It does n’t matter if you fall, it ’s important to get up quickly
  Classmates who have graduated for 20 years have been shocked when someone pushed Cheng Xin into a wheelchair. This face still has the shadow of that year, just these legs ...
  After everyone had dinner, I asked Cheng Xin to talk for a while alone, and then I learned about her experience over the years.
  After graduating from school, Cheng Xin worked as an accountant in a company. Her husband was a bus driver and his childhood was a good one. One noon ten years ago, she was riding a motorcycle of a female colleague because of her time.
  It was raining and the wind was rising. She sat behind her female colleague and stretched out her umbrella, trying to protect her colleagues from rain. A gust of wind came, and the umbrella that leaned forward blocked the eyes of colleagues. Before she could react, she had been severely dropped. Then, the severe pain made her pass out.
  When she woke up, she was lying in a white ward with her legs amputated. It turned out that the female colleague who was suddenly blinded that day, in order to avoid the oncoming large truck, hurriedly stepped on the emergency brake, the road slipped when it rained, and the car fell over. When Cheng Xin was thrown out of the car, the truck failed to brake and rolled over her legs.
  In the next few years, there was no work, a lot of money was spent on treatment, and the husband who loved to laugh became dumb, and a warm family had fallen into a deadly coldness.
  Cheng Xin was a strong person. She couldn't accept such a change, and she was often in tears. Those years, her day either a word did not say, or to raucous verbal abuse to vent anger nameless. She often regretted that if nothing happened that day, nothing would happen. Then, how good life should be. But now everything is ruined.
  Because she was unable to help herself in such anxiety, and neglected her children, her son gradually developed some bad habits after junior high school: skipping classes, surfing the Internet, and smoking.
  She became more and more desperate, often screaming in tears: Why did I suffer so hard and gave birth to such an uncontested child?
  One day, the son's class teacher visited the home, and Cheng Xin was full of shame, waiting to say sorry to the teacher. Who knows, the teacher said that the child's grades were still moderate, that is, he was obsessive in class. However, the child was kind and he was hungry and did not eat breakfast. The money saved was donated to the classmates with leukemia. Once fainted in class, he urged the teacher not to notify the parents after waking up, because he didn't want his mother to worry about him. The teacher's words shocked Cheng Xin.
  After the teacher left, Cheng Xin shed tears all afternoon in a wheelchair. Think about complaining and blaming the child, but what kind of role does her mother give the child? Frustrated every day, but complaining that the child is not active enough. Obviously he neglected the child, but he blame the child for getting further and further away from him.
  After that home visit, she decided to cheer up. She promised her son that the child would get up to grades and then delve into the accounting business by himself to make the family active again.
  In the next few days, she picked up the phone, called each family and asked if she wanted to account. Later, she worked as an accountant for several private companies at home, and became addicted to playing the violin in her free time. My son was admitted to college, his family laughed again, and the breath of life returned.
  Cheng Xin said with emotion that he had been depressed for five years and almost delayed the child. Fortunately, it was not too late to wake up. You see, the same experience and the same situation, if you change your mood and attitude, you will get completely different results.
  Who hasn't fallen when on a long road? Some people fall in love, some go bankrupt, some are ill, some people make mistakes, and they all make their faces pale and swollen.
  Anyone will encounter frustration . The difference is that someone is in a deep pit and is unable to extricate themselves, hiding in it blindly and sighing, complaining, and someone quickly climbs up. Even with a wound, he continues to hurry and walk. Suddenly opened up.
  Some people say that life is a process of falling down and getting up. The difference between the strong and the weak is that the weak is hit by the misfortune, and the strong is the one who stubbornly climbs up and moves on to higher goals.
  A famous painter once said: if you encounter any difficulties, you should hurry forward and don't appreciate the pit that made you fall.
  The past can't be changed, and there is hope in the future. All you have to do is stop the losses in a timely manner so that what has already happened will not drag you down.
  Nietzsche has a famous saying: stare into the abyss for too long, and the abyss will return to stare.
  If a person stays in pain for a long time, there will be more and more painful things in you. Happiness can grow and pain can extend. It is not terrible to fall, it is terrible not to get up. It is often not a misfortune that destroys a person, but a pessimistic attitude when facing misfortune.
  So, remember, it doesn't matter if you fall, what's important is to get up quickly.