From now on, do n’t think too muchc
  I had a coffee with Haruko yesterday, and a couple next door caught our attention.
  With tears in her eyes, the girl complained cryingly to her boyfriend: "I don't want to go to a part-time job. I have to submit a 5000-word handwritten essay tonight. I haven't written a word. What should I do?"
  The look of the boy looking at the girl was filled with helplessness: "Why don't you prepare earlier? This homework can't always be assigned by your teacher?"
  The girl said, "What's the use of saying this? I just started writing now, and it took me a few hours to write it. It was too late. If I couldn't hand in my homework, my class would be suspended."
  The boy said very seriously: "I told you many times, you ca n’t drag everything to the end, you have to arrange your time, but you never listen to it, and now this result is completely self-inquired. , What else can be done. "
  The girl's face became very unsightly. She patted the table angrily, and then went out of the coffee shop in anger, and the boy chased out quickly.
  Haruko could not help but laughed out: "I really think the boys are not wrong, and they can't arrange their own affairs in advance, then they can only complain about themselves."
  If someone else said this sentence, I might laugh at each other in my heart and laugh at every step. After all, almost everyone has the "procrastination" disease. But these words came out of Haruko's mouth, and I couldn't pick up anything wrong, because she was a self-disciplined to terrible person:
  I go to bed at 10:30 in the evening, get up at 5:30 in the morning, take a nap for 20 minutes at noon, run and work one hour after work on weekdays, dance classes on Saturday mornings, yoga classes on weekends, and relax in a planned manner.
  Her WeChat personal signature is just nine words: self-discipline, outstanding; not self-discipline, out.
  Real freedom must come from self-discipline. Only by grasping your time and doing things that must be done within the prescribed time, can your life truly belong to you.
  Life is fair and harsh for everyone. Self-disciplined people will be outstanding. If they are not self-disciplined, they are bound to be eliminated.
  I once saw a question in Zhihu: "What do you see as the least-motivated person?"
  Like the first answer like this:
  "They are anxious about the status quo, and they don't have the will to practice their determination to change themselves;
  Heat for three minutes, often hate their own blame, adhere to most things that could not get on;
  I wanted in a limited life experience of a variety of life, but only will the same day mechanical repetition for many years;
  The social network is mixed all day, and his face is facing the cold light screen of the mobile phone and computer, but few people can say a few words;
  They have not experienced the real vicissitudes, but they still lost the last sense of youth. They are buried in the crowd as the most ordinary people, but they are living the hardest days. "
  In the comment area, more than 10,000 people liked the phrase "I am such a person".
  We all had tens of thousands of expectations for life, imagined the infinite possibilities of life, but consumed youth in tomorrow and tomorrow, exhausted our vitality, and became numb from soul to life.
  No one's life is easy. However, it is also a difficult question. Some people have never given an answer throughout their lives, but some people have found the best solution of their own life and are constantly optimizing it.
  I have seen this sentence : Self-discipline is the first tool to solve life problems, and also an important means to eliminate life's pain.
  Still the same reason, self-discipline is outstanding, undisciplined, eliminated.
  One writer said: All human suffering is essentially an angry anger at himself.
  Playing dramas, lying on the bed, clubbing, playing games, these things are simple and cool, but over time, they will slowly eat away your energy and make you fall.
  Fitness, class, reading, travel, these things can make you better, it may be difficult to stick to at first, but whenever you stick to a stage, you can become a better self in the process.
  There are many people who say they need to discipline themselves, but few who can insist on self-discipline. It's like climbing a steep mountain, and the closer to the top, the fewer people who can grit their teeth and insist on moving forward. The people who can really reach the summit are bound to be a few. Those who are destined to walk forward are destined.
  Don't always envy those who are successful . There is no good luck in the world, and there is no way to go in life, but every step you take is counted. The harder and harder you work, the more self-disciplined and the better.
  From now on, don't think too much, let's talk about it later.
  May we all live a happy life, become self-disciplined, live what we like, and live the life we ​​want.