There is only one real failure, and that is that you cannot do it.
I   heard a sentence a long time ago , and I still remember it to this day: "After 30 years of age, please prepare for the gap between you and others. The gap here not only refers to how many people dump you, but also how many people you dump others. The situation in the street. But, often, the former. "
  When I went home some time ago, I saw Fa Xiaobo unexpectedly. We have always been very good friends. We often went to school together in the middle school and spent time together in the study room.
  After the college entrance examination, I was admitted to one university, and Liu Bo was admitted to only three universities. After graduation, we went to Beijing by appointment, rented a village in the city outside the fifth ring road, and each found a job with a low starting salary. Many weekends, we get together for a meal and encourage each other .
  But Beijing is really too big. The dream seems to be within reach, but it is so far away. That winter, the landlord's son was about to get married and asked me to move temporarily. The company's salary was delayed for another month. In the cold wind, I held my entire deposit of only 1,500 yuan, and finally couldn't hold it.
  I became a deserter and returned to the small city of my hometown. Liu Bo insisted, but we slowly lost contact.
  It was only known at this gathering that he later chose to start his own business and is now the owner of a small technology company with a monthly income of more than 100,000.
  The biggest difference in the world is probably this: you once had the same starting point, but only a few years later, others have become the object of your hope.
  A world heavyweight champion once said: Everyone is confident before being punched in the face .
  But most of the time, you don't want to take that punch. Only those who are calm and accept destiny, and are very resilient, will be better off.
  When I was a reporter, I interviewed a boss. Young and promising, he could only sit in a wheelchair because of a car accident at the age of 23. After the accident, his mother went through early retirement procedures and took care of him.
  But he refused to lose.
  He first worked hard to recover, and then did e-commerce online. After suffering a lot, ridiculed countless times, and countless doubts, but he insisted on slowly.
  The scale of e-commerce is getting larger and larger, and finally set up a company and recruited more than 20 employees. During the interview, he talked about generosity and confidence, and was full of charm. Perhaps this is the so-called steelmaking.
  It seemed as if I understood all that. There is really only one kind of failure, which is that you cannot do these two words: persist.
  How does the distance between people grow?
  I have heard many analyses, but the point I most agree with is still this one: the smallest gap between people is IQ, and the biggest gap is actually whether to persist. The starting point difference is not terrible. Persistence is the most important.
  Many people choose to give up because of various things in the process of running.
  When you think that Beijing is big and dreams are far away, and you choose to give up, some people clenched their teeth and stayed. When you feel you are doomed to be ordinary, some people always want to fight back.
  After graduation, you are accustomed to following the trend and lacking the passion for struggle, and some people have perseverance and are willing to suffer. They continue to learn, keep up with the trends, and actively build up their contacts. In just a few years, they have achieved a big burst of self.
  It's really not how powerful they are, but that they have achieved "persistent growth." Because of persistence, they have a different pattern, and the pattern determines the outcome.
  In this world, there is no sparkle for no reason. When you choose a comfortable road, the gap between you and others is actually widened.
  One day you will understand that most successes are the result of accumulation and persistence. Therefore, you should strive to develop your ability to persevere.
  Of course, persistence is not stubbornly digging into the horns of the horns, it should be a rational adherence to its own reality. I also know that persistence is not easy, especially in big cities like Beishangguang. You may be overwhelmed by rents and living expenses; you may not be able to learn a new specialty or new technology because the income is temporarily not high ... but no matter what, we cannot linger on the way forward.
  As long as you are a little better than yesterday, this is the meaning of persistence.
  Fall down, get up and pat on the ashes of the body, continue to stick to it, continue to move forward.