to work and only came home at ten in the evening. She also has a clever hand, and she looks good at everything. Every time my mother changes her clothes and makes a quilt, she always praises her.
  There were about six or seven cotton shops in the town at the time, and her family was the most popular.
  It should be so smart and capable, shouldn't life be good?
  Not yet.
  Her house was in bad condition, the window glass was never intact, and the food and clothing were far less than ordinary people. She always wanted to change to a bigger shop, but she still couldn't do it.
  If I remember correctly, her family has always been in debt. It's strange that every time I save money and pay off my debts, bad things will happen that cost more money. My family is stolen, my husband has a car accident, my son has broken a classmate, and she herself is seriously ill ...
  Every time something happened in her house, people said it was one word: evil.
  A fortune teller said that although she had good fortune, but the character was too fierce and easy to break the fortune, so she was doomed.
  When I was young, I couldn't figure out why such a clever handicraft, hard-working, frugal, and thrifty, but the days were so miserable.
  It wasn't until coming home this holiday that she heard her mother say that Aunt Liu's son had been stolen and jailed, and she was asking for help but to no avail. Many past events reappeared before I finally understood something.
  Her son was also very clever when he was a child, but he didn't like to study, often skipped classes, hardly wrote homework, it was a problem child in the eyes of the teacher.
  The teacher called Aunt Liu to go to school to communicate, and she said that the store was waiting alive and could not go. The teacher visited her home. She was not always at home. There was a time when the teacher waited until 10 o'clock in the evening to wait for her, and repeatedly told her to take good care of her children. She promised, but the next day the child was still asleep and left, and the child came back asleep.
  Her husband travels all year round. It is conceivable that a child out of the control of his parents grows at will, but what does it grow up to be?
  In fact, there are other things in her family that are so-called "broken money":
  The lock at home was broken, and she could not care about repairing, so she recruited a thief; she was too tired to work and could not care about eating, so her stomach was not good, her eyes were not good, her waist was not good, her joints were not good ...
  After thinking about it, I found that Aunt Liu's hard life was not because of the evil character, but she only looked at her eyes and ignored the long-term.
  The so-called person has near-term worries without far-sightedness. If a person is short-sighted, his life will not be very good.
  I had a dinner with my friends yesterday and talked about my dog ​​breeding.
  The friend asked in confusion: You see you are busy working all day. After working for more than half an hour to get home, tired and hungry, I have to take care of the dog. are not you tired? !! If you raise it, you need to bathe her, give her an injection, trim her hair, and buy dog ​​food regularly, which is troublesome and expensive. How can you have the time and energy?
  "I feel that I can hardly feed myself, how can I have time and energy to support it!" The friend laughed and laughed at himself.
  I smiled and said:
  I think so. I lack patience and need to promote a sense of responsibility. So if I want to have a dog, since I can't turn a blind eye to this dog, I have to take care of it. He joked and said, "Don't say that, from the little thing of raising a dog, I really feel that raising a dog is the same as raising a child. What kind of attitude do I use to treat it now, it is likely that I will To treat future children. "
  When the dog went out to make a mess at home, the protagonist in this matter will most likely be his own child, will he be thrown out because he is angry?
  Raising a dog improves my patience, cultivates my sense of responsibility, and also enriches my life, giving life a temperature.
  This may help me a lot in the future. This is my plan for the future. I joked.
  In fact, life is also testing a person's ability to control energy and distribution. Some things are important, but because he is not urgent, we can easily ignore it.
  Exercising and maintaining your body doesn't seem urgent, you don't do it, and you end up getting sick, painful, expensive, and exhausting.
  It does n’t seem urgent to educate and train your children. You do n’t do it. In the end, if your child does n’t go the right way, you wo n’t be able to save any money.
  Fire prevention is easy, but fire fighting is difficult. If you only care about the fire all day and don't spend time on fire prevention, then in this life it is estimated that you will always be 100,000 in a hurry, anxiety, and painful but unsatisfactory.
  Don't be constrained by what seems to be indispensable at the moment, but it's not useful at the moment, make more time to do long-term and real big things, read books, exercise, plan the future, upgrade skills, and educate Children ... in this way, life will become better and easier.
  In fact, there are basically four things we face every day in life:
  Organizing these four things will make life better and better.
  Urgent and important things, such as writing a graduation thesis, going to the hospital in a serious illness, and the leader calling you to talk about something, this must be done first time, and we all understand it.
  Things that are not urgent or important, such as listening to a song or playing a game, these things are the least important compared to other things, and naturally we will put it to the end. Of course, doing it or not is another matter.
  But what most confuses us most is the sequence of "urgent unimportant" and "important unimportant."
  Urgent and unimportant things, such as sudden invitations from friends, visits by strangers, work to be done, etc.
  Important but not urgent, such as reading, exercising, improving skills, educating children, etc.
  In life we ​​tend to reverse the importance of the two. Most of the time, we are Aunt Liu. We put down important and non-urgent things and do urgent and non-critical things.
  It seems reasonable to say: With so much work to do at hand, the guests will come to pick up clothes in a while. How can I have time to exercise and accompany the children to do their homework?
  But the fact is that if you are held back by an urgent matter and ignore important things, sooner or later the important things will become particularly important and urgent, and you will have to pay a lot more to make up, and it may not be able to make up.
  I think this is the best interpretation of "no one has long-term concerns, and there must be near worries."
  There is a classic dialogue in "That Killer Is Not Too Cold":
  Little girl Mathilda looked at Lyon with an unrelenting look and looked forward to Lyon and asked, "Is life always so hard, or is it just childhood?"
  "Always so hard," Lyon replied for sure.
  Yeah, who's friends are n’t quiet, and who ’s not a place to live in life. Since life is always like this, should we just let life play tricks and follow the flow?
  I don't think so.
  If we live our lives like this, let it go and not modify it. Then we can only look like where the duckweeds in the water have no direction.
  Without a target ship, how can you find the station you want to call?
  Without light in my heart, how can the darkness in life fade away?
  It is precisely because of our expectations of life that we are motivated to move towards that goal.