Talent may be long overdue, but can't resist seriousness and hard work
  The unit has a post-90s younger brother, whose mood has been down recently.
  As soon as I asked, it turned out that he was with a group of colleagues who entered the unit, and also the post-90s, who continued to win awards in the industry, but he was standing still.
  "Leaders are eccentric and turn a blind eye to good works," he said.
  When he first entered the unit, he was a talking guy. Whenever someone talks about a topic, they always like to express their opinions.
  Colleagues graduated from 985 schools. He said that 985 students were mixed.
  A colleague's title examination passed, he said that the title system is unreasonable;
  The colleague's PPT is stunning and popular, and he said that it can be downloaded online.
  In short, when a person stops there, he is the orator, and whoever retorts he becomes a great debater.
  On one occasion, he complained that the unit's assessment system was unreasonable, and finally caused a severe criticism from the supervisor.
  Look at the report you wrote-a lot of typos, rhetoric, copying data from the Internet to cope, I really doubt your ability.
  Tears filled his eyes, full of anger.
  In fact, many people are very sensitive to their talents, and we are either frustrated or angry when faced with accusations or psychological cues of no talent.
  "There is Bole in the world, and then there is Maxima. There is often in Maxima, not in Bole."
  Too many people think of themselves as Maxima and naively ask: What about Bole?
  Yi Zhongtian said that, just like pregnancy, Huai Cai will always be discovered over time.
  In this case, don't worry that there is no Bole in the world.
  You haven't met Bole just because you are not a Maxima, you are just a bitch, exposed when you walk out, and complaining about the sky.
  Talent may be long overdue, but can't resist seriousness and hard work
  Many people say that Peng Yuyan has no talent and his acting skills are bad. But Peng Yuyan is a very hard-working actor. In order to play a role well, he will ponder over the character's previous life.
  When filming "Huang Feihong", the director said that he couldn't use a stand-in for acting, so he started practicing martial arts. There was a shot. He jumped from the third floor and he jumped more than 20 times.
  Others asked him why he worked so hard. "I don't have much talent, but at least I can desperately," he said.
  Man should have the strength to pull himself out of the swamp with his hair.
  If a person has such fierce energy, everyone's heart is shocking.
  Before Zhou Xingchi became famous, he always held a copy of "Basic Accomplishment of an Actor." Even if he played a dead body, he still had to think about the level of performance.
  In the 1983 version of Legend of the Condor Heroes, he played a soldier who was killed by Mei Chaofeng in a single play.
  Before the performance, he took the initiative to discuss with the associate director, "Can I stop it with my hand and die again with my second palm."
  The deputy director's eyes stared: "a waste of time."
  During the performance, he only made the expression "ah".
  If you slow this lens down to 30%, you will see the investment on his face during that one second performance.
  "Although it's small, it's also acting," he said.
  Talents may be long overdue, but they can never stop seriousness and hard work.
  When it comes to Van Gogh, the first reaction of many people is that his paintings are very valuable.
  Most people do not envy talents but their talents. They only envy the passion and happiness that talents bring to talented people, and even the attention, power, and money of the crowd.
  If you want to spend your life ingeniously, then master the utilitarian ability to successfully learn-everywhere in bookstores and circle of friends.
  As soon as I learned to write a sentence smoothly, I decided to write a novel;
  Think of yourself as a fitness expert when you get a fitness card;
  Will use Excel to sum up, proficient in various Excel functions;
  After learning junior accounting, I feel that I am enough to win a CPA;
  After studying New Oriental for two days, I felt that I could talk and laugh with foreigners.
  When did talent become so cheap?
  "The New Yorker" contributor Gladwell put forward the famous "10,000-hour law": to become an expert in a certain field, it takes 10,000 hours of tempering.
  If you work eight hours a day and five days a week, it takes at least five years to become an expert in the field.
  Da Vinci painted eggs for 6 years before laying a solid foundation for drawing.
  Qi Baishi's young man painted shrimp, and when he was 62 years old, he suddenly found that the prawn experience was not deep enough. As a result, after 4 years of observing shrimp, the skill of painting shrimp has risen one more step, and another 2 years, the painting of shrimp has attained both the god-like shape.
  The extraordinary genius is not talent, but continuous efforts.
  Chen Cai often becomes proud, and gradually forms a "psychological comfort zone" in a self-righteous heart.
  We feel comfortable and at ease in this area. However, in such a closed area for a long time, people tend to feel at ease, pass and pass, lose the motivation and enthusiasm to learn new things, and become mediocre.
  Therefore, if you want to be a talented one, you must bravely seek change and step out of the "psychological comfort zone".
  San Mao said: "When you read more, your face naturally changes. Many times, you may think that many of the books you have read have become stale and no memory. In fact, they still exist. The boundless mind. Of course, it may also be revealed in life or words. "
  Maybe that's what talent looks like.