The so-called shortcut is just to take every step
  I have a friend, to work less than two years, the relationship between parents on the adoption of successful promoted to department manager. In the eyes of others, it is really lucky to have such a shortcut. But in the following years, my friends became more and more powerless at work.
  Although he has a certain amount of prestige as a manager, his employees have only superficial respect for him and refuse to accept him in private. After all, his friend is young, his workplace experience is still shallow, his own skills need to be improved, and the reaction to incidents is not so mature. He often points his team in the wrong direction.
  For example, when it is time to increase publicity, he insists that "the wine is not afraid of the alleys." When it is time to make products, he focuses on outreach. When it is time to do fine management, he insists on the extensive management mode.
  Recognizing the seriousness of the problem, a friend decided to put down the shelf and follow the company's grass-roots employees to start from the most basic work. From designing, making, packaging products, to finding channels, doing sales, and expanding operations, he step by step, making up all the homework that he had left behind.
  Friends said that when they have the ability, when they come back to be managers, they become more secure, more calm, and more at ease.
  Many of us tend to be anxious to be promoted and raised when our abilities are insufficient. In fact, what we should do now is not to exhaust our efforts to climb high branches, but to sink our hearts and work hard. If the foundation is unstable, you must omit the process of adding bricks to yourself, even if you occupy the high position, it will still be crumbling, and you may even fall badly.
  I remember when I first learned the car, I especially liked to shift up in advance before the speed was mentioned. Sometimes, the speed is still 20 yards, and I increased it to 4th gear. As a result, the car trembled violently, and it easily turned off.
  Later, the coach taught me that I must first mention the corresponding speed, so that the car's power is sufficient, and then step on the clutch, shift gears, and fuel. In this way, the car will be smoothly connected, and then continue to drive forward.
  In fact, human growth is the same as driving. When you start, you can move forward in 1st gear, and it is almost impossible to drive the car in 5th gear. A little progress, and then use 2nd and 3rd speed to move forward at a constant speed. Just like when you were young, you read a book, gained knowledge, and finished your career before you could go to work. But it is not possible to fly Huang Tengda from the beginning and become famous immediately.
  When you're mature enough, change to 4th and 5th speeds. Just as people reach middle age, they can often handle things and bear responsibilities. With certain skills, they can climb to the peak of life.
  There are no shortcuts at every stage of life. If you want to grow, you need to experience and experience step by step down to earth, and slowly gain experience and experience in the process.
  I have seen a story.
  A mother, traveling thousands of miles, travelling mountains and rivers, after many setbacks, took her 8-year-old son to find the residence of a famous writer. The mother pleaded with the writer, asked him to teach his son to write a good article, and then made his son become famous in a short time.
  The writer was really helpless, so she wrote the secret on a note, put it in an envelope, and let her take her child home to see it.
  As a result, when the mother came home and opened it in a hurry, she found that only three words were written on it: recognize the word first.
  This is not surprising. To be successful, everyone must lay the foundation. If you want to write a good article, you can have smooth writing, clear thinking, and clever layout only if you have a good foundation. In this process, the books you should read, the exercises you should do, the trial and error and the trial you should have are all the same.
  When I was young, I often asked grown-ups when I could be like them, without reading or writing homework, and playing as long as I wanted.
  At that time, adults always told me that your road is still long. So I waited, waited, waited, waited, went to primary school, entered middle school, reached high school, went to college, and then really grew up to be an adult, only to find out that there was really no less than a fight, less Take a test and read a year less.
  Everything in the world has its laws, spring planting, summer growing, autumn harvesting, winter hiding, whatever the stage is. You should not be in a hurry when you're improving your energy; don't try to be a blockbuster when you work hard; you shouldn't seek sudden enlightenment when you sharpen your mind.
  The more secure your foundation is, the more complete your process will be, and the longer your efforts will be sustained, the more qualitative leaps will occur in your growth. In the end, you will finally understand that in this life, many things can't be rushed. If you want to gain something, you should eat hard, sweat, and suffer.
  Some setbacks cannot be avoided, some processes cannot be avoided, and some shortcuts cannot be taken. So don't worry, don't panic, let alone be clever. Please believe that the fastest way to success is often not overtaking on curves. Every day, every year, we have a good life on the ground.